Israeli Airstrikes Kill Hundreds In Gaza

After months of a sickeningly brutal blockade, in which more than a million people have been deprived of life's essentials, the blockaders have escalated the "conflict".

The first wave of "retaliation" was a series of airstrikes in which -- according to reports -- 60 warplanes attacked 50 targets, killing more than 200 people and injuring at least 400 others.

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Pure, simple genocide

How much longer can the "civilized world" continue to turn a collective blind eye to the brutal agony the Zionists are inflicting on the repeatedly wronged Palestinians? Of all the people in the world, the Israelis should realize that genocide isn't just uncool, it's an unspeakable sin. "Never again!" apparently had a far different meaning than what we had been led to believe. I weep for our Palestinian brethren, and I pray for divine intervention, if that's what it takes, to stop the genocidal maniacs who are running and supporting Israel.


I'm with you Bob. I would say though, that the "never again" ideology holds precisely the extremism that leads to today's genocide. Don't they talk about the Holocaust every time someone criticizes these guys ? Yes they do.

To put it provocatively, Israelis are the children of the Nazis. Regardless of all the revolutionariness of their beginnings (much like America by the way), the Holocaust was a much greater influence on them than anything else, and still is today. Louis Proyect excerpted a pretty disgusting quote from their holy scripture, the Halakhah, and makes the link with the racism from Israel:

"The Halakhah, which of course predates the formation of the state of Israel, had laws which fit neatly into the exclusionary policies of the Jewish state. It states:

When the Jews are more powerful than the Gentiles we are forbidden to let an idolator among us; even a temporary resident or itinerant trader shall not be allowed to pass through our land unless he accepts the seven Noahide precepts, for it is written: they shall not dwell in thy land, that is, even temporarily.

Jewish ideology is not emancipatory. It is shot through with strictures such as the ones above. When Jews were poor and powerless living in the shtetls of Eastern Europe, the Halakhah had little impact on the conduct of their daily lives of Gentiles. In Israel today, the Jewish state has a modern army and air force and is backed to the hilt by US imperialism and can put the poisonous strictures of the Halakhah into practice."

Yeah, "Never again, to

Yeah, "Never again, to us."

WP, should it be "Airstrikes Kill..."?



And so Why?

Why am I speaking?

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Worser and Worser

It just keeps getting worser and worser. I'm not surprised, and neither should anyone else be. We were all well aware of dumbaya's acumen as an MBA management dude. But my astonishment is continuing apace, nay, snowballing, of late. Lotta really bad shit already gone down, with lots more to come. And the army's drawing up contingency plans to leap in and...

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...and may the year 2009 AD (what an absurd starting point, purely the result of the onset of written history - wonder what event prior to that might have been more significant, especially considering how small the world's population must have been back then - as Casey Stengel, or was it Yogi Berra, woulda said, "You could Google it!") treat us, each and every one, more kindly and gently.

Although, curiously, she seems to have a thing

for Saddam Hussein.

This is where hearts divide, in my book.

Yes, well, batten down the

Yes, well,

batten down the hatches, boys.

It WILL be a bumpy ride.

Shock and awe

Israel has a better production operation and better marketing. They source bombs better and they market their use better.

On the update link WP provides, the columnist refers to "SHOCK AND AWE" strikes. Well, fuck off. Just take your MBA, your neck-deep bullshit, and fuck off. Next time Germany gets pissed, I'm not so sure we'll be sending our kids to save Israeli lives.

But I'm sure they've already calculated this risk clickety clickety.

I hate to hear myself talk like this but what the hell.

tsiageya, are you sure layla

tsiageya, are you sure layla anwar's fondness for Saddam Hussein isn't merely a statement of relativity or comparison, by which she's saying she'd prefer Iraq under Hussein to the present puppet-/client-state of the USA?

Well, I just don't know, Anon.

Could be. I'm not much sure of anything. But she did also write this which I can agree with and expand upon---not being an Arab woman and all. Just a woman.

Then there's this, of course...

My best guess is that Israel and the U.S. are fucked.

Fuckity, fuck, fuck, fucked.

One can only assume

that this is NOT desertion.

One must trust. Always.



Good site, horrible sight.

The pictures at the-other-side bring home the reality graphically of the numbers.

On a linked blog to the-other-side is a good pic of what WP warns us about Obama.

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A picture says a thousand words

They say a picture says a thousand words.
That was good!

"I set it down,
That one may smile, and smile, and be a villain..." -- Shakespeare, Hamlet, I, v


Someone has a gauge to measure all this stuff? Good/evil? love/hate? freedom/slavery? warm/cold.

I thought it was I, who was the judge.

I'm so very tired of

I'm so very tired of pictures....and words.

Dear Winter Patriot,

(Yet words and pictures I must use...)

I am vitally curious about what you might think about this (sorry, the code is too hard for me):

I'm not really sure I want to actually know what you think, to tell you the truth. (Yes I do, but I'm scared.)

I think I can "guess" what you might think, and I'm scared I would agree. Then I would be sad all over again. Sigh.

It's very difficult for me to ever think badly about Bill. I just can't do it.

And yet...

Just that quickly,

I made up my mind that Bill Moyers is nothing but an opportunistic, mealy-mouthed patsy boy, just like his newest resident-in-chief.

Whew! Not sad.

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