Too Obvious To Mention: Obama-Era Lies Protect Bush-Era Crimes

Our new transformative president Obama's decision to fight a court order requiring the release of photos depicting the well-documented abuse of detainees at Abu Ghraib -- while entirely in character for this transformative new administration -- is being widely described as shameful enough on its own, let alone for a president who portrayed himself as a champion of transparency and accountability in government.

But then again Obama was once a candidate and now he's a president.

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Same old lines, same tragic play.

" ...but also because the rest of us have no means by which to change the vicious and corrupt system."
There's the rub!
When I was a young child, I was able to give up the Easter Bunny and other marketing tools without too much trauma.
As an adult, it was a long hard climb to see that the redwhiteandblue was a scam, that all the nonsense about representative democracy was fluff, designed to pacify those willing to participate in the cycle of elections, designed to encourage "mature" compromise and all the other sour owl shit they pass off as "freedom".
I do not advocate any particular actions, I do call for knowledge about the nature of the problem. Any direction must be based upon an understanding of the puzzle, and how best to shine a light in the darkness.
Good article, Winter!

Shine a light!

I agree with Don on the need for understanding, shining a light on it and on Winter raising good points.
Perhaps if we saw the photos we would better understand the fight to keep them hidden.

Winter wrote, - "But here's

Winter wrote, - "But here's the rub: what would happen if Americans knew a bit more about what went on during the Bush administration?
Not much, probably."

I agree. But what if the Obuma administration wants to keep doing the same things? (Which they do).
What if the soldiers doing the same get the message that their gummint wont go in to bat for them should the truth leak out?
What if prospective recruits think, "Do I really want to put myself in this picture?"
And more importantly, what if prospective recruits' mothers think, "Do I want to see my son in these pictures?"

Herein lies the rub also. All the lies and propaganda are aimed at the mothers and sons (and daughters now); the home front. Why? Because they need fresh soldiers to keep the chaos going. That's their achille's heel. Stop the supply and you go a long way to stopping the war. No fighters; no war. That's the message from the Vietnam War.

I suggest the way to go about it is to target the prospective recruits with information (and pictures!), particularly info on the inevitability, indeed certainty, of them being poisoned by depleted uranium and its effects including painful and early death. The other thing that could (should) be done is to provide alternatives to military service for them.

Shine a light!

Okay, so I guess I'm there.

I like beads and rocks. I guess I'll get my water filter in order.

Distilled, anyone?

No worries.

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