Collective Muslim Responsibility

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For too long Muslim communities in Western countries have been enjoying the collective benefits of living in relatively wealthy, free and accepting (unlike their own) societies. But after these repeated and seemingly unending terrorist attacks committed in the name of Allah, it is clear that these Muslim communities and, in particular, their leaders have not borne their collective responsibilities. Time's up!

Time to get active to eradicate this menace. Within your "religion of peace" communities, you have all the information you need.

For too long the leaders of Western countries have orchestrated the mass and indiscriminate immigration of people from these Muslim countries and held back any accountability towards them. Time's up for you, too!

It's time for you politicians to cease this treason of yours and eradicate this terrorist menace that you fund and facilitate. Your governments have access to all the information and resources you need. Just ask Edward Snowden.


An internet friend has reminded me to say something that is in the realm of the bleeding obvious. Except what is the bleeding obvious to some is not obvious to others.

The terrorists and the Muslim leaders together with the media and politicians who run interference for them are all patsies in the end. They are patsies for those who are attempting to bring about 'the clash of civilizations' that will destroy western culture and the resistance to those that would make their rule complete.

Michael Collins was successful because he took the 'in-betweens', the middle men, the enablers, out of contention. They are the weakest link. By doing so he nullified State Terror. All terror is state sponsored. We need to know the game that is being played. It is always the same game.


Are you trying to say

Are you trying to say something without saying it, James? Just spit it out.


I don't like to embarrass people, anonymous. Even anons have feelings, after all.

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