The Biggest Lie Of All

I happened to be walking through the living room while my wife was watching Laura Bush address the Republican National Convention, and I actually heard the First Lady say this:
George is using America's influence to lift up lives around the world. Millions of children are protected from malaria by mosquito nets the American people provide. In Afghanistan and Iraq, 50 million people are now living in freedom. And let's not forget President Bush has kept the American people safe.
Four simple clear sentences punctuated by lots of applause. Let's look more closely, shall we?
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They can help lift him and these traitors up to the gallows smiling
I really don't think we can stomach much more of this...

Does anyone think anything

Does anyone think anything will really come of the following?

newjesustimes's picture

Unfortunately, I don't

I'm something of a pessimist, although I prefer to think of myself as a realist.
I just think too many in America (lawyers and the rest) worship only money and will gladly sell the world down the river in exchange for comfortable complacency.

WP Times

I keep dreaming of WP as a newspaper. If I saw this article in a newspaper, I would jump around in circles for half an hour.

The Winter Patriot Times

The Winter Patriot Herald

The Winter Patriot Patriot

United Bloggers Free Press

The F F Frozen Truth.. (The Plain Truth is already taken).

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