False Flags and Psychopaths

Below is an episode of TruthSeeker from RT. It focuses on 'False Flag Operations' and their use in starting wars. Wars are indicative of psychopathic activity. Normal people may fight but they do not kill their neighbours and their families to steal their possessions. That's what wars are about and only psychopaths perpetrate them.

To be successful in starting and continuing a war, psychopaths use fear and promise rewards for normal people. They have to lie to us because normal people will not engage in war left to their own devices. Hence, the necessity of false flag ops. They are massive lies whereby the power elite attack their own citizens and blame their actions and the resulting calamity on the hapless country they wish to invade and pillage. Only psychopaths are capable of this behaviour.


Dr. Kevin Barrett, interviewed in the Truthseeker video above, suggests that we might have to screen our leaders for psychopathy. It is an eminently sensible suggestion and an entirely necessary change if we are going to survive as a species. There is, in fact, a very reliable neurological test for psychopathy. So should a government ever come into being that is not psychopathic, it would be in their interests and the interests of the whole population to institute psychopathic testing.

Those that need to be tested include any candidates for any public office: police, magistrates, judges, politicians to name just a few. Any executive that applies for a senior management position in a corporation over a certain size (size to be decided upon); any person applying for any position within a religious organisation; any convicted felon. In other words, psychopaths have to be removed and prevented from attaining any position of power over other people. If they have broken the law, then it has to be acknowledged that they will continue to break whatever law they have been convicted of and appropriate measures taken to protect the public into the future. This would mean permanent quarantine for psychopaths who are convicted murderers, paedophiles and rapists, for instance.

The vast bulk of society's problems can be traced back to psychopaths. They have no conscience, no scruples, no empathy and no social commitment. They only know what they want; power over the rest of us. And they are entirely driven by it.

Before mankind became an agrarian society, psychopaths were denied power and were either ostracised or killed when they became a problem. Their anti-social behaviour stood out in a co-operative culture. Their anti-social attitude is far less noticeable in our present day competitive culture that they have themselves promoted. The psychopaths' attitude is destructive and a menace to the longevity of any culture they are part of.

Tribal societies (and mankind as a whole) would not have survived hundreds of thousand of years had psychopaths attained anywhere near the power over others that they have today. Now, after only a few thousand years, with psychopaths firmly in power, mankind is on the edge of complete self destruction.

Since settlement began with the agrarian revolution, employment became more specialised and organisations were required to organise the society. This led to bureaucracies and hierarchies and these, in turn, were fertile grounds for the promotion of psychopaths. The larger the organisation, the more centralised it became, the more attractive it was for psychopaths. Psychopaths are uniquely equipped to use hierarchies for their own benefit and against everyone else's interests. Their lack of conscience and their heightened skills at deception make psychopaths formidable opponents in any political competition.

They recognise and promote each other. So, over time, it becomes inevitable that any large organisation will become dominated and led by psychopaths. This includes, and especially so, religious organisations because they are the oldest lived bureaucracies on earth and they wield extraordinary power over the minds of people and the cultures we live in. Not only are the rewards tantalising in a religious organisation but the cover is ideal for their purposes. There is simply no way people of evil intent would not target organised religions for psychopathic takeover.

Most people do not credit that we live in a religious culture. Those that are inclined to think so, will say we live in a Christian culture. But they would be wrong. We, in fact, live in a culture that has been shaped around the tenets and ideology of the Hebrew Bible. We live in a Jewish culture.

The “Ten Commandments” are Jewish and our legal code is based on them. It is critical to note that they are couched in negative terms i.e. “thou shalt NOT …..”, as is our legistation, which gives emphasis to the crime that is supposedly to be rejected and is silent on what is to be encouraged.

However, the subconscious mind can only think of things that exist and not their negative. For instance, a mountain can be pictured and contemplated by the subconscious but a 'not mountain' cannot be seen or pictured. The subconscious will think of a mountain in the place of a 'not mountain'.

So the acolyte being taught to not kill will have his unconscious mind contemplating the act of killing. This is self defeating strategy …. unless you are a psychopath, of course, and your intention is to promote killing, stealing adultery etc.

Other pillars of our culture that come from Judaism are the concepts of violence, punishment, revenge such as expressed in "an eye for an eye". These may be summed up as 'righteous violence' or the righteousness of state (or church) sponsored violence.

In contrast, Jesus, the focus of Christian scriptures, gave two commandments and both of them couched in positive terms i.e. what we are supposed to do rather than what we are not. “Love your God with all your heart and mind” and “Love your neighbour as yourself”. It is supremely telling that Christian religious organisations adopt the mind-set of exclusiveness (God's chosen ones) and the behaviour of the Hebrew Bible with all their pomp and veneration of wealth and power and act in complete contravention of the life example of Jesus. The hypocrisy is plain to see.

Whole penal codes could be eliminated in time if the two positive commandments of Jesus were adopted by our society in place of the ten negative commandments of Hebrew Bible. If these were the litmus tests applied to human behaviour and human disputes, we would have less costs (physical, psychiatric and economic) and more harmony. But, of course, this would eliminate the cycle of violence and revenge and settle too many disputes for the liking of the psychopaths that rule us. Psychopaths are not troubled in the least by holding conflicting ideals between their conscious and subconscious minds. It is the rest of us that become deeply troubled in the face of this internal conflict.

The enemy of mankind is clear. It has always been the psychopaths that have risen to power with the rise of 'Civilisation' in the world. They promote division and war everywhere they can whether it is fighting amongst themselves using us as cannon fodder or whether they are conspiring together against us. They create a multiplicity of divisions to confuse us. But there is only one division of any real meaning – the division between the psychopaths and the rest of us.

They can rule only through deceit. It is time to look for the evidence of psychopathy in all the leaders of our institutions. Learn their tell-tale signs. Habitual lying and hypocrisy are chief amongst them.


Indianapolis, Indiana —

Indianapolis, Indiana — According to truth seekers, government continuity plan has been re-instituted for something big. Sources believe that a new false flag requiring government continuity. However, the plan for continuity will largely exist for the élite ruling classes.


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