The Bankers Have Truly Lost Their Minds and Gone On Tilt!

Poking a Siberian Tiger through the bars of a cage is stupid enough. But what do you say about someone who does it without a cage?

Check this comment out at Saker's (there's other very interesting info in Truthsearcher's comment there) -

TruthSearcher said...

Today there was a worrisome incident with Deputy Prime Minister of Russia - Dmitri Rogozin.
He visited Transdnistria, the pro-Russian enclave bordering Moldova and Ukraine, that has enjoyed de-facto independence from Moldova since the break-up of USSR.

He flew in through Romanian airspace to participate in festive events, related to the Victory Day and the address of local authorities regarding joining Russia. By the time he wanted to return, Romania, under marching orders from ... you know who, had closed its airspace for him.

Then his plane got the permission to fly over Ukraine, but shortly after they took off, Ukrainian fighters intercepted the flight and required him to either return to Chisinau, Moldova or be forced down on a Ukrainian airfield.

The flight returned to Chisinau and was surrounded by Moldova police forces. Seems it was also boarded. Only to find out, that Mr. Rogozin was not among the passengers of the plane. He had safely made it back to Moscow. In stealth mode, I might add.

As Rogozin put it on Twitter - & "But (Russian) Military-Industrial Commission has its own paths. And Kiev junta is left with nothing..." He also added "Now we're looking fwd to a visit of Romanian and Moldovan governmental delegations in Moscow."

Here's a video commentary is Russian . . ..

Be sure to click on Dmitry Rogozin's twitter link in the comment above.

These hysterical bankers are so-ooo way out of their league it is truly funny.

Of course, the bankers are trying everything they can to provoke Russia into an attack on Ukraine - on anyone, in fact! But the more provocative the bankers are, the more they fall flat on their collective face. They are showing themselves to be absolutely lawless, mad and a total menace to everyone. This is driving them away from their captives/allies. Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of bastards. The safest and most effective way to deal with a psychopath is to expose them (or better, allow them to expose themselves) and to then isolate them. It's coming!

Please see the preceding post for more insights into the psychotic bankers facing their own demise and the inevitable reckoning to come with their master (who truly has no mercy) laughing out loud

Voice of Russia article on the debacle-


Getting crazier-
"Moldova has seized thousands of petitions from the citizens of Transnistria seeking “reunification with Russia” from a Russian delegation’s plane, as politicians had a hard time leaving the breakaway state with all neighboring airspaces closed for them.

“Moldovan secret services on-board our plane are confiscating boxes with Transdniestrians’ signatures for reunification with Russia,” Russian Deputy PM Dmitry Rogozin tweeted. "


crazy insane people in general :)

Hi James,

I follow him, but didn't realize the whole scenerio involved. He is quite flamboyant, I have noticed that. smiling
Thanks for that info above.

I put This amazing video over at Pennys place and decided to not just hope you saw it there and bring it to you. Great job by whomever. Took and old German Propoganda newsreel format and doctored it adding in Maidan footage ( black/while w/ old scratches/lines ) and NATO etc footage.
Whoever did this really has my respect. Hope you enjoy it and am quite sure you will see the irony and sarcasm.

On my comment over at Penny's too, I have stated a theory of their ( US NATO et al ) plans for SE Ukraine. Did some google map research as I had read awhile back that the Sea of Azov was dying. Loving water so much, and also coming from a farming community in Indiana when I was young, I started looking the topography. The Sea is dying from all the artificial fertalizer and pesticides used in theat Far East area. They aren't alone, look across the water to Rostov on Don (aren't Mafia guys called Dons ;p ) and you see the same farming practices going on. The Sea is being choked to death by the Corporate farming Oiligarchs. Sorta like ... well us and especially the people of Ukraine !

The comment over there is more logistical of my theory of their plans for SE Ukraine militarily too.
Oh.. computer / website smart me tried to sign up for an account. Kept telling me I had a space after my name, but I didn't. No doubt it's me, always is smiling
You have my name and email address when i post a comment so if it's not too much trouble sign me up, and if it is , no big deal, this slower route is OK with me, but I've missed alot of your blog posts which I do enjoy.

You might be better off leaving it like it is, I'm not politicially correct and might soil your comment area haha smiling

Hi Karin

That is a clever 'newsreel'. The more things change . . . . !

That's sad about the Azov Sea. Doesn't surprise me though. I'm sorry you are having trouble with the account. I don't have access to your email details from your comment, though. Could you email me? james a t win ter pat riot d o t c o m (w i t h o u t t h e s p a c e s smiling )

We are not exactly into political correctness around here laughing out loud
I'll check out Penny's

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Schizophrenic behaviour

"Western behaviour borders on schizophrenia"

An interview with Dmitry Kiselev, "Director General of the Rossiya Segodnya International Information Agency and host of the popular television program Vesti Nedeli (News of the Week), is the only journalist in the world to be targeted by political sanctions. The European Union included the prominent TV journalist on a list of Russians barred from travelling, owning property or banking in the EU. The World Press Freedom Committee, one of the leading organizations on the rights of journalists, has come to his defense.

In an interview with Izvestia, Kiselev said that the sanctions against him threaten the rights of all journalists in the world. He also explained that Russia and the West have switched roles and now Russia has become the main defender of democratic principles and freedom of speech."

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Only on CNN

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