When The "No-Fly Zone" Just Won't Fly

“US ready to implement no-fly zone in Syria: Pentagon” says the headline from the The Hindu's Business Line news and reported on at Penny For Your Thoughts. But it's never going to happen no matter how ready Gen. Dempsey may be. The US has much too much to lose if it took a bloody nose over it from Russia or, heaven forbid, Syria.

(One's going nowhere and the other's not budging)

The US has enjoyed and massively exploited its new status in the last twenty years as the world's only 'super power'. It has foisted trillions of dollars fresh from its printing press on the rest of the world and financed its massive military hardware with this confetti at the expense of the rest of the world. The US has managed to do this while trashing its own economy. The value behind the US dollar has been propped up by the fact that the world needs to buy these US dollars to be able to purchase precious oil from the oil producing countries. It has gotten away with it because it is simply 'the biggest'. The biggest bully, that is. The intimidation value of its military is massive and it wins concessions from every country on this small globe because of it. No one wants to cross it. So the rest of the world smiles while it is getting screwed and pretends to like this oaf. Resentment (and eventual payback) is inevitable.

The US has world pre-eminence through the perception of overwhelming military power. But if this perception of invincibility were to be shown to be false, even in a limited conflict, it would lose this all powerful image and with it a lot of its bargaining power in all sorts of negotiations including the imposition of its currency as the de facto world currency. All the US's fascist allies around the world, especially in the Middle East, would also lose a lot of their intimidatory power as well which would further weaken the US.

There's a lot at stake for the US. So it only militarily attacks those countries that it KNOWS it can totally squash.
"Every ten years or so, the United States needs to pick up some small crappy little country and throw it against the wall, just to show the world we mean business".

These famous words of the Neocon, Michael Ledeen, take on a deeper meaning once this essential vulnerability of the US is understood because the US's real power is the power of perception or the perception of power, if you like. If the perception changes, so does the power. It is imperative then that the US does nothing to jeopardise this perception and that means not going head to head with anyone who is committed to putting up a serious fight; especially Russia with their superior missile technology and their nuclear ICBMs counterbalancing the US's nuclear arsenal. The US only ever attacks countries who cannot effectively strike back. It only attacks countries where it has complete dominance of the skies.

What is true for the US is also true for israel because it, in turn, gets to bully its Middle East neighbours because of the US's constantly repeated refrain that it will back israel in its violent psychotic assaults on everyone around them.

With the defeat of NATO's and Israel's jihadists and paid mercenaries at Qusayr at the hands of the Syrian Army aided by Hezbollah fighters, israel's dreams of dominating the Middle East and its oil are fading fast. The dreams of israel's owners, the zionist bankers, owners also of the worlds major central banks and purveyors of generations of economic misery on the rest of us, are falling with them.

Things started going bad for these zionist bankers in 2006 with the israeli defence forces' (IDF's) defeat in southern Lebanon at the hands of Hezbollah, the Lebanese Shia militia. At the beginning of that campaign, Condoleezza Rice, was portraying the carnage reeked by israel on Lebanon as “the birth pangs of a New Middle East”. When the “New Middle East” proved to be still-born, Rice was fulsome in her derision of israel for its incompetence. Apart from her nomination for the Madeleine Albright Award for Humanitarianism, 2006 was not a good year for her nor, more importantly for us, for the target of her scathing abuse, israel. Israeli politicians and defence forces had succumbed to hubris from listening too often to their rabbis and from reading too many of their own press clippings. Power weaves its deceptive spell over those who wield it as well as over those who are oppressed by it.

Outraged at their defeat in 2006, the IDF managed somehow to refrain for two years from venting their spleen on the poor imprisoned Gazans until 2008. Over Christmas while the goyim were distracted with drinking and shopping, israel launched their Operation Cast Lead with its phosphorus bombs, amongst a multitude of other war crimes, on the trapped and defenceless Gazans. If 2006 was the tuning point in israel's military war, 2008 was the turning point in its propaganda war with the rest of the world. Israel's psychopathic disregard for all things human was nakedly on show for everyone to see. Cracks began to appear.

Later that same year, israel's owners, the bankers of Wall Street, unleashed the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) on an unsuspecting American public. They ruined many many people through taking down their investment and pension funds. They also stole trillions of dollars from present and future generations of American taxpayers through the so-called 'bank bailouts'. In spite of the wide scale financial destruction caused to many gentiles and the truly mammoth size of the plunder gained through derivative scams and the 'bail-outs', the 2008 GFC was not all good news for the jews in charge of the US's banking system and economy.

The GFC fell way short of it's intended goal, the introduction of the One World Currency (OWC) because other things weren't in place in time. To make matters worse, in the middle of this mayhem large sections of the public were becoming aware of the malevolent and parasitic force amongst them in spite of the media being in the hands of these same thieves. I think it reasonable to expect that this awakening included many military and business leaders in America. Things started getting out of hand.

The OWC was to be the noose around the neck of the world. Its introduction required an element of coercion. And that was to be oil. If oil was only available for purchase with the OWC, then everyone would be forced to acquire it to buy the essential oil supplies. But the jewish bankers did not control enough of the world's oil supply when the GFC hit. The GFC was years in the planning and gestation and it had its own timetable. Unfortunately for these same bankers, Hezbollah messed it all up in 2006 by defeating the IDF and thus foiling the plan to drag Syria into a war with israel and, in turn, dragging Iran into it too because Iran has a mutual defence pact with Syria. Iran and Syria would have suffered intense bombing campaigns from the US who would have targeted their oil infrastructures and taken their oil off the market.

That would have left Russia as the only remaining large oil supplier outside jewish control. I can only assume they thought Russia would be so cowed and isolated by that stage that it would go along with the worldwide sale of oil in the OWC denomination. Or there was some other plan to commandeer the Russian oil business once again. Whatever, it failed.

Israel and the bankers had their agents inside the Russian govt and bureaucratic apparatus, of course, and could rely on them for internal influence i.e. corruption, bribery and the odd disappearance. But whatever their machinations, Putin has ensured that the Russian oil industry remains in Russian control. He has also rebuilt the Russian military and, probably most importantly, given back to the Russians their sense of pride after suffering the abject indignities foisted on them by the jewish oligarchs of the Yeltsin era and the Western comprador class particularly in the US. Today, Putin and Russia are in no mood to be impinged on any further.

This simple single fact has hit home finally with the bankers and their govts of the US and israel. Putin has remained unmoved over his defence of Syria in the face of the US's implied threats and israel's unbelievable overt threats against Russia. He has called their bluff.

source (... and if it goes south, we wipe him like a dirty bum.
Yeah. Too easy, mate)

Netanyahoo and Obama had persuaded Erdogan of Turkey to launch a ground war against Syria. A happy time was had in Washington.

(Source)(You will back me, won't you?
Trust me, I'll be right behind you, mate)

Planning big plans.

(Yeah, mate. It'll be a doddle. New Ottoman Empire here we come, eh!)

But Erdogan returned to Turkey to find the Russians had naval fleets on both sides of Constantinople; one in front of it off their Mediterranean coast and one behind it in the Black Sea. And all of a sudden Obama is going vague on future plans and Erdogan rightly starts thinking the US will leave him high and dry just like they did to Saakasvilli in Georgia. Erdogan shelves his plans for war and arrests some NATO mercs with chemical weapons instead. Things started falling apart.

So what are the bankers to do now that Turkey is not going to do their dirty work and take their risks for them? What will they tell their bought and paid for govts to do? Going forward with a “no-fly zone” or worse, an armed invasion by the US would spell disaster for their perceived power image. But backing down to Russia will do almost as much damage to it. But there is a way, it seems, to drastically minimise the damage to their respective images while backing down. And that, as always, means manufacturing an entirely false narrative to overlay their actions and cover what they are actually doing; backing down. And it is unfolding now.

In the last week or so, we have had both Glenn Beck (see video) AND Chris Mathews (see video) deploring the fact that the US is heading for yet another war in Syria and urging people to protest against the govt. These two shills come from 'opposite sides' of the 'political divide' in the US. But they both work for jewish run media networks. The ground is being laid for 'popular pressure' to 'force' Obama to refrain from implementing a “no-fly zone” and overtly supplying heavy weapons to cannibals. So Obama saves some face and Netanyahoo can blame that Irish bastard Obama to his israeli electorate and save some face, too.

But some insurance would be nice; perhaps another outrage to absolutely 'force Obama's hand and show him to be a human after all' and not running away from a fight with Russia, at all, at all. So while General Dempsey is beating the war drum, the Australian govt is laying some ground work and announcing that Jabhat Al Nusra (of cannibal fame) is a terrorist organisation and not part of the Syrian Resistance. Next up, a grissly video appears of this same Al-Nusra group beheading two people in Syria. "US-backed Takfiri militants behead 2 Christians including priest in Homs" (H/T Leftwing-Christian)

But they are not beheading Muslims this time but Christians and one of them a priest, to boot! It is worth pondering for a moment on the inhuman cynicism behind this outrage which is designed to do just that; outrage the Christian west so they demand that their governments do not support these savages never mind going to war for them. "No Way, Chuckie!"

So the bankers have set up a smoke screen to beat a retreat from “no-fly zones” and “boots on the ground” while maintaining a belligerent attitude as exemplified by General Dempsey and, no doubt, by Netanyahoo shortly.

Where to next for them, though? Well, evil never rests. So while supplying heavier weapons (Stingers?) one way or another to prolong the destruction in Syria for as long as possible, I think we can expect all sorts of mayhem elsewhere. Maybe an israeli incursion into the Sinai or into poor hapless Gaza again. Maybe the Chechen rebels will be activated again. But whatever destruction they cause from now on, it won't change the fact that the bankers zionist dream of world domination through US and israeli military power and the bankers' money power is dead in the water. Russia has their measure and has called them. The lesson won't be lost on China, either.

Russia and China together with Brazil and other nations are moving away from using $US for trade and swapping their own currencies instead and demonstrating for themselves and the rest of the world the redundancy of a "world currency". It is simply not needed. There is a whole trade block being set up in opposition to the jewish western central bank system. The dominance of this banking system is coming down and all Putin (and the rest of the world) has to do is wait. It's over for the zionists. They've made too many enemies.

(Thanks to McJ for links and insights)


McJ's picture

Great job James!

Great analysis James, as always! Thanks.

I like the bully analogy. It helps to cut through all the bullshit narrative so you can see what is really happening.

"The US has world pre-eminence through the perception of overwhelming military power. But if this perception of invincibility were to be shown to be false, even in a limited conflict, it would lose this all powerful image and with it a lot of its bargaining power in all sorts of negotiations including the imposition of its currency as the de facto world currency. All the US's fascist allies around the world, especially in the Middle East, would also lose a lot of their intimidatory power as well which would further weaken the US."

In the case of the allies, it is like the kid in the schoolyard that always gets his way by threatening to have his big brother do his fighting for him. Stops working as soon as everyone finds out that big brother isn't going to do anything. smiling

I can well imagine how pissed the PIPs (psychopaths in power - love that one!) are at Putin and Russia. In that recent G8 conference interview with Cameron and Putin, Cameron looked like he was about to throw a tantrum because he was not getting his way. His comments at the time were basically incoherent. laughing out loud

Obama and Erdogan look like like they are about to have a big smooch in that picture. I imagine that was taken before Erdogan figured out they were about to throw him under the bus (or to the Russians). I don't have the link on hand but if I remember correctly Obama did some major backtracking on Erdogan's recent visit to Washington. And Obama basically told him, if you have a problem with Russia, we are not going to help you, you go talk to them and see if you can straighten things out.

It is good to see the evil ones get some road blocks thrown in their way but like you say they will continue with the death and destruction somewhere else (if not in Syria) because that is all they know.

"It is worth pondering for a moment on the inhuman cynicism behind this outrage...."

Indeed it is...psychopathic and truly evil...

Here is a link to the Glenn Beck clip you referenced in your post. I am not sure if you meant to link it.


Thanks, McJ. And thanks for the link smiling

bravo James

really excellent
I am going to link it over to the blog later today or tomorrow

This part

" I think we can expect all sorts of mayhem elsewhere. Maybe an israeli incursion into the Sinai or into poor hapless Gaza again. Maybe the Chechen rebels will be activated again"

I am absolutely expecting an incursion into the Sinai!!
It is coming.
Without a doubt


Thanks, Pen. Regarding Sinai, I can't help thinking of Putin's comment that eventually israel will find itself caught between two fires.

Those prophetic comments of

Those prophetic comments of Putin from more than a year ago via the somewhat kooky but very insightful Brother Nathanael


Hey James

Apologies for not getting this good work up I\\\\''m Sorry!

I feel badly, literally and physically.
Hubby brought home a lovely summer cold, just in time for the long weekend
He spent friday, saturday sick
he's better today and I am feeling ill

What, no feverish sort of green smiley?!

congested, achy the whole nine yards
It sucks cause I had hoped to hit one of the local wineries and lunch out
Needless to say, it didn't happen
Hopefully tomorrow will be better and i will get to it

Get well!

Sorry to hear about you and yours illness, Pen. Get well soon smiling

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Army declares state of emergency in Sinai

Looks like you were spot on Penny and James.

I haven't been following the news very closely this last while (been busy with family events) however, it appears to me the focus has come off of Syria and squarely onto Egypt. I read the other day Putin warned that Egypt is on the brink of a civil war. Unlike the manufactured (for the western boob tube audiences) civil war in Syria they are creating the real deal in Egypt.

"The attack in al-Arish, around 40 miles (60km) south of the Gaza border, was sustained and intense, security officials said. One person was killed and several others wounded. The attackers are not yet known, and the Sinai has in recent months become an increasingly important theatre for jihadist groups. "

I have a google alert set for tension in the Sinai and violent events are happening there every day. Unknown attackers just blew up the pipeline to Jordan for the 10th time, I believe, which caused a spike in gas prices here in Canada. I remember when I was live blogging the first uprising in Egpyt they blew up that pipeline and it looked like an Israeli invasion (to protect themselves of course!) into the Sinai was iminent. Then something went wrong (they didn't get the go ahead from the Americans?) and all the build up was dropped like a hot potatoe from the news.

I don't have the link but didn't the US military move special forces into the area a few months ago? Considering, is it safe to assume we have the familiar actors from Moe Sad and J Sock etc. whipping up a pretense for Israel to move into the Sinai? And considering the Egyptian military is the servant of the US/Israel will they be helping the drama along (making sure Hamas, MB, islamic Jihadists, al CIA Duh affiliates, Bedouins, Copts vs Muslims, the bogeyman etc. take the blame).

I will add some links here as I track them down. smiling


Egypt: Gas Line Bombed

Islamists Say They Attacked Eliat
Some new group with an impossibly long name supposedly linked to Al CIA Duh alledgely lobbed a couple of rockets at Eliat. Israeli security forces can't find any evidence of the attack but some residents in Eliat did hear a couple of loud noises.

YNet develops the storyline...

"Gaza terrorists infiltrate Sinai
Dozens of terrorists affiliated with Muslim Brotherhood head to Sinai, take part in assaults on Egyptian army posts. Egypt authorities scramble to seal off smuggling tunnels.
The official told the London-based Al-Hayat newspaper that Egyptian authorities have observed the entry of 150 Izz al-Din al-Qassam operatives into Sinai via the tunnels. "They were wearing uniforms associated with the military police before joining Jihadists in Sinai," he said."

Well, that is convenient, I wonder where they got the uniforms? I guess they must have stolen them from the military police in one of their raids then smuggled them thru the tunnels into Gaza for their guys to wear on the way back, eh? Any chance it was special forces within the Egyptian military (with easy access to those uniforms) carrying out the attacks? Nah....

Then again they may just be making shit up....who knows?


Thanks for the update and links, McJ. Yes, the US has moved special forces into the Sinai. Amazing!

It was pretty predictable wasn't it? When a bully like israel (and the US for that matter) gets frustrated in not being able to beat up on their preferred victim, well, they just go to plan B and beat up on the next available. That being egypt and Sinai is the long hoped for prize.

Anyone wearing a uniform in a covert/terror war is a 'turncoat' i.e. it's a ploy, a deceit. So I reckon you're right, McJ.

"The attackers are not yet known, and the Sinai has in recent months become an increasingly important theatre for jihadist groups. "

And courtesy of the conflict in Syria, it is now beyond dispute who controls the 'jihadists'.

So many lies to create a war. If israel do invade, they would need for the Egyptian military to have their hands full with a civil war. It could change some minds in the Egyptian military over their allegiance to that shitty little country after it becomes plain that they have been had bigtime.

"Caught between two fires" comes to mind again.

McJ's picture

Right on cue!

Hahaha - right on cue ZBig explains it for us.!! rolling on the floor laughing

The Syrian crisis is actually the fault of "Saudi Arabia, Qatar and their western allies".
Who f**kin knew it was those guys who masterminded this - no mention of Israel's starring role and the US, well...they were mostly clueless about it all, busy making bad, unexplainable policy decisions. And what allies does he mean? France and Britian?

And he can't figure out who decided on this "sudden" plan of American intervention and without even trying to explain it to the plebs! - much better plan to work with the Russian and Chinese and find a peaceful solution excellent!


The former US national security adviser says the ongoing crisis in Syria has been orchestrated by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and their western allies.

“In late 2011 there are outbreaks in Syria produced by a drought and abetted by two well-known autocracies in the Middle East: Qatar and Saudi Arabia,” Zbigniew Brzezinski said in an interview with The National Interest on June 24.

He added that US President Barack Obama also supported the unrest in Syria and suddenly announced that President Bashar al-Assad “has to go -- without, apparently, any real preparation for making that happen.”

Then in the spring of 2012, the election year here, the CIA under General Petraeus, according to The New York Times of March 24th of this year, a very revealing article, mounts a large-scale effort to assist the Qataris and the Saudis and link them somehow with the Turks in that effort,” said Brzezinski, who was former White House national security adviser under Jimmy Carter and now a counselor and trustee at the Center for Strategic and International Studies and a senior research professor at the School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University.

Criticizing the Obama administration’s policies regarding Syria, he questioned, “Was this a strategic position? Why did we all of a sudden decide that Syria had to be destabilized and its government overthrown? Had it ever been explained to the American people? Then in the latter part of 2012, especially after the elections, the tide of conflict turns somewhat against the rebels. And it becomes clear that not all of those rebels are all that ‘democratic.’ And so the whole policy begins to be reconsidered.”

“I think these things need to be clarified so that one can have a more insightful understanding of what exactly US policy was aiming at,” Brzezinski added.

He also called on US officials to push much more urgently to draw in China, Russia and other regional powers to reach some kind of peaceful end to the Syrian crisis."

What a slimeball

Brzezinski looks like the Grim Reaper, McJ!

Maybe he's been following the 'Steve Jobs Cookbook'

“I think these things need to be clarified so that one can have a more insightful understanding of what exactly US policy was aiming at,” Brzezinski added.

I think that would be refreshing coming from him.

he really does look like the devil

Can you see it?
Horns in the forehead
Long ragged fingernails
blood dripping from his lips from the consumption of human flesh
This man is an f'n abomination on the human race
So, he is actually blaming SA and Qatar as if they do anything other then serve Israel and the US?

McJ's picture

Ha! Penny, I had almost that

Ha! Penny, I had almost that same image of him - the horns and everything. smiling

McJ's picture

He kinda looks like this guy. :)

He kinda looks like this guy. smiling

 photo star-wars-emperor-HD-Wallpapers.jpg

(No subject)


McJ's picture

You're right

You're right! He does and he is ( a slimeball that is.). laughing out loud And hahahaha on the Steve Jobs quip. Good one! excellent!

Hi McJ

hello or goodbye

McJ's picture

Hello back Penny

hello or goodbye

He is pushing..

that lead from behind baloney
You know the reluctant US..
Having to step in even though it doesn't want to?
It's stale

Profound video

"Grace and Me: A Forbidden Tale of War"


H/T to Richard Edmondson and Larry Shook, a most courageous man

Kenny also adds some comments

Putin on missiles

Here is a very short video on Putin saying success is measured by the missiles that aren't fired. Quite a sane contrast to the leaders that never tire of saying, "all options are on the table".

McJ's picture

Hariri blames Israel for terrorist attack

" Former Prime Minister Saad Hariri blamed Israel Tuesday for the "terrorist explosion" that rocked Beirut's southern suburbs and accused the country of trying to provoke Sunni-Shiite strife in Lebanon.

"[The blast] requires the highest level of awareness and vigilance in the face of dangers that surround the country and the entire region, especially while facing attempts by the Israeli enemy to push [Lebanon] to strife by organizing terrorist attacks, as happened today," Hariri said in a statement.

"After of terrible criminal scene that Beirut's southern suburbs witnessed, the Lebanese can only express indignation and condemnation of the crime that targeted one of the most populated neighborhoods," the statement said.

A car bomb explosion ripped through the Beirut's southern suburb neighborhood of Bir al-Abed, a pro-Hezbollah area, wounded dozens of people. "

Of rats and israel

And this coming from an ally of israel's! The rats are leaving. There is a change on the wind. Israel (the US) are not being perceived as all powerful any more.

admin's picture

speaking of rats and israel

hat tip to big dan,
NSA spying never catches Israelis - Why not?
"My verdict? No leaker who has had access to the mother-load of dirty Intel laundry on numerous selected countries, and who never releases any on Israel, is for real. They are an operator. Why? Because busting open the Israeli espionage cover-up is the story of a lifetime."


That is an excellent article, NJT. One of those 'aha' ones.

"Assange, and now Snowden, are just side shows...burning up the public attention time clock that could have been much better spent going after the really dangerous threats. You cannot involve the Israelis in anything and have any security. The two are mutually exclusive." .......

......."All of these countries, their elite class, deem their own people to be their number one threat. And the Israeli Lobby operators are stuck to the elites like glue, promising to protect them when the dark times come...that they will be OK if they are with the right group. "

Top article!

McJ's picture

Linkie please?

Linkie please?

McJ's picture


Thanks. I missed NJT's comment above where the link was. sticking out tongue

McJ's picture

Russian military stages biggest war games since Soviet times

Russian military stages biggest war games since Soviet times

160,000 servicemen, 1000 tanks, 130 planes and 70 ships are taking part in Russia’s biggest military drill since Soviet times. The war games will continue in the country’s Far East until July 20.

The maneuvers are the latest in series of surprise military checks which performed by Russia, in an effort to reveal and oust flaws in the country’s defense program.   

Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu received an order to test the battle readiness of the Eastern command, which unites military forces in the Far East and Trans-Baikal. The request was received from President Vladimir Putin at 01:00 local time (21:00 GMT) on Saturday, July 13.

Following the order, 160,000 servicemen were put on high alert and began advancing toward the training sites.
According to the Defense Ministry, around 1,000 tanks and armored vehicles, 130 planes and helicopters, and 70 ships are taking part in the war games.

Military commanders in the Far East and Trans-Baikal learned of the drill’s details only after it had begun, receiving a secret parcel from Defense Minister Shoygu.

“The main purpose of the activities is to check the readiness of the military units to perform assigned tasks and evaluate of the level of personnel’s training and technical preparation as well as the level of equipment of units with arms and military equipment,” the defense ministry said in statement.  

The statement noted that the drill would require some units to travel more than 3,000 kilometers from their usual deployment sites. Seven hundred flat wagons and 50 railway cars were assigned to perform the transfer.

The ground forces have been given two days to reach their destination. They have been tasked with pitching field camps, masking their positions, and organizing defense strategies upon arrival."

McJ's picture

Chinese navy takes part in Russian war games

China naval fleet seen off northern Japan

"A Chinese naval fleet was Sunday spotted sailing for the first time through an international strait between northern Japan and Russia's far east, the Japanese defence ministry said.

The two missile destroyers, two frigates and a supply ship passed through the Soya Strait from the Sea of Japan to the Sea of Okhotsk early Sunday, the ministry said.

The channel, also known as La Perouse, separates the Russian island of Sakhalin and the northernmost Japanese island of Hokkaido.

The five ships took part in joint naval exercises with Russia from July 5-12 off Vladivostok.

Two other Chinese naval ships which also took part in the drills were seen moving into the East China Sea on Saturday.

The purpose of the Chinese fleet's passage through the Soya Strait is not known, Kyodo news agency quoted a ministry official as saying.

On Saturday a fleet of 16 Russian naval ships was seen moving through the Soya Strait into the Sea of Okhotsk, the ministry said.

China and Russia held the joint naval exercises -- their second such drill -- amid regional concerns about China's growing maritime power.

Tensions have been growing over China's island disputes with Japan and other neighbours.

Chinese government surveillance ships have frequently approached the Tokyo-controlled Senkaku islands in the East China Sea, which are also claimed by China as the Diaoyus, since Japan nationalised some of them last September.

Chinese army chief of general staff General Fang Fenghui earlier said the joint drills were "not targeting any third party", according to the official Chinese Xinhua news agency."


Well, the morons in the White house can't say they weren't warned.

Putin, being a career KGB officer, would have a far better idea than Obama (or any of the neocons) of what is needed militarily in a confrontation and a far better idea of the military consequences of any moves for political posturing. So the White House is much more likely to fuck up than the Kremlin.

McJ's picture

Chinese military precision marching

Chinese military precision marching - scary yet fascinating to watch - kinda like a robot army 'borg' thing. Gotta love the guy flashing the peace sign at the end. banging head against wall

McJ's picture

Putin to offer advanced antimissiles to Iran

Putin to offer advanced antimissiles to soothe Iran’s S-300 grudge – report

"Russia is offering Iran to purchase S-300VM Antey-2500 air defense systems, according to defense industry sources. It’s a cousin of the S-300 long-range surface-to-air missile family. S-300s were developed for the Soviet air defense forces, but the ground forces, an organizationally distinct branch of the army, wanted a similar system tailored for their own needs. On their order the S-300V was developed and later upgraded to the better S-300VM version.

Kommersant first reported that S-300VMs may be offered to Iran last month, citing anonymous sources. The move is meant to convince Tehran to revoke its complaint against Russia over the canceled deal to deliver five batteries of S-300 antimissiles, which was signed in 2007 but scrapped in 2010 when then-Russian President Dmitry Medvedev signed a law limiting Russia’s military cooperation with Iran.

The scrapped deal was worth an estimated $800 million. After it was canceled, Tehran sought damages and filed a lawsuit with an international arbitrage in Geneva, demanding $4 billion in compensation.

Russia is not planning to revoke the 2010 decree which put an end to the deal and came following a UN Security Council resolution issuing sanctions against Iran over its nuclear program. But the S-300VM systems are not listed among the weapons banned from sales to Iran and...not subject to the decree."


"An S-300VM battery is capable of taking down both aerial targets moving as fast as 4,500kph, tracking and engaging up to 24 aircraft or up to 16 ballistic missiles simultaneously. It has a range of up to 200km for aircraft and up to 40km for ballistic missiles. It takes no more than 6 minutes for a trained crew to deploy the system from travel position to combat position.

The system is cleared for international export. Russia sold two S-300VM batteries to Venezuela in April this year, which was the first deal fort [sic] the hardware."


I'm glad Iran is getting these missiles. Even though the US is not about to attack Iran for fear of getting more than they can handle and israel cannot attack Iran on its own, these S-300 missiles are good insurance.

What a world of difference between Medvedev and Putin! I wonder where the people who pushed Medvedev into signing that deal are now? Israel maybe?

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