Defense Against Psychopaths

Here is another excellent video regarding different types of psychopaths and their modus operandi. This time a little shorter - 38 mins

And here is a link to a pdf of the transcript


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Thanks for posting this James

I enjoyed the video, unfortunately I imagine this understanding will come in handy!


You're welcome, and good point. It has been said many times that mankind doesn't have a natural predator in world except himself. But that it not entirely true. A better understanding is that we do have a predator and it is the psychopaths. How 'natural' they are is another question.

Given that this internal enemy is largely unseen by mankind, I think we have done amazingly well to survive as a species. Imagine any other species on this planet surviving for thousands of years against a predator they cannot see and who controls their environment!

Considering that, once we become adept at identifying them, I think we will quickly go from 'surviving' to 'thriving'. Which is a happy thought smiling

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