Template For a Revolution

This post presents videos and podcasts describing the harsh reality of two revolutions. The first is in Romania which could be said to have preceded all the others. And the second is about the revolution in Libya.

Immediately below is a German documentary on the revolution in Romania that deposed Ceausescu. It is entitled, "Checkmate - Strategy of a Revolution". Given that it proved a winning formula for the bankers and has been repeated throughout the various 'Color' and 'Arab Spring' revolutions, I think it could now be more aptly entitled, "Template For a Revolution" because that is exactly what it is.

It uncovers how the opposition politicians, the intellectuals and the public were used to bring about a revolution and a political and economic situation that suited NATO (and therefore the bankers) and was of questionable benefit to the Romanians. It is imperative to choose your allies well. Especially when it is your supposed ally that is doing the organising, co-ordinating and financing. 'The enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend'.

The documentary also points out the part played by snipers which, as with everything else, has been present in the NATO revolutions since then.

"Checkmate - Strategy of a Revolution" is in six parts of 10 minutes each.
Part 1-


Part 2-


Part 3-
Part 4-
Part 5
Part 6-

The following video and podcasts on the Libyan 'revolution' come via The Corbett Report" and James and JoAnne Moriaty of Libyanwarthetruth.com


And here are the two podcasts by James Corbett featuring the Moriatys


Of note is that upwards of 300,000 Libyans were killed when no where near this number was necessary to take over the country. Schools and hospitals, sewerage treatment plants and water infrastructure were deliberately and repeatedly targeted and destroyed. There is no other possible explanation for this killing other than the people directing this outrage enjoyed doing it.

Like all wars, this is a war against civilians by the psychopaths. For more on this see Prof Michel Chosordovsky's talk, "Imperial Conquest: America’s Long War Against Humanity".

We keep accepting that the casualties are a result of mistakes in the heat of war because we keep ascribing our thinking to the psychopaths in charge. But the truth is that their thinking is entirely alien to us. They enjoy destruction - and killing especially. Otherwise they would stop.


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