Christmas And The GWOT [2]: Personal Salvation And National Destruction

I think I'm mostly feeling alienated from Christmas during the GWOT because of what goes on in church.

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Christmas And The GWOT

We're rapidly approaching our eighth consecutive wartime Christmas, and I suppose I should be used to the horror of it all by now. But no dice.

I'm not getting used to anything. Instead I'm realizing that I think of Christmas much as I think of the Glorious War On Terror.

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Going S-L-O-W

I wish I could blog but I'm overloaded at the moment. Work is hairy, the family schedule is crazy, the holidays are extra busy this time 'round, there are some other things happening too, and my blog is just too low on the priority list to get much attention these days...

... which is a drag, because there are a lot of things going on and I wish I could write about all of them ... but instead I'm finding it tough to spend any time on any of them.

I'll have more on the Double Cover series as soon as I can, and more on some other things too. In the meantime, if there's anything you'd like to mention, please feel free.

Double Cover: Behind The Mumbai Terror Attacks / [5] Lining Up The Suspects

Previously in this series, I explained how we know that last month's attacks in Mumbai, India, were a well-coordinated false-flag commando raid, and I wrote:

"In reality-based situations [...] the analysis of such a horrible crime would begin with the known facts, and it would proceed in a systematic fashion, from the knowns to the unknowns."

We could turn to stone waiting for mainstream analysts to do this, so we may as well do it ourselves.

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More Collateral Women And Children, This Time In San Diego

Grace and Rachel Yoon were killed on Monday when a fighter jet crashed into their San Diego home. Grace was 15 months old; Rachel wasn't yet two months.

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From The Mouths Of Terrorists: The Poisonous Truth

Two weeks ago we were talking about the most recent terror propaganda from friends of Mossad and the CIA, an "al Qaeda video" in which al Qaeda's purported number two man, Ayman al-Zawahri, spoke some uncomfortable truths about our transformative new President-elect, Barack Obama ... the propaganda is apparently having the desired effect.

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