Rashid Rauf's Family Says Reports Of His Death By US Air Strike Are False

Family members of Rashid Rauf are disputing the widely-reported claim that he was killed in a US missile strike in Pakistan on Saturday, and it would be altogether fitting and proper if they were correct. None of the other news that has been widely reported about Rashid Rauf and the so-called "Liquid Bombers" has stood up to serious scrutiny, either. Rarely if ever in human history has more been done with less.

You can read the whole piece here, and/or comment below.


Bob in Prague's picture

Rashid Rauf and the Liquid

Rashid Rauf and the Liquid Bombers - great name for a rock band! :Cool

the war should end soon

I read the bible and attend church regularly. I honestly am not sure if any conflict can be seen as glorious. Hopefully this current conflict in the middle east will end soon.

it's sarcasm.

In the phrase "Glorious War On Terror", the word "glorious" is meant as sarcasm.

Very sorry if that confused you.

And I agree it would be good if this war ended soon ... but that's not gonna happen.

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