The Bankers' Takeover of Ukraine

No doubt Nuland had Yatsenyuk in mind because he was the most likely person to ok the stealing of Ukraine's gold reserves. Yats being a jewish banker and all. I wonder what the 'brokerage fee' for Yats & Co. on that little lot is?


Gold? What Gold?

Looks like Ukraine's gold, around 36+ tons, left that nation in the middle of the night in an unmarked plane. Wonder where it got off to?

Ukraine should of followed Iceland's example, arrested the bankers, try them and send them to jail, that way, they could of kept their gold.

If these tools of the neocons

If these tools of the neocons end up losing control of the government, they very well may end up 'in the dock', Catman. Assuming they are captured at the airport and don't escape to Florida.

I get the distinct impression that things are not going well for the chosen suspects. This coup has galvanised people in Ukraine to bring about drastic change and for the better. Iceland is quite an example to follow.

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