September 2011

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A hot load of crap for Ron Paul supporters

I am not a Ron Paul supporter, but I did at one point sign up to be on his mailing list. Usually I delete the solicitations for cash but once in a while something catches my attention; here's what showed up today (seems to be anti-ron paul; how'd "they" get his mailing list?), although I can't even read all this drivel, thought I'd drop it here for future analysis or prurient interest, pasted in it's entirety:

A special message from:

HOT PETITION! Sign to support
PRO-ISRAEL H.Res. 297 and 271 which defends Israel's right to
defend her borders, and rejecting President Obama's call for a
return to the indefensible 1967 borders. We will auto-fax 535
Congressmen/Senators. We've already delivered 279,000 petitions
for Israel. Can you help us reach 300,000?

The 95% Solution Pt2 - Thomas Sheridan

Source - Rick's Artistry

Recently Penny put up a link in her article “Psychopaths Are Everywhere” to a Thomas Sheridan radio interview. It is well worth listening to. You'll find the interview embedded at Penny's at the above link and scroll down a little.

There's a second part to the interview where Thomas talks about the psychopathic nature of the God of parts of the Old Testament and touches on the money system. Broadly, I agree with him though I have some differences. But that is to be expected , I suppose. I wouldn't want anyone out there thinking exactly like me. Even I am not that cruel! Click here for the second hour.
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Ten Years Of Murderous Nonsense

There's a new post at my main blog. Among other things, it says, "Tomorrow will mark ten years of murderous nonsense. The official story of 9/11 is impossible to believe, yet it is promoted more brazenly than any contemporary truth."

You can read the rest here, and your comments are welcome below.

The 95% Solution - William Kamkwamba

Most of the problems faced by humanity can be traced back to a small group amongst us. This group, though they look like the rest of us, have an essential difference; they have no conscience. So there is nothing to inhibit them from pursuing their own interests regardless of the harm they may cause others. And they do. On a global scale. The people of this group are widely known as 'psychopaths' as well as a variety of other names. They represent approximately 5% of the general population. 9 out of ten of these psychopaths are men.

So you could expect in a room of 20 to 25 men to have 2 psychopaths present on average. Though, depending on the circumstances of the meeting, you could have many more than 2. If it is a meeting of senior personnel from a military, political, business, criminal or religious organisations, it is possible you would be able to find 20 or more psychopaths present because they are attracted to organisations that offer power and once in them they have a decided advantage over others for the reason that bureaucratic hierarchies suit their lack of conscience. And so they rise to the top with the help of their fellow psychopaths within the structure.

They dominate every power organisation in our society. From this elevated position they can, and do, rain hell down on us. Looking to those who have caused the problems we face to fix them is worse than a futile exercise. I say "worse than futile" because the wasted effort takes up the time, resources and energy that could have been channelled into an effective solution. So there is a huge opportunity cost involved.

So the rest of us non-psychopaths need to avoid these problem-makers and their government and bureaucratic apparatuses at all costs if we want to avoid obstructions and to succeed. Instead, we are far better off to look to the other 95% of the population, ourselves, for solutions.

I have decided, rather arbitrarily smiling , to call this strategy The 95% Solution. That's us, folks. The rest of the population that have a conscience and who care about others, at least some of the time. I hope to present a series of ideas and examples of this 95% Solution in action. I'd like to kick off with a young gentleman by the name of William Kamkwamba from Malawi.

William, at the age of 14, decided that he would build a wind generator to power electric lights in his family's home. He had very little indeed in the way of resources. Yet through his own ingenuity, he succeeded. Here is a short 6 minute video of his exploits. I should note however that he has been picked up and sponsored by a western foundation (TED) that is, in turn, sponsored by some of the usual suspects making it a questionable boon. I hope William doesn't end up being co-opted and using his ingenuity and education to further the interests of corporations.

So, if any readers become wildly successful at making commuter aircraft out of used beer cans, be wary of the smiling men in suits that your endeavours will attract.

William has written a book, btw, with Bryan Mealer, an Associated Press journalist, and can be purchased here-

and reviews can be read at the link as well.

He also has a blog here -

But William's story is just beginning and so is our own story; our march to freedom and prosperity through boycotting and divestment from governments, corporations and the military whenever possible and just getting on with organising and providing our own solutions with whatever we have to hand.

It is self defeating to complain to Caesar about Caesar. All you are doing through this is telling Caesar and yourself that Caesar has the power and that you don't. Despite appearances, the opposite is most often the truth.

A further note to readers: if you know of any similar stories or ingenious grassroots solutions, I would love to hear about them. So, on with William Kamkwamba's short story -

I'll leave the final word to William, "Often when people are in trouble they just sit and complain when they really need to wake up and start doing.
It is like my windmill, “I just tried, and I made it happen.”