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APea of Twelfth Bough is back after an extended hiatus with some fresh and enlightening writing. She ties together in in one neat article the demolition of the WTC Towers with subsequent false flag terror events and the continuing psychological warfare perpetrated on all of us that surrounds all this.

the reality-of-fakery last ditch effort

So I had to stop blogging and step back for a variety of reasons. I used the time gained to investigate some other corners of the internet, and some other issues, including 9/11. I had never devoted enough time to 9/11.

There is an opportunity cost to everything we do and pay attention to. Understanding is a process, a journey. We make mistakes, take detours, add data, then modify or firm up opinion as needed. One has to take risks to add value and move the personal and collective understanding closer to the TRUTH, which is the goal.

When a person who is honestly mistaken is confronted by the truth, that person either stops being mistaken or stops being honest. 911 University - College of Disinformation Recognition

The perpetrators of 9/11 have a different goal: to prevent discovery of the truth. They employ an army of minions to this end. They have many ways to encumber people. Sometimes it is obvious, and sometimes it is not. One can suspect but not be sure. It really comes down to seeing patterns over time.

In order to be good at Disinformation Recognition, it is very helpful to be good at Pattern Recognition, and necessary to be able to look at things differently. 911 University - College of Disinformation Recognition

By diverting our attention and wasting our time, they obscure the truth about 9/11.


Let's resurrect this old comment from Blammo:

Blammo said...

I'll only mention this because it is related to AP's post about cognitive infiltration. Lawson's videos are excellent, but as I recall, his position on 9/11 is that without a 'smoking gun' we cannot say that Israel did it, or was involved, and that said smoking gun does not exist. I can imagine his motives for this are not necessarily sinister, but I cannot say for certain either way. There are lines people are mentally unprepared to cross for whatever reason.

What if the smoking gun does exist and has been found? We suppose that would Change Everything, and important people could get on with the exceedingly important work of holding the perpetrators accountable.

Or would they? Maybe, if they were compromised, they would fail to notice the smoking gun. Maybe things would just get really weird.

The truth about 9/11 is stunningly clear.

The smoking gun does exist.

You can also read about it here, at Don Fox's blog.

From 911U

Having first recognized the vast energy surplus accompanying the destruction of the World Trade Center on 9/11, and having then connected the dots on the evidence that points to widespread molecular dissociation at ""Ground Zero"", we now consider the possibility of the simplest and thus most likely potential source of the form of energy capable of accomplishing that feat: fissionless fusion energy, released from multiple very-low-yield thermonuclear devices.

Read the rest of APea's fine post at Twelfth Bough - the reality-of-fakery last ditch effort


many thanks James

I appreciate the post, and it's good to be back. When I look at that pic and other pics of that day, the building exploding, I now remind myself -- they exploded it. It didn't "collapse." It wasn't "demolished." They exploded it with nuclear weapons. They blew it away, with the people in it. They used nuclear weapons in broad daylight, and they got away with it for 12 years and counting. Un-flipping-believable.

Blown away, literally

Yes, it is extraordinary, isn't it?

Here's a short video by Anthony Lawson that I found at Don Fox's site which makes the point that there isn't nearly enough material at the aptly named "ground zero" as there should be -

And at YouTube


Q: "What on earth happened to the twin towers?"
A: They were fitted up with tactical nuclear weapons and blown into molecular dissociation with temperatures hot enough to change matter into plasma.

As you pointed out to me yesterday, the question now is the methodology of fission or fusion. Per Don Fox, the elements found in the dust are byproducts of nuclear fission. 911U theorizes about fissionless fusion. So that is to be sorted but in any case, they have both established it as a nuclear event.

McJ's picture

Hi APea

Hi APea hello or goodbye . Great article, great research - as always! I never thought that building (as pictured) looked like it was collapsing. It always looked like an explosion to me. Not knowing much about the subject, I can't add anything of substance to what has already been said on your blog or at Kenny' I'm not going to try. It is good to see you back blogging. smiling

hi McJ!

Sorry I haven't checked in in a few days. Nice to see you too! It's good to be back in teh saddle.

Yes as I said somewhere if it looks like a duck, and it quacks like a duck, and it walks like a duck, it's a duck. And that's an explosion.

It's common sense really. The sad thing is that it's been known for years, like since 2005-ish people had figured it out. But it then got buried in the avalanche of disinfo and red herrings (and buried in search engines too). And to compound the problem, many intelligent people stayed away from analyzing 9/11, myself included, because of the obvious and plentiful disinfo, so that people did not want to get involved.

As far as I can tell, there are people like Tarpley who have done a lot of work focusing on the drills and implicating the US military, but not talking too much about the shitty little country; and then the VT crowd focuses on the shitty little country but not too much on the US military, so the two hands seem to work together to delay the truth of 9/11 as long as possible.

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You are right about the

You are right about the avalanche of disinfo, AP! It has certainly kept me from wading into the fray. I frankly don't know how you manage to find the time and the focus. But I sure appreciate that you do. smiling

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