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heartbreaking | Winter Patriot Community Blog


It infuriates me that this article neglects to mention Afghanistan or the US military's role in the resurgence of heroin. I predicted this years ago, when I heard that the Afghan poppy crop was back to an all-time production record under the watchful eye of the US. That it was only a matter of time before a new heroin "epidemic" sweeps up American youth almost too young to remember 9/11.
And they don't have a comments section.


Heartbreaking for sure

The journalist mentions Mexican heroin several times but my understanding is that it only transits Mexico and comes overland from Costa Rica. Specifically from the airbase there that the US Air Force uses who fly the heroin in from Afghanistan via Manas air base in Kyrgystan.

blame it on the mexicans

yes I noticed that Mexican mention too. Looking into it a bit, I guess there has been a big increase in opium production there too. So maybe it wasn't sourced from Afghan but I figure it must play a factor in the increase in supply and popularity.

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