European Crisis Explained

The essential problem is made very clear and all in under three minutes


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Clarke and Dawe

Thanks James..
I LOVE these guys..
They make my Thursday nights..
and are so succinct..and right on the Money (no pun intended smiling
Thanks for putting this up...
Cheers A13 rolling on the floor laughing

no worries, A13

yes, they have a gift for spotlighting the lunacy smiling And there's no shortage of it to choose from

bloody Kiwi's !

bloody Kiwi's !


yes, they are certainly good for a laugh laughing out loud

Do you remember Fred Dagg, Mick?

Hiding Problems in Plain View

These two clowns are Australians, and as far as I am able to tell, are just part of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, which is but the propaganda arm of the Australian Government, the members of which, with a few exceptions, have long ago been absorbed by the Globalist Borg.

Notice that even in this parody, they fail to expose the source of the problem, which is no accident. They talk about "economies," rather than the architects, the Money Mafia behind the debt scam.

Comedians as economists

Well it makes a break from economists as comedians, cb.

Antipodean humour is an acquired taste, I'll grant you. And it takes a certain mindset, too, to appreciate it. So no offence taken.

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