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Containment 2.0 - the reasons | Winter Patriot Community Blog

Containment 2.0 - the reasons

Below is the latest Crosstalk from RT. It discusses the now obvious policy of the US to reconstitute (if it ever lapsed) the Containment Doctrine of the Cold War towards Russia.

It is a very good show and a complete contrast to the immediately previous episode featuring a neocon idiot. I find myself wondering why Peter Lavelle invites these poorly socialised ignorant loud mouths on his show. I mean, we know where to find these morons if we should ever want to hear them. The Crosstalk shows that featuring psychopathic banker mouthpieces from time to time are way too long and shows like the latest featuring Professors Stephen Cohen and John Mearsheimer (embedded below) are way too short.

As I said, the latest episode is well worth watching. There are a lot of good points made. However, there is an important aspect of the reincarnated Containment of Russia Policy that was not discussed. And that is the economic containment of Russia and why it is necessary for the powers that run the West.

As I've mentioned in previous essays, the private banker control of central banking version of capitalism requires the national economies to be held in check to a degree (and periodically sabotaged) that ensures a level of unemployment and social insecurity to maintain the power and privileges of the elite bankers and their inner circle. The resulting hobbled Western economies cannot compete fairly and win against nations such as Russia or China who have state owned and controlled central banks and use them to benefit their economies (and citizens) overall. These countries have no incentive to choke or sabotage their economies. Quite the opposite.

So we've seen Russia come back from the dead under Vladimir Putin in a mere dozen or so years. We've seen China rise from one of the poorest nations on earth to the point where it is about to eclipse the largest economy the world has ever seen, the United States, in less than forty years. We have seen Libya go from the poorest nation in Africa, if not the world, to the richest in Africa in the same time span. Then the world watched as the bankers bombed Libya back to their impoverished past in a matter of weeks. Libya, of course, also had a government owned and operated central bank.

The elite of the United States could not afford to give Ukraine the chance to enter into the Eurasian economy sponsored by Russia. In fact, the more economic concessions Russia granted Ukraine during negotiations, the more distressed and panicked the neocon run US State Dept became. They couldn't afford to wait for the promised elections a year away because even by then it would have become clear which economic system was the only one to pick (if it wasn't already) – the state run and owned central bank version of China and Russia.

Putin came to power in Russia and promptly took back the oil and gas assets that had been looted by the Jewish oligarchs working on behalf of the Jewish international bankers. He initiated capital from an invigorated state development bank and used it for infrastructure development. Russia escaped the bankers' grip and was set on the course of rapidly increasing prosperity. Crimea escaped too and Ukraine would have followed if the neocons had not intervened. Which they did very clumsily and we all know how deliberate it was thanks to some strategically leaked phone calls.

It hasn't gone well, though. The problem now for the bankers is not only Ukraine but also the countries of Europe that might follow Ukraine into the Eurasian block of countries. The difference is going to be hard to ignore. Unless . . .

Unless Russia can be cut off diplomatically and economically from Europe (to Europe's great cost, of course). The horse has bolted as far as Russia is concerned. The rush is now on to slam closed the stable doors to stop the European countries (and especially Germany) from following Russia.

So that is what the Containment 2.0 (of Russia) is all about - cutting off the economic escape route for European countries under the guise of a new Cold War. Following that will be the media cut-off or containment so that the suffering European citizenry will not readily understand that their more eastern brothers are prospering while they are contemplating the reality of starving in the not too distant future. So, folks, enjoy reading and watching RT while you stll can.

It can be said that the original containment policy exercised against Russia was as much a political containment policy of Europe as it was of the Soviet Union. Germany, in particular, suffered under an army of occupation from the US after WW11 and still does. The US Army is there to make sure Germany (Japan, too) behaves itself and offers not only allegiance but servility to the US and their international banker controllers. If this was not so, then the US could have left Germany after Yeltsin came to power in Russia.

After Gorbachev and then Yeltsin, the enemy had evaporated and along with it so did the stated reason for NATO's existence and the US Army's occupation. The fact that the the US military did not budge one inch from their entrenched occupation shows that there was another agenda in play all along.

So after all that, here is Crosstalk with Stephen Cohen and John Mearsheimer-



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