May 2014

Our Psychopathic Rulers

Below is an extremely good article on psychopaths in government and the military. The author makes many sharp observations regarding psychopaths which we would do well to remember. Here is an example-

"Psychopaths are in love with power and risk taking, masters of manipulation, self-serving opportunism and self-aggrandizement, and hold doctorates in deceit and deception. Psychopaths are super intelligent charmers who are highly skilled at playing others in order to get what they want. They are keenly perceptive at reading people, understanding their motives and values, brilliant at learning their weaknesses and blind spots, and highly effective at inducing both sympathy and guilt in others."

All this is true although I would question his use of the term "super intelligent". They may appear so but they are not super intelligent. Psychopaths as a group exhibit the same range of intelligence as the wider public. If anything, they are a little below the average. However, they do think differently from the rest of us and that puts us at a distinct disadvantage.

Their ability to outmanoeuver us comes from a lack of something in them rather than the addition of something. They lack a conscience and therefore are uninhibited in doing harm to others. They have no empathy for others and cannot experience the emotions we would normally associate with being human. Psychopaths are accutely aware of this lack within themselves though they do not perceive it as a loss, as such. But they do know that they have to hide this lack from others. They do this by learning at a very early age to observe and mimic normal people in their emotional reactions. This course of study of normal people makes them keen observers of human behaviour and accutely aware of how to manipulate others. They become masters of manipulation through this compensatory behaviour to survive and then to thrive.

It is much like a deaf person who learns to become more attentive with their vision to pick up on the emotional cues that are normally perceived through hearing but unavailable to them as a deaf person. I do not in any way want to equate a deaf person with a psychopath but rather to demonstrate how a compensatory skill develops. It comes through necessity and practise and not intelligence pre se.

So with that one proviso, I highly recommend this article by Joachim Hagopian. It was first published by GlobalResearch and pick up by Signs of the Times from whence I borrowed the graphic above.

(There are many links to references in the text to be found at the original publication site at GlobalResearch linked immediately above)

“Masters of Manipulation”: Psychopaths Rule The World
A Case Study of Obama and Petraeus

By Joachim Hagopian
Global Research, May 24, 2014

Psychopaths dominate the halls of power in both the United States and throughout the world. The current economic, political, military and legal system breeds psychopaths, rewarding psychopathic behavior and punishing those with conscience and integrity. Psychopaths will naturally be drawn to and converge at the apex of the power pyramid as much from their own drive for ambitious power as the hierarchical system that both requires and reinforces those who can comfortably operate without conscience, guilt or any genuine level of empathy toward others.

Psychopaths are in love with power and risk taking, masters of manipulation, self-serving opportunism and self-aggrandizement, and hold doctorates in deceit and deception. Psychopaths are super intelligent charmers who are highly skilled at playing others in order to get what they want. They are keenly perceptive at reading people, understanding their motives and values, brilliant at learning their weaknesses and blind spots, and highly effective at inducing both sympathy and guilt in others.

Instinctively knowing what others want to hear, psychopaths are gifted at winning over others, making them feel special and wanted. They are adept at making positive and lasting first impressions and initially demonstrating that they appear to be caring and considerate, but only on the most superficial, disingenuous level. Their innately keen intelligence, social charisma and charm, extroverted energies, over-the-top confidence are all weapons they utilize in their powerful arsenal to win over, defeat and control others, especially to win over those imbued with power and position that they yearn for themselves.



False Flags and Psychopaths

Below is an episode of TruthSeeker from RT. It focuses on 'False Flag Operations' and their use in starting wars. Wars are indicative of psychopathic activity. Normal people may fight but they do not kill their neighbours and their families to steal their possessions. That's what wars are about and only psychopaths perpetrate them.

To be successful in starting and continuing a war, psychopaths use fear and promise rewards for normal people. They have to lie to us because normal people will not engage in war left to their own devices. Hence, the necessity of false flag ops. They are massive lies whereby the power elite attack their own citizens and blame their actions and the resulting calamity on the hapless country they wish to invade and pillage. Only psychopaths are capable of this behaviour.

Dr. Kevin Barrett, interviewed in the Truthseeker video above, suggests that we might have to screen our leaders for psychopathy. It is an eminently sensible suggestion and an entirely necessary change if we are going to survive as a species. There is, in fact, a very reliable neurological test for psychopathy. So should a government ever come into being that is not psychopathic, it would be in their interests and the interests of the whole population to institute psychopathic testing.

The Bankers Have Truly Lost Their Minds and Gone On Tilt!

Poking a Siberian Tiger through the bars of a cage is stupid enough. But what do you say about someone who does it without a cage?

Check this comment out at Saker's (there's other very interesting info in Truthsearcher's comment there) -

TruthSearcher said...

Today there was a worrisome incident with Deputy Prime Minister of Russia - Dmitri Rogozin.
He visited Transdnistria, the pro-Russian enclave bordering Moldova and Ukraine, that has enjoyed de-facto independence from Moldova since the break-up of USSR.

He flew in through Romanian airspace to participate in festive events, related to the Victory Day and the address of local authorities regarding joining Russia. By the time he wanted to return, Romania, under marching orders from ... you know who, had closed its airspace for him.

Then his plane got the permission to fly over Ukraine, but shortly after they took off, Ukrainian fighters intercepted the flight and required him to either return to Chisinau, Moldova or be forced down on a Ukrainian airfield.

The flight returned to Chisinau and was surrounded by Moldova police forces. Seems it was also boarded. Only to find out, that Mr. Rogozin was not among the passengers of the plane. He had safely made it back to Moscow. In stealth mode, I might add.

As Rogozin put it on Twitter - & "But (Russian) Military-Industrial Commission has its own paths. And Kiev junta is left with nothing..." He also added "Now we're looking fwd to a visit of Romanian and Moldovan governmental delegations in Moscow."

Here's a video commentary is Russian . . ..

Be sure to click on Dmitry Rogozin's twitter link in the comment above.

These hysterical bankers are so-ooo way out of their league it is truly funny.

Of course, the bankers are trying everything they can to provoke Russia into an attack on Ukraine - on anyone, in fact! But the more provocative the bankers are, the more they fall flat on their collective face. They are showing themselves to be absolutely lawless, mad and a total menace to everyone. This is driving them away from their captives/allies. Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of bastards. The safest and most effective way to deal with a psychopath is to expose them (or better, allow them to expose themselves) and to then isolate them. It's coming!

Please see the preceding post for more insights into the psychotic bankers facing their own demise and the inevitable reckoning to come with their master (who truly has no mercy) laughing out loud

Voice of Russia article on the debacle-


Getting crazier-
"Moldova has seized thousands of petitions from the citizens of Transnistria seeking “reunification with Russia” from a Russian delegation’s plane, as politicians had a hard time leaving the breakaway state with all neighboring airspaces closed for them.

“Moldovan secret services on-board our plane are confiscating boxes with Transdniestrians’ signatures for reunification with Russia,” Russian Deputy PM Dmitry Rogozin tweeted. "

Siberian Tiger

Siberian Tiger

Putin Punks the IMF - (The IMF Bank Job)

Here is an article reposted from Veterans Today. It's priceless!

It is also very accurate. The author, Edmund Dalpe, has an extraordinary grasp of the nature and behaviour of the bankers and the minefield of their own making that they are in. I have also used the metaphor in previous articles of the bankers being like snakes wriggling around in the quicksand. They can't do anything else. It's their nature to wriggle and writhe. They cannot stop doing evil and deeper into the doo-doo they go.

They are destroying themselves through acting out their own natures and Putin is giving them the opportunity to do it in front of the whole world. I don't think Putin is as cynical as he is portrayed in this amusing article but he is certainly letting the bankers hang themselves and letting consequences for them fall where they may. Generations of bankers have caused an extraordinary amount of harm to Russia over the centuries.

This article of Dalpe's is a marvellous and entertaining birds-eye (or is that 'fly-on-the-wall) view of the events and machinations of the last year or so revolving around Syria and Ukraine (they are both linked, btw. Scroll down till you reach a map showing Sevastopol and Syria and read on from there).

Thanks to T1 for leaving a link to it at Saker's

The IMF Bank Job
By Edmund Dalpe for Veterans Today

Yats the Rat

Hawking (Overview)
The Mark Turns Bag-Man for the Inside-Man …
The Setup & the Sting
The Mark Cries Uncle With Crocodile Tears
The Fallout!
On Shills & Con-Clusions

Hawking (Overview)

An exclusive behind the scenes lowdown of one of the most breathtaking cons! It’s an allegorical world where Murphy’s Law reigns supreme amid the backdrop of an empirical machine and its machinations. It is filled with undercurrents and inexplicable turns, which appears to be an empire gone mad. Critics acclaim, “The IMF Bank Job is exhilarating! It’s riveting, nail biting right to the knuckles action!

The Mark Turns Bag-Man for the Inside-Man …

My dad always told me you can learn more from a heavyweight than all of the books in the world, just by watching them work their magic. I mean I was in awe. Putin played them like the Pied Piper with all of the rats in tow. It was bait and switch by the master. Syria being the sting and the mega gas and oil deals being the payoff, Ukraine was a gambit!

Yats the Rat

Yats the Rat

Hypocrisy - the Empire's Fatal Flaw

In the last few days I have posted four articles by gifted writers which cover different aspects of the state of play in international politics today. The first by Sharon Tennison related first hand stories attesting to the character of Vladimir Putin. They ranged from his early years as a schoolboy standing up to bullies on behalf of fellow students through to his years as an incorruptible and competent bureaucrat and finally as a politician, statesman and world leader.

Contrasting this was an article by Mark Nesop from "The Kremlin Stooge" who deftly and surgically took apart a neocon writer and displayed for us all the hypocrisy hiding behind the flowery language and commonly accepted cliches. The third and fourth articles invoking images of witches and the Devil by Dmitry Orlov and Michael Colhaze respectively. They looked at the nature of this hypocrisy and gestured towards its occult roots.

Hypocrisy is much more than just lies. Jesus in the Gospels reserved a special anger for hypocrites. He saw them as evil and I am starting to understand why. It's because they reverse the truth while proclaiming to uphold it. In doing so, they lead good but gullible people into perpetrating evil themselves against innocent people. Hypocrites use lies to cause otherwise good people to harm other good people. The answer to all this is direct and simple; expose the hypocrites!

To be a successful hypocrite, you need to be convincing and to be convincing it helps enormously if you have no scruples, no shame and certainly no compassion for your fellow man. In other words, psychopathy is a prerequisite. And we have no shortage of psychopaths amongst our leaders in 'The West'. In fact, they are 'wall to wall'. We are so used to them that many fail to understand a leader like Vladimir Putin who is not psychopathic and scratch their heads at a man who simply says the truth and does what he says. So confused are some by this simple and straight forward approach that they turn what they know of him inside out and filling in the blanks trying to find 'the hidden agenda'.

Psychopaths are destructive. That is their essence. Hypocrisy is their chief trait and, of course, is destructive, too. Advancing a society steeped in hypocrisy is like a person trying to negotiate a minefield using a false map. Using false information to navigate by is going to lead to a very sticky end. Reality starts to impose itself eventually and the hypocritical leaders are seen more and more for what they are. The naïve and trusting goodwill that these psychopathic and hypocritical leaders rely on for their power over people evaporates leaving them stranded in a minefield of their own making. This is the undoing of empires stretching back into history.

The article that follows is written by Saker of Vineyard of the Saker blog. He has written many fine articles but I most appreciate his articles which review history. He is able to condense and distil sometimes profound lessons for us out of the jumble of historical facts and stories (some widely known and some not) that are part of our predominantly European culture. Saker talks about how hypocrisy was ultimately responsible for the demise of the Soviet Union and suggests it will play the same role and for the same reasons in the downfall of what he calls the Anglo/Zionist empire – the combination of aristocrats of money and/or title of Europe and America together with Zionist bankers who control our trade and economics; the cabal that has been on a 200+ year quest for world domination. A quest that is now coming to its own sticky end.

The lesson is that the 'lie' that is the hypocrite's chief weapon against us and gives them their power over us will turn on them and take away this same power from them. The power, of course, was always ours and never theirs. The 'lie' was always designed to obscure that crucial fact. Our power is Truth and it will, indeed, set us free. There is more than a hint of divine justice in all this for me.

How the Ukrainian crisis will eventually bring down the AngloZionist Empire

There are many theories out there about what exactly caused the collapse of the Soviet Union. Some say that it is Ronald Reagan with his Star Wars program. Others say that this is the war in Afghanistan or the Polish union Solidarnosc. Other popular theories include the failure of the Soviet economy, the drop in oil prices, the inability to produce consumer goods, the yearning of many Soviets for western-style freedoms and incomes, national/ethnic problems, a hypertrophic military-industrial complex, a massive and corrupt bureaucracy, the corruption of the CPSU and its nomenklatura, the personal treason of Mikhail Gorbachev and many other theories. While all of these factors did contribute to weaken the Soviet system, I do not believe that they brought it down, not even combined together. What really brought down the Soviet Union was something entirely different: an unbearable cognitive dissonance or, to put it more simply, an all-prevailing sense of total hypocrisy.

Dealing With The Devil

Yesterday we saw some of the witches behind the troubles in Ukraine. Today we will be introduced to the demons behind them and, of course, the ultimate demon, Mephistopheles aka Beelzebub, Old Nick and, just 'his' plain old working name, Satan.

This article is wonderfully written by Michael Colhaze and can be found here. If you go to his site to read it, you will find more graphics and better formatting there. You'll also have the chance to browse his site which is excellent.

Michael Colhaze, who lives in Ukraine, makes clear that what is happening in Ukraine has a long history of great wars before it and facilitated by a well known cast of historical characters.

I said that today I would be talking a little more about psychopaths and their fatal flaw. It will be tomorrow instead. This article by Michael Colhaze was too good to pass up and fitted in perfectly here.

There is no provision for leaving comments at Michael Colhaze's site but you are welcome to leave them here, of course.

On Dealing with the Devil

This is a Gamble you can never win!
FAUST Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749 –1832)

Apropos the Devil’s plots and schemes, must I confess not to have spied them for most of my life. What is more, I didn’t even believe him to exist. Accordingly would I have strongly repudiated the assertion that he has ruled us for the last two hundred years or so. And did this, entirely improbable if not absurd, with the unconditional support of our most hallowed political champions. Those namely who had secretly succumbed to his overtures and sold their souls for thirty pieces of silver and a few years of thrilling governance.

Yet the Wheel of Fortune turns slowly but surely, and so it came to pass one day that the Evil One and his minions were taken by surprise and found themselves without masks and cloaks on a glaringly illuminated stage that wasn’t theirs anymore while performing in a play written by someone else.







The Face of Evil On The Six O'Clock News

The first article in this series talked about Vladimir Putin's character and how he has been vilified. The second article talked about the system that does the vilifying of not only Putin but conditions us to all sorts of non-sense. The third article in this series is from Dmitry Orlov and talks about the characters involved in this vilification and their natures. It is entitled "Statecraft or Witchcraft". It is somewhat 'tongue in cheek' but only 'somewhat'. Orlov makes a very important observation that 'witches' while casting their spells are nigh on invisible as they are seen as charming and urbane. But when things aren't going their way they become positively ugly as their supressed bile bubbles to the surface and spits all over those within close range. It is a very accurate observation. I have seen it many times with truly evil people. And that is the subject of Dmitry Orlov's article; truly evil people.

They are, to a man and a woman, psychopaths. They lie without shame. They lie even when they know their audience knows they are lying! Why? Well, one of the reasons is that they also know that it weakens ordinary people to observe and be subjected to this insane behaviour. How often do you hear people say things like, "I don't know how they can say that!" Think about what you heard and said yourself in response to John Kerry's lying in front of the world painting black as white.

What you'll notice from the people around you (and probably yourself as well) is bewilderment and disorientation and even anxiety. They are weakened and the psychopaths know this and that is why people like Kerry and the various witches in the following article do it. Their lies are an attack on normal people and it is deliberate. These witches really are evil and their handiwork, such as the massacre in Odessa, really is demonic.

But these psychopaths have an "Achilles Heel"; a fatal flaw. You see, psychopathy is a condition brought about primarily by a lack of human empathy and emotion. This means they are missing something. They may, as a result, be able to do appalling things without inhibition but they do not have the full awareness of (other) human beings and so undo themselves in the end. I'll talk a little more about this in the final in the series which is up next.

So in the meantime, contemplate on the nature of these people as you read Dmitry Orlov's masterful article. (The original can be found here and has more interesting pictures that the ones I have included here)

Statecraft or Witchcraft?
by Dmitry Orlov (May 4th, 2014)

What has the US State Department been doing in Ukraine? It has been busy, and has succeeded in pushing the hapless nation, left destitute by 22 years of freedom and democracy (oligarchy), to the brink of civil war. (Keep in mind, Russia came close to collapsing altogether after just nine years of freedom and democracy (oligarchy).

Instead of offering you a rational and reasoned (and boring) geopolitical analysis, allow me to temporarily leave the modern world behind and retreat into the mindset of the Pilgrims who landed at Plymouth rock. Why don't we have us a good old-fasioned witch-hunt! After all, the people who have been pushing Ukraine in the direction of civil war while risking a nuclear confrontation with Russia are clearly doing the Devil's work, and so that makes them witches, correct? To find out who these witches are, we have to become expert witch-sniffers. (It's easy; you'll see.) Then we can make effigies of them and burn them at the stake. (No actual witches will be harmed in the process, of course.)







Power Churkin

Power Churkin

Samantha power

Samantha power

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

Victoria Nuland

Victoria Nuland







The Hypocrisy System

It is becoming increasingly clear that we live in a world defined by systemic hypocrisy. This hypocrisy is far more insidious than we might think. Hypocrisy claims to be noble when it is base.

Yesterday I reposted an article written by Sharon Tennison who told of hers and others experiences of dealing with Vladimir Putin and that the commonality of those experiences was that Putin was not only competent but honest. He remained uncorrupted in an environment that supported corruption. These testimonies exposed the western media's derogatory descriptions of Putin as lies and propaganda.

Today we'll look at an example of those lies and propaganda. Mark from The Kremlin Stooge takes apart an article written by David Rothkopf, the editor of the establishment's Foreign Policy Magazine. Mark deftly exposes the lies and false assertions one by one and illustrates the deep hypocrisy that exists in our elite class and how it affects the unaware in our society.

Stanisalv Belkovsky is identified as the source of the false charges of Putin being corrupt and squirreling away billions of dollars. It is truly amazing how this bull is repeated around the net. Well, now we know where it all came from.

Mark also points out in some detail that it is the economy of the USA that is tanking and not Russia's as the establishment is forever proclaiming through the major media organs. But then, after a while, this comes as no surprise as you start to expect the very opposite to be true from what you are told. Everything is back-to-front. This will be the subject of tomorrow's article. But in the meantime, please read and enjoy Mark's well researched and entertaining article.

Want to Know Why The USA is Slipping on All Fronts? Exhibit A.
Posted on April 30, 2014 by marknesop

Uncle Volodya says, “History will be kind to me, for I intend to write it. “
I don’t read as much as I once did; I don’t have the time to give it the full attention it demands if I am going to learn anything. But I used to spend a lot of time in libraries, and developed the habit of choosing several books – usually three – at random. I reasoned that at least one would be good and might be great even if the other two were dogs, while if all three were terrific it would take every minute I had them out to finish them all. Anyway, it was my way of steering clear of reading only my favourite authors, discovering new ones and maybe picking up some insights I might otherwise never have glimpsed.

I picked up P.D. James’ “The Children of Men” before it attained cult status and was made into a film, and I have to say I never saw the climax coming; it is a marvelous story that will shake you. I took out and devoured  Val McDermid’s “A Place of Execution“, and became an instant fan; there is a twist in that story that almost made me drop the book in shock – once again, I never saw it coming, and I doubt anyone who is a first reader of the story will, simply brilliant storytelling.

But the book I’m moved to think of now, which I also read with fascination, was a non-fiction analysis of women. Yeah, I know, none of us can figure out why they think the way they do, and there is a great deal different between us over and above our plumbing – some of the decision-making processes women use seem totally irrational to me, although obviously I have tremendous respect for women writers, and my wife’s calm pragmatism turns my teeth sideways sometimes because there is no use arguing with someone who is right. Anyway, the book was Kate Fillion’s “Lip Service: The Truth About Women’s Darker Side in Love, Sex and Friendship“.

The Real Vladimir Putin

In the last couple of days, I have come across three very good articles which cast light on the overall picture we are facing in the world. The bankers are pushing the US into a confrontation with Russia and are reversing the truth through their owned media saying that Russia is the aggressor and that Putin is corrupt and power mad. So while we are waiting with baited breath on which way the situation in Ukraine will twist, I will post these articles together with a fourth one from Saker who published it a week or two ago. Many will have read it already but it will make a nice finale to the other three. I will endeavour to put one up each day.

Here is the first one from Sharon Tennison who has worked in Russia for over thirty years. She relates her own personal encounter with Vladimir Putin over twenty years ago and tells of others first hand experiences with him in the following years. Her article can be found here and I encourage you to go there and explore her site.

I will repost the article in full as I think it is worth recording it in its entirety. Plus, she asks a question in her article which I would like to answer. Further notes from me after Sharon Tennison's valuable article.


by Sharon Tennison

Friends and colleagues,

As the Ukraine situation has worsened, unconscionable misinformation and hype is being poured on Russia and Vladimir Putin.

Journalists and pundits must scour the Internet and thesauruses to come up with fiendish new epithets to describe both.

Wherever I make presentations across America, the first question ominously asked during Q&A is always, "What about Putin?"

It's time to share my thoughts which follow:

Vladimir Putin 1-1

Vladimir Putin 1-1

Sharon Tennison

Sharon Tennison