Ukraine: it's a Gas, Gas, Gas

Below is a short video from RT's Katie Pilbeam talking about Ukraine's non-payment of its gas bill and the twists and turns going on and the likely twists to come.

It is appropriately named, "The Check's In The Mail" and with all that implies!

Ukraine, at the very last minute, says the cheque's in the mail. Russia says the money hasn't arrived and the Ukrainians tell the Europeans that the money was sent to New York but will arrive in due course.

What's wrong with this picture? As the RT title for the piece implies, the Ukrainians are telling lies. We know they are liars and thieves. We also know the New York bankers are liars and thieves. You'll remember that the first thing to happen after the junta seized power was to fly Ukraine's central bank's gold out of the country to New York. Then Ukraines foreign currency reserves disappeared. Then Ukraine immediately stopped paying anything for their gas from Russia. But I'm sure the (illegal) Ukrainian govt was still charging and collecting for the gas they were supplying to Ukrainian citizens and businesses. Why doesn't somebody ask, "Where has that revenue gone to?" To New York? Very likely in my view.

So what's going on with this 'cheques in the mail' bullshit?

This is pure speculation on my part, but I think the money may have been paid into one or more oligarchs' accounts in New York, all right, but it will not arrive in Gazprom's account on Monday or even Tuesday. The Ukrainians have had plenty of time to pay something if they were going to do that.

The Bankers want to starve Russia of money so they are not going to pay what is owed if at all possible just to put pressure on Russia, if nothing else. But Russia has said it will cut off the gas to Ukraine and ultimately to Germany and the rest of Europe through Ukraine. To avoid the Europeans blaming Ukraine (and their banker masters) for this debacle and siding with Russia, the Ukrainians are saying they have paid when they haven't and so trying to confuse the issue for the Europeans.

This is also part of setting the scene to blame the Russians for military action in the East of Ukraine. The junta are hoping that the Russians do indeed cut off the gas and the Russians will be blamed by ordinary Ukrainians who will believe the psychopaths in power when they say they have paid Russia for the gas. That's the plan, at least.

The Ukrainian junta has paid some money to Gazprom after all. Gazprom has delayed transfering Ukraine onto a 'pay as you go' scheme till the 9th June. Perhaps this is when the bombs, rockets and artillery shells will start dropping on Slaviansk.

The junta's troops have cut off Slaviansk allowing no one out or in. This means no food will be reaching Slaviansk. The junta are placing Slaviansk under seige to weaken the Donesk fighters and the ordinary towns people both physically and psychologically in preparation of attacking the town with force. And they will.

Many western journalists, such as Mike Whitney, have been saying how the bankers and the junta have placed Putin and Russia in a no-win position regarding armed intervention (or not). Their reasoning goes like this; if the Russian military invades Ukraine to stop attrocities, the junta will scream 'armed aggression' and the bankers will trumpet the return of the USSR and Putin is the new Hitler. The point of this is to separate Europe from Russia and clamp down politically and economically on Europe to save the waning power of the bankers. A win for the bankers. That's one side of the double bind, as it is presented.

The other side of the double bind is if Putin restrains the Russian military from intervening in the killing of Russians in Ukraine, then he will be seen as weak by Russians and the rest of the world. That's the end of the threat from Russia and the bankers will continue on their merry way destroying countries on their way to world military and economic full spectrum dominance. Again, a win for the bankers.

Putin looks like he is trapped. At least, that's how it looks through the lens of the psychopathic bankers and the pundits that buy into this way of thinking. Their great handicap is that they cannot see how ordinary people, let alone principled leaders like Putin see their options. Psychopaths have no idea how they are perceived by normal people and that is how Putin is going to bring them undone.

Vladimir Putin has said that he will not allow Russians to be killed. So far, Russians have been killed so it looks like he could be bluffing. But if readers have been following recent history (and some previous posts here) they will know that Putin very definitely does not bluff. So what's Vladimir doing?

Vladimir Putin is motivated to preserve and improve lives of all Russians. He will not move to save one Russian life by sacrificing two other Russian lives. Russian military intervention will cost lives, Russian and Ukrainian. He knows this too well. It will only be at the point when it is clear to him and his advisors that more lives will be saved than lost by intervening militarily. Up till that point, Putin will do all he can to preserve peace.

Putin has said of the Neocons in Washington, "They will screw and screw until they screw up". Putin knows that these screw-ups to be driven by their evil natures to increase the level of deceit and violence until they expose themselves for all to see.

The thing that the psychopaths have not allowed for is that when it is obvious to Putin that more lives will be saved than lost through Russian military action, it will also be obvious to the people in Ukraine and in Europe. The bankers planned propaganda will backfire massively and they will be seen for the perpetrators they are. The US govt will become the pariahs of the world in very short order and Putin will be seen to have done everything possible to avoid armed conflict until it was the only solution left by the murderous behaviour of NATO and the bankers.

Already, many of the US's allies (incl Saudi Arabia and Qatar, of all people!) have been making overtures to Russia in anticipation of this fall from grace and political and military power of the US. China has made it abundantly clear that they stand with Russia and if NATO wants to attack Russia it will also be taking on China too. And, no doubt, Iran will join in.

The jewish bankers are just desperate enough to preserve what power they have left to try attacking Russia. And while the resident Neocons in Washington and many in the US military are just dumb enough to do it, others are not. But if they do there will be a lot of naval tonnage sitting on the bottom of the Mediterranean and Black Seas and also on the bottom of the Persian Gulf. The US and NATO navies are defenceless against Russian missile technology. And they have already been warned . There will be no second warning. (the last link is to a Portugese article. It is well worth running it through Yandex)

So to get back to the opening topic, the non-payment for Russian gas is all about stealing yet more money and trying to paint the Russians as the bad guys in preparation for a military attack on Slaviansk and an attack on Russia or a military stand-off with them. But it is all going to backfire on the psychopathic bankers and their minions because of their congenital inability to see reality.

For an insight into part of that reality in Europe, see the latest from Mark at The Kremlin Stooge. The vassals are ready to revolt.


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