Message From Guantanamo: "America is Double Hetler in unjustice"

That's what the sign said.

Please read all about it here and/or comment below.


Making sure Justice is blind...

Small things can be dangerous to despots.
A tired woman refuses to get out of her seat on a Birmingham bus and the nation is pushed toward civility.
This is one reason the bloody parasites running the show keep such a tight grip grip upon what the "news" might be.
A puppy falls down a street drain and it becomes national news.
Thousands are deformed by uranium weapons and it does not even make the back pages.
I hope for a surprise one of these days, where an unlooked for event turns popular imagination to real action.
I am no advocate of violence, if violence were the solution, the world would now be a paradise.
I do look for a surprise.


It was Montgomery, Alabama. Rosa Parks. Here's the surprise. Rosa Parks was not the first.

The first was a fifteen year old pregnant girl. Apparently that wasn't good for the PR.

Child torture

Men, women and children are tortured at Guantanamo.

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