'Better Than Doyle': Camouflage In The JFK Assassination Would Have Fooled Sherlock

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Until now.

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what else is there to say

they did it, we know it. they did a lot of other nasty stuff since then and they're still doing it and nobody seems able or willing to stop them. but i'm glad to be in the light as it were, thanks WP.

Much to think about

WP - enjoyed your shining some light on JFKs murder.

Imagine the many different reasons for his assasination.
1) Bobby Kennedy's DOJ had rubbed too many mobsters the wrong way
and JFK's dad had probably used them to get him elected.
2) JFK's threat to shatter the CIA into a thousand pieces after the ruinous
Bay of Pigs fiasco.
3) The reputed move away from the Fed to print money - interest free.
4) Denying Israel entrance to the nuclear club.
5) Ari Onassis wanted him out of the way to get Jackie ( maybe a longshot - no pun intended )

Poirot at the end of Murder on the Orient Express was faced with a train car full of varied
conspirators. I expect when Jack Kennedy was gunned down on a Dallas street there
were a lot of fingers behind the fingers that pulled the triggers.

Keep at it Sherlock !


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