The Betrayed - The Armenian Genocide Documentary

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The Betrayed: (Armenian Genocide documentary)
42:56 - 2 years ago
Full BBC documentary on the Armenian Genocide

"In a special Correspondent to coincide with Holocaust memorial week, Fergal Keane investigates how a terrible slaughter, three quarters of a century ago, has returned to haunt the relationship between Turkey and its western allies. For decades the Armenian people have campaigned to have the killings of hundreds of thousands of their forefathers in Ottoman Turkey in 1915 recognised as genocide. But there has been an equally determined campaign by Turkey to deny genocide with threats of reprisals against any country which uses the word to describe the slaughter. Now as the United States steps up its efforts to win Ankara's support in any conflict with Iraq Correspondent reveals new Turkish pressures. Threats to withdraw military bases have forced the American Congress to abandon legislation which would have used the all important term, "genocide". The programme also discloses how President George W Bush and his predecessor Bill Clinton both broke promises to the Armenian community that they would recognise genocide. Talking to Armenian survivors, Turkish officials and key political figures in the United States Correspondent investigates a story of terrible slaughter, political intrigue and a people betrayed."

MP3 Audio File of this documentary at link:

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I added this documentary on the Armenian Genocide. I also converted the video to an audio file which I linked to. Is there a way to embed the audio file? I took the embed code from the Media Fire site but it only links and does not embed.

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