Tipping The Scales: New American "Justice" On Display In Mississippi

It may be the first time a majority of the justices voted to prohibit a colleague from publishing a dissent in a case.

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New "Justice" in Mississippi

The division of the American political life for 2 parties is outdated: there is no differences between the two.
Now, doubled himself with Joe Biden, Democratic OBAMA has lost at finally even his "empty suite": the king is now naked and no "changes" should be expected.
McCAIN is beyond any considerations.
Nader/McKinney are "not electable": images of both contradict to the
American superficiality.
Mississippi is the eternal stain on the body of the slavery-based Republic with kosher stuffings. "Justice" in Mississippi? Are you kidding, Larissa Alexandrovna? You definitely missed the point from our history.

There was one SANE suggestion: to BOYCOTT NATIONALLY WIDE THE P-R-E-P-A-I-D PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS. But we are again missing the point in the history.
So Nation, vote for Colbert!
We are anyhow inacted in the farce. Why not to have the talented comedian as The President of the USA instead of the native old-time murderers, just because they are familiar to our taste?

thanks, but no!

I thank you for your comment even though I disagree with so much of it.

There are in fact serious differences between the 2 major parties. These differences don't translate into substantial opposition at the national level ... but they still exist! And in my opinion it's not possible to understand American politics without recognizing the differences between the parties. You're welcome to try, though, if you wish.

As for Larisa and/or I having missed the point: NO, sorry! We are both aware that this is not the first grievous miscarriage of justice in Mississippi's history, nor will it likely be the last. What we're saying is that this is the first time we have ever heard of this particular type of miscarriage. Nobody else has ever heard of such a thing either. That's what makes it "new".

I won't go on and on about the other disagreements I have with this comment, but I will say that asking people to boycott the election does not strike me as a sane idea at all, since if they listened to you they would leave the entire process in the hands of others. In my opinion we need people to get more involved in politics, not less.

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