But, but, ..... but you promised!!!

A mercenary in Syria squealing to his employers about the plight that he has brought down on himself.

The moron should have asked about the character of the people he was going to work for before he signed the deal. Never, never make a deal with liars. Will they ever learn ....? Then again, we keep voting every election. Same same, I guess.

Speaking of liars, he sounds very much like another group in the Middle East when he asks for help from the group he's squealing about and calling 'traitors' at the same time!! It's the same pre-adolescent illogic we are so used to hearing here in the west from zionists.


H/T Left-wing Christian


So can we use foul

So can we use foul language?
Ok, I won't. Even though I feel like it
The scum named all of his collaborators. and he didn't mention the Syrian people?
Notice that?
SA, Qatar. The other name that won't come to me. The traitors to the Lebanese in Lebanon. Those who are more loyal to their Israeli masters
Scummy General Idriss, who the US claims is a moderate..
But he did not mention the syrian people or freedom

To the mercs.. take a hint and go home
The syrians don't want you in their country
Go back and bring your justice to your own tyrannts
sick f'n bastards

So psychopathic

Excellent point, Pen. Perpetrators always squeal claiming they are victims when caught in a jam. The trouble with this strategy is that real victims don't squeal. So they out themselves.

It's always about how they are not to blame and that everyone else is and never a sympathetic word for the victims. I guess that's why he sounds so much like an israeli.

my bad, i lied but i

my bad, i lied
but i abbreviated it

Spiritual Renewal

It's OK, Pen. I used to be a catholic so I know how this works. All you have to do is confess your sin to an authorised representative or franchisee of our 'Penance for Profit' organisation (which you have just done) and you're good to go . . . . . and do it again smiling

(a small donation [suggest 3 or 4 figures] to help with our bishop's ongoing legal fees over a few unfortunate indiscretions would be most acceptable)

Niagara Falls ;-(

OMG if they cry this much over Qusayr... their wailing about Aleppo will be heard from miles away!!!
Looking forward to it, will be like music in my ears. DIE FSA DIE! DIE JN! Allah Suriya Bashaar!

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