The Long War of Terror

Here is a marvelous talk from Professor Michel Chossudovsky. He spells out the reality of the "War On Terror" and how it is actually a "War Of Terror" and has been for 60 years. This war of terror is aimed squarely at civilians and is by any measure the unltimate of war crimes.

Professor Chossudovsky's talk is entitled "Imperial Conquest: America’s Long War Against Humanity" -


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You're right James :)

You're right James smiling . That was marvelous. He laid the presentation out in such a way that it would be understandable to anyone who cared to take an interest. But, then how many take an interest? As he addressed in the latter part of the speech, the propaganda machine is so pervasive the masses never seek their own answers or bother to think for themselves. Why would they, when the answers are all there for them on the old boob tube? Sad really, considering how he explains that the masses are really the target of all the destruction. He did leave us with this direction. We must begin exposing those on the left who are lying by pinpointing who they are. I like that but then I think we already do that. smiling

And speaking of taking an interest, I just got to get this niggly off my chest. Why did all those people bother to come to his presentation, if all they were going do was walk in front of the camera. sticking out tongue

Yes, whoever positioned the

Yes, whoever positioned the camera wasn't thinking very well. It should have been elevated so it was over the heads of these people. I ended up not watching the scene and just listening. It was very distracting for me.
Ignorance of the false opposition is a huge problem as chossudovsky points out and it should be exposed at every opportunity. But I think the biggest problem is ignorance of the psychopathy of our 'leaders' and the psychopathic culture they haved developed over the centuries. This is the foundation that everything else is built on.

Anyway, I don't mean to take anything away from. chossudovsky's talk. It is an extremely succinct summary of where we are today.

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