Guilty by association: wutz up w 911blogger?

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A friend of mine was part of a group who recently were banned en masse from posting at, or even in some cases, visiting, the website and forums of one of the better known "truth" sites, 911.blogger

Their offense? Being members of another truth site, that I enjoy visiting myself, the WTC Demolition Blog or

After studying this matter, it seems to be related to certain members (including the management) of wtcdemo's opposition to the postings of one or two particular members of the 911blogger forum and his /their insistence on holding to a certain tack of 9/11 truth that agrees with many of the precepts of the OCT. A few of these certain 911blogger-blogger's core arguments:

A) there certainly were Arab hijackers
B) nobody has any evidence there were pre-planted explosives in the WTC
C) Neither Larry Silverstein, nor any Israeli group(Drunk need be considered suspects

It seems that the wtcdemo crew found this tack unsavory and were vocal in their disagreement with these opinions.

It's interesting that one of the last comments posted by any of the 'wtcdemo' crew was in response to a challenge by one of said members to name someone involved with planting the explosives:

"And I'm glad you asked. The arrow of suspicion clearly points at Larry Silverstein, Jerome Hauer and the men of Urban Moving Systems."

Is the timing of this post and the subsequent mass bannings more than coincidence?


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To close to the truth??

Altho I don't frequent any of the 911 'truth' sites, I'm thinking the better known ones have all been infiltrated and coopted by disinformation specialists especially if they were any where close to getting the truth out there. This tactic is inevitable and any large group would need to be vigilant in watching for it. I don't know what you could do about it however, many smaller, less popular, and loosely connected groups would be safer than one large and more influential group. I don't know if this is a good example but bloggers vs the cmsm comes to mind. Also, the anitwar movements of the sixties.

On a personal note:
Thanks for moving your site. I'm really missing WP's regular posting and all the comments. I haven't found anything to replace it!! I'm still reading Arthur and Chris, and at SOTT but the community at WP's was unique imho. However, I guess everyone would say that about their favorite blog.
Check out this site for some interesting reading.
The series he is writing on Laurel Canyon is so fascinating. It's called Inside The LC: The Strange but Mostly True Story of Laurel Canyon and the Birth of the Hippie Generation. His writing style is very humorous laughing out loud which helps the serious subject matter go down easier.
His "Sept 11 Revisited" series atho old, is also very good.

Hope you're having a great summer. 8) cool

"I set it down,
That one may smile, and smile, and be a villain..." -- Shakespeare, Hamlet, I, v

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Hey McJ

Glad to know I'm not all alone here typing away hello or goodbye
Thanks for your post; i had read a bit of that Laurel Canyon stuff a few weeks ago but checked out the latest installments - very interesting stuff! I added it to my blogroll links so I remember to go back again later.
As far as missing WP's posting and comments, same here! I check out Big Dan's blog pretty often but WP definitely filled a unique niche with his news analysis.


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Feeling lonely with all this info...

I'm feeling lonely with all this nasty depressing info rolling around in my head. I really don't have anyone around me that is interested in discussing it beyond a superficial level. It's so frustrating when you bring up a topic and the feedback you get back is all msm talking points! Most people know something is really wrong however have no idea how it got this way. Their information comes from tv news and the local rags and that's the gospel ya know ohhh sure. No point in arguing...their minds made up they don't want to be confused with the truth. Then there is the think happy thoughts crowd who are just going to 'believe' this bad stuff away. I had a discussion with one of my brothers this summer (he lives in the US) about Canada's role in the Afghanistan war and he ended up accusing me of taking cheap shots at the USA - which blew me away. He has always been a very progressive thinker and is highly intelligent, well educated and a successful businessman so I just couldn't believe he had bought into some of the more standard tripe about the war in Iraq and Afghanistan and the GWOT. It was like listening to MSNBC. Sigh.... banging head against wall

I still have a bit more holidaying to do this summer but will check in from time to time. Looks like some serious shit is shaping up for the fall of this year. Got your cupboards stocked?

"I set it down,
That one may smile, and smile, and be a villain..." -- Shakespeare, Hamlet, I, v

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Totally off topic

This is totally off topic however seeing as your the only one around that may bitch about it laughing out loud laughing out loud
... what's up with McLame and the Lindsey Boy. They are just creepy, hanging out in grocery stores, riding together on the subway, placing notes at the Western Wall (Lindsey Boy got run over by photographers trying to get to McLame and Holy Joe), getting photo ops with the Dali Lama etc. etc. Apparently, McLame calls him the 'little jerk'.

"I set it down,
That one may smile, and smile, and be a villain..." -- Shakespeare, Hamlet, I, v

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That gives me an idea - then I'm finished - promise...

It might be a fun idea to do a running series with pictures of the three amigos with funny made up captions. Something like the Princess Sparkle Pony site where I go when I need a laugh. Someone needs to lighten up that crew!

Ok, I'm done now smiling

"I set it down,
That one may smile, and smile, and be a villain..." -- Shakespeare, Hamlet, I, v

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one of them might get veep?

here's an article i found about them; from a few months ago though

and i hear you about the MSM talking points. I just saw an article that Mccain and Obama are tied in the polls 44% each (the fix is in?).


all sorts of stuff

Hi guys and gals. I'm sorry to be so vacant lately but I really have no choice in the matter. Also sorry to shut down the comments on my blog but I didn't have any palatable options on that either.

Perhaps we could do something here that would be somewhat similar ... but maybe even better? I dunno.

On the 911 blogger story: I'm not surprised you and your friends got banned. I used to like that site until it got taken over by the forces of anti-truth.

I have occasionally posted articles there but they all get voted down immediately, because of who wrote them. The people in charge there don't like me because of my reporting related to the Kennebunkport Warning -- exposing the sleazy agenda of people such as Jenny Sparks, Arbesque, and Cosmos among others.

And I can't even talk about Keith Seffen or Jerome Hauer there because every time my name shows up on their board, they hammer it.

What we can learn from this is more important than what we have allegedly lost by being banned.

Gotta go ... but I'll be back ... and in the meantime ... what do you think of the possibility of this site hosting comments for my main blog? anyone?

please don't read my blog

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hosting comments for the main blog

I was contemplating that just the other day! I think it would be a great idea .... but then this is not my site smiling.

Interesting, in the last few days I have read comments from Ghandi on GG at Salon, comments from Bukko on Ghandi's site, Kira at At Largley and Meryl Nass's site. Also on Meryl Nass's blog, the Winter Patriot wink and a poster named Z's Blog (??)

Do you think any of this means anything puzzled

Btw, this has me very curious especially the blogged link at the bottom of the page ???

"I set it down,
That one may smile, and smile, and be a villain..." -- Shakespeare, Hamlet, I, v

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In case you missed it..

Reading the GG comments today and noticed that Ghandi posted a link to this Mike Whitney story on the UK Truth Seeker.

"Information Clearing House Publisher Threatened
Mike Whitney – Fly by News August 6, 2008

My friend Tom Feeley is in Big trouble. He runs the web site which updates "news you won't find in the corporate media" every day. The site is strongly anti-war.

Tom has gotten his share of death threats over the years, but what happened this week is a lot more serious.

Two days ago, Tom's wife found three well dressed men in their kitchen. The man who did all the talking, told Tom's wife (I won't give her name) that Tom must "Stop what he is doing on the Internet, NOW!" As crazy as it sounds, he pulled back his lapel and showed her a gun of some kind which she could not identify.

...Someone wants him to "shut up" and they apparently have the muscle to do it. He knows he is in danger.

I will probably only hear from Tom infrequently from this point on. But I will update information as I get it. Tom, knows some of the best writers on the Internet---many of them speak out regularly and forcefully on issues of civil liberties and war. Anything they can do to draw attention to Tom's situation will greatly improve his chances of getting through this ordeal safely. Beyond that, I have no idea of what can be done to help."

"I set it down,
That one may smile, and smile, and be a villain..." -- Shakespeare, Hamlet, I, v

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Hi Guys

Thanks for posting WP - nice to hear from you!

>> what do you think of the possibility of this site hosting comments for my main blog? anyone?

I think that would be great, but, I do require users to register in order to post comments (too much spam otherwise, although there may be other solutions I can investigate) and I do need to look into the registration feature to make sure it's working on the current server.

Whoa McJ - thanks for the link!

>> Information Clearing House Publisher Threatened

I think that is our worst nightmare, although, me, I've assumed this sort of thing's been happening in "journalism" for some time now, of course. If you can't control the opposition, intimidate them. Then if that doesn't work... ... help, I`m sinking ?
But the thing is, we can also be their worst nightmare. The more of us with blogs calling the BS when we see it, the harder it'll be to stop everyone.

Well thanks for hanging in there with me McJ, looks like we might get some company soon thanks to WP party time! party time!


what would it take?

I don't object to comments on my writing; I just can't host them anymore. I don't have the time, energy, ability or desire to moderate them; but I can't keep allowing the sorts of things that happen if they are unmoderated.

On the other hand I could create something here (a post, or a forum topic -- what would be better?) for comments (one page, or one page for each article -- what would be better?) and then post a link from my blog (or one from each article) ...

That would be ok with me but then it would put a lot more on NJT ... and I wonder whether it would work ... whether it would be too much trouble to host them ... or whether it seems like a good idea ...

I really don't know ... so maybe you can tell me what you think?

please don't read my blog

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what i think

what i think would make the most sense would be for each blog on your site to have a blog post here for the associated comments, with links from each to the other.
The blog post here could either be a copy of the same post on your blog, or just a heading like "comments for Story 38241" with the body of the blog post a link back to the original article on your site, and perhaps the end of the article on your site linking to the comment blog here.
I don't know how much time I can spend moderating, but as I mentioned, the way things are now, everyone who comments will need to register first and anyone insisting on getting out of line can be quickly and easily banned, or moderated, etc.
And I think your account has the appropriate permissions that you'd be able to pitch in moderating if you want, or leave it to me (and or other trusted users?) as I have time (I would guess usually at least once per day).
And this software has plenty of other modules that can provide further bells and whistles if we want them later...


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If you wanted to have the comments grouped by subject rather than correlated to a specific blog, we'd probably want to use forums categorized by subject.
I took the forums link off since we weren't really using them, but putting that back would be a snap, if you want to test drive... ok, on the right bottom panel.
I still think the first way would make more sense (a blog of comments for each blog story) but sometimes you never know until you try.


you want to try it?

I'm game if you are.

please don't read my blog

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Sure tho no guarantees

I'll have to reserve the right to pull the plug if this crushes the server or something, but I'm certainly willing to try.

ok ... we'll just see how it goes ...

and if we have problems, we'll deal with them in the lowest-stress manner possible ... and we won't worry about it. all right?

please don't read my blog

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sounds good

just let me know if you need me to do anything to make it work

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