One from the google feed: ISRAEL’S FAVORITE PSYOP JUST WON’T DIE

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From Veterans Today

“…The arrogance of the Wiki-Hydra is astounding in its enormity. It is now protected by the century-old gang of thugs, mass murderers and mob lawyers known as the ADL..”
Veterans Today Exclusive
by Jonathan Azaziah STAFF WRITER
The hydra is a mythical multi-headed beast that regenerates a head (two heads at a time in certain instances) whenever one is severed. Israel’s Wikileaks intelligence operation is the physical embodiment of this slimy, slithery, fictional creature.
Exposed by Anthony Lawson. Utterly destroyed by Veterans Today Senior Editor Gordon Duff. Slammed by Dr. Alan Sabrosky. Blasted by Jeff Gates. Shredded by Susan Abulhawa. Beat up by the Empire Strikes Black blog. Demolished by American Everyman owner Scott Creighton. Pierced by Lila Rajiva. And picked apart piece by piece in a thorough, exhaustive debunking by this author, still, Wikileaks just won’t go away.
The cat was out of the bag from the very beginning, with it being touted by one of the Zionist media’s top assets, TIME Magazine. In an even more flagrant display from the Zionist criminal network, Wikileaks received top billing from puppet president Obama’s information Czar, the originator of cyber COINTELPRO, Cass Sunstein. more...


great catch!

Thanks for posting this ... and for keeping things going in my absence.

One of the greatest, saddest ironies of "our way of life", it seems to me, is the number and nature of lies which prove to be absolutely impervious to the truth.

For instance ...

During the late 60s and early 70s we all knew that the Gulf of Tonkin "incident" was a hoax, and that Vietnam had never attacked the US, but the war in Vietnam kept raging.

Even before the invasion of Iraq, we knew Iraq had no WMD, and over the years we have found out that every other reason given to "justify" that war is false, yet that war keeps raging.

We know the official story of 9/11 is false, and yet all the "reactions" to that "terrorist attack" remain in place -- and keep growing.

We know that most if not all of the "terrorist plots" that we read about from time to time are actually about knuckleheads entrapped into incriminating themselves with maniacally impossible "plots" masterminded by intelligence "assets", and yet ...

Meanwhile, people still say "If 9/11 was something other than we were told it was, that would be the story of the century. They give Pulitzer Prizes for stuff like that. So to believe that the world's media would be colluding to suppress such a story ... it's just not plausible." Implying that you'd have to be insane to think such a thing.

Historically speaking ...

John Kennedy had Addison's Disease, and that was kept quiet for political reasons until after his death. (In fact one of the items of focus of his autopsy was an examination of his adrenal glands, for signs of the disease. That's utterly fantastic to consider, in light of the fact that the doctor doing autopsy couldn't even figure out where the bullets had gone, or how the fragments of the Presiden't skull could be put back together. But I digress.)

Dwight Eisenhower had a heart attack while in office, and that was kept quiet for political reasons. (No reporter, no editor in the world would dare to publish the fact that Ike was in the hospital and Nixon was not quite in charge but literally a heartbeat away from the presidency.)

Franklin Roosevelt was crippled by polio and confined to a wheelchair, and that was kept quiet -- even though it could be seen by anyone with eyes. But the photographers and editors of the world's press we convinced (in one fashion or another) that such information was not suited for publication, and that was that.

Therefore ...

The idea that the media could be in collusion to present fact as fiction, and fiction as fact, is not only completely plausible, but it has a long and distinguished track record.

Whenever we get a media blitz led by three huge newspapers in three different countries, trumpeted by Time magazine, and fronted by a guy who says he's not concerned about 9/11 but prefers to focus on "real conspiracies", and who also says he's not "against" war but only trying to expose "the excesses" of war, what's to think?

"Here comes the Truth"???

... er ... maybe not!

But ...

To think otherwise, you have to have a strong, independent mind, and possibly also a support group.

Cheers to the support group, and thanks again for all the good stuff posted here.

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Hi Winter

Thanks very much for your kind words.
The idea that the media could be in collusion to present fact as fiction, and fiction as fact, is not only completely plausible, but it has a long and distinguished track record.
remarkable, isn't it? that anyone can doubt it.

I hope you're doing much better, and rejoin us more regularly soon!

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