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Bail set at $500,000 for man accused of terrorist ties

This is infuriating, but not surprising. The comments as well. Apparently the news organization is filtering out those comments offering support to the accused for "violating their user guidelines"

Ahmadullah Sais Niazi of Tustin also ordered to submit to electronic monitoring when released and to surrender his passport.
During the hearing, Eliot entered as exhibits a picture of Niazi atop of a military vehicle from 1992 in Afghanistan, a letter from his brother-in-law with the letterhead of Hezb-e-Islami Gulbuddin, a suspected terrorist organization. Eliot said that in an e-mail sent in April 2008, Niazi referred to the United States as an “adulteress,” referred to the rise of the Taliban and wrote, “the end is near.”

Scolnik argued that the evidence presented did not prove that Niazi is a terrorist or a danger. He said Niazi sent money to Afghanistan to care for his brother's children after he died in a car crash. The letter Niazi received from his brother on the letterhead of a suspected terrorist organization was not evidence of ties to a terrorist organization but “evidence that he keeps in touch with his family.”

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Open thread & gunalertsupdates.com obtained my Email address from Ron Paul

These dogs don't hunt

OK this is pretty inconsequential compared to the stuff you all have been discussing, but I wanted to mention this and I'm not sure where else to say it; I just got an Email from a website called gunalertsupdates.com, sent to an Email address that I only gave to Ron Paul...

An excerpt from the Email solicitation:
When you read what they say in their own words your blood will boil. Barack Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, Jesse Jackson, Chuck Schumer, Dianne Feinstein, Henry Waxman, John Kerry and others …all exposed!

Yuck. Anyway, please consider this an open thread - what's on your mind?

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Tales from the nuclear black market

I came across this blog post after a friend mentioned the Tinners family to me.
An engineer is on trial in Germany for allegedly attempting to help Libya develop a nuclear bomb. But the network the man was allegedly part of was under surveillance by intelligency agencies, with the CIA getting involved early on.


I thought it was interesting reading, especially in the context of some of the stories WP has followed regarding domestic terrorists and the people behind them.

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Different Day, Same Shit

Why is it that everywhere the US military goes, the people don't welcome them with flowers and candy? Those of us who pay attention have noticed the double talk regarding "success" in Iraq, and the nearly non-stop calls for American withdrawal by every legitimate (or otherwise) Iraqi representative.

Now (again) we direct our attention to Afghanistan. It seems almost likely that children, civilians, and wedding parties are used as shields/ targets by military forces specifically because of the headlines they garner;

Foreign and Afghan forces killed five children in two separate incidents Monday, further inflaming tensions in the country over the killings of civilians by troops from the U.S. and other countries.


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Every Picture Tells a Story, don't it

Sometimes I wonder who to believe. Other times it's more obvious. In either event I find the political use of information fascinating.

The following documentaries deal with the 2002 coup attempt in Venezuela. More specifically the second documentary deals with the first documentary.

The Revolution Will Not be Televised (English subtitles)


If you've got the time I encourage you to watch and leave comments / opinions. Thanks!
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Guilty by association: wutz up w 911blogger?

A friend of mine was part of a group who recently were banned en masse from posting at, or even in some cases, visiting, the website and forums of one of the better known "truth" sites, 911.blogger

Their offense? Being members of another truth site, that I enjoy visiting myself, the WTC Demolition Blog or www.wtcdemolition.com/blog

After studying this matter, it seems to be related to certain members (including the management) of wtcdemo's opposition to the postings of one or two particular members of the 911blogger forum and his /their insistence on holding to a certain tack of 9/11 truth that agrees with many of the precepts of the OCT. A few of these certain 911blogger-blogger's core arguments:

A) there certainly were Arab hijackers
B) nobody has any evidence there were pre-planted explosives in the WTC
C) Neither Larry Silverstein, nor any Israeli group(Drunk need be considered suspects

It seems that the wtcdemo crew found this tack unsavory and were vocal in their disagreement with these opinions.

It's interesting that one of the last comments posted by any of the 'wtcdemo' crew was in response to a challenge by one of said members to name someone involved with planting the explosives:

"And I'm glad you asked. The arrow of suspicion clearly points at Larry Silverstein, Jerome Hauer and the men of Urban Moving Systems."

Is the timing of this post and the subsequent mass bannings more than coincidence?


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