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This Is What Narcissism Looks Like | Winter Patriot Community Blog

This Is What Narcissism Looks Like

My thanks to the complier of this video. The video shows the changing attitudes of The Young Turks presenters as the election results roll in. They become increasingly displeased with everyone involved except themselves. It never occurs to them that they have been living in (non)reality bubble. This is a perfect display of narcissism.

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The biggest problem when dealing with narcissists is that they do not recognise that others have rights and interests. They will pay lip-service to these notions and will indulge others so long as the 'others' are agreeing with the narcissists with what they say and want. Should you feel the urge to ever reconcile with a dyed-in-the-wool narcissist (i.e. a personality disordered narcissist), then I urge you to watch this short video from 'Blonde' first-

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Speaking of narcissists, here is some wise words from Kiki Green. I can recommend her YouTube Channel

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Made my night!!

Thanks for posting this video, WP, I thoroughly enjoyed it!
The bitterness, foul mouths, and entitled attitudes aside,
the best part was certainly when they knew they were toast
and turned on the American public, then their own Democrat Party,
and finally ripped their own heroine, HilLIARy, apart.
"She is the worst politician ever!" (I guess their opinion changed
180 degrees in the span of 6 hours).
Liberal women calling women idiots, a Latina calling Hispanic voters stupid,
it just doesn't get any better than this.
The problem with these fools is they think the world revolves around them and everyone should fall in line with their disturbed beliefs.
They stood up the most corrupt and self-serving villain possible and then chalk up her loss to "America is too racist and sexist to vote for a woman".
Not true - Ivanka Trump For President 2024 !!!

Excellent summary

Thanks for your insightful and amusing comment, Lamont. Slight correction though. 'Twas I, james, who posted it smiling

"The problem with these fools is they think the world revolves around them and everyone should fall in line with their disturbed beliefs."

Exactly! That is narcissism in a nutshell, Lamont. Well said.

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