Double Cover: Behind The Mumbai Terror Attacks / [5] Lining Up The Suspects

Previously in this series, I explained how we know that last month's attacks in Mumbai, India, were a well-coordinated false-flag commando raid, and I wrote:

"In reality-based situations [...] the analysis of such a horrible crime would begin with the known facts, and it would proceed in a systematic fashion, from the knowns to the unknowns."

We could turn to stone waiting for mainstream analysts to do this, so we may as well do it ourselves.

You can read the rest here and/or comment below.


Nice job. I always liked

Nice job. I always liked this analytical aspect of yours. I look forward to what's next.

the weapons

I guess this falls under the P2OG (?): some of the weapons found later were only issued to our special forces, and I thought I read somewhere Navy in particular. (To narrow the list down.)

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