These are the times that try men's souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. ~~~ Thomas Paine, 1776

On The Trail Of The Paedophiles

Below is the 12th Aug 2016 edition of the UK Column News. This news service is essential viewing especially if you live in the UK. It is also very valuable for we that live in Australia because we have the same psychopathic culture and system running our society.

UK Column give more attention to child sex abuse cases and the political fallout from them than any other news outlet that I am aware of. Their reasoning is that child sex abuse is “the engine” of the corruption that drives UK politics. The reasoning is sound and applies equally In Australia.

I prefer, though, to describe child sex abuse as “the glue that holds the corruption together”. Currently there is a Royal Commission into Institutional Responses To Child Sexual Abuse. This 500 million dollar boondoggle for the legal community was called by the previous Labor Government here in Australia.

It was seen as a parting shot from the soon to be ex-Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, against the Liberal Party Opposition that was heavily dominated by Catholics. The Catholic Church being by far the most prolific offender over the many decades (if not centuries). But the truth is that if Gillard had not called for a Royal Commission, the incoming government would have been forced to.

The reason being that it was becoming very obvious to many in the public that the Catholic Church had enjoyed protection over many years from criminal investigation into it's paedophile culture by the police, the legal establishment and successive governments particularly at the State level. Clearly, these other institutions were corrupt and indulged in paedophilia of their own. The Big Secret was that sexual abuse of children was common practice amongst the pompous and the 'high and mighty'. We are ruled by paedophiles at every turn – criminals of the most despicable kind.

This church paedophilia, of course, was just the start of the corruption in our society and this wider network had to be kept from the public consciousness at all costs. Power is perception, after all, and the notion that our authorities are mandated by God still lurks in the dark recesses of most people's minds. All the power and privilege that these psychopaths and paedophiles enjoy is completely dependent on the co-operation of the general public and their ignorance of the truth of how our societies really work.

These Soulless Rulers (now with added bonus!)

Gallier2 left a comment at Penny's drawing attention to some recent weird behaviour of Hillary Clinton.

Here's the short clip-

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Towards the end of the clip, the scene is repeated but from a different angle. From this second camera, it is very clear that Hillary is startled by a journalist to her right and this triggers the weird bobble headed response. It is as if the Hillary that was there a moment ago is gone and something else is trying to gain control of the steering wheel of her body and once in the driver's seat makes that inane and distracting comment about the Chai tea. This new character looks like she has no idea of what had been asked and has to beat a hasty retreat.

Either that, or Hillary is so used to this sort of disorientation happening that she is adept at covering for it. Not good either way.

This reminded me of a flip out of Obama's recently. Check it out-

NATO Involvement in Turkey's Coup

Below is a video from Newsbud featuring Sibel Edmonds and Spiro Skouras talking about released documents identifying the coup plotters as part of NATO's Rapid Deployable Corps and I'm betting that this Corps is heavily involved in the Gladio B type terror events in Turkey and elsewhere in Europe lately.

So NATO joins a Rogues Gallery of coup plotters that includes Turkish regional police forces, the CIA/Gullen network and NBC as Sibel points out.

Sibel is calling for a twitter campaign. please help if you can - details in the video.

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Show notes at Boiling Frogs Post here

Penny has a post up which features a report from Yeni Safak, a Turkish English language news outlet, that claims US general John F Campbell led the Turkish coup attempt -

"A former U.S. commander of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), a NATO-led security mission in Afghanistan, was the organizer of the July 15 military coup attempt in Turkey, sources said.

General John F. Campbell was one of the top figures who organized and managed the soldiers behind the failed coup attempt in Turkey, sources close to ongoing legal process of pro-coup detainees said."

Read Penny's post, US Commander Campbell: The man behind the failed coup in Turkey- Named ahead of fire

The Coup That Sank The American Ship (or has it? Updated below)

Like the British Empire before it, the banking/military/industrial juggernaut that is the US Hegemon is slowly sinking beneath the waves despite its frantic efforts to stay afloat. The attempted coup in Turkey this last week is just the latest fiasco for the hegemon. But before we do any finger pointing at the US, a little history will help with our understanding of what is at stake. Context is everything.

The wars that the central bankers of the US have waged and are still waging against Iraq, Libya and Syria are due to many reasons but one common reason is that these countries were selling their oil for currencies other than US dollars. War has been threatened against Iran for the same reason. The bankers are very sensitive about this issue because the issuance and subsequent use of US$ is the foundation on which all the power that the bankers have in and over the nations of the world is based. The declining use of US$ means a declining power base for the bankers.

The bankers have long held dreams of dominion over the world and they have planned to use their dollars together with the military might of the Pentagon to achieve it. But, alas, in spite of the wars waged on unco-operative countries, the use of US$ for trade is declining. Leading the charge to other currencies is Russia and China. Russia and China are gaining strength economically and militarily while the US has been slipping behind due to decades of corruption, together with the incompetence and hubris that goes along with systemic corruption.

The bankers only hope for survival is to isolate Russia and China from the rest of the world so as to take their currencies out of the competition. One of the reasons for the decline of the EU may be to take the Euro out of contention as a world trading currency as well.

To isolate Russia from Europe, it is necessary to cut Europe's dependence on Russian gas. That means the US must move heaven and earth to frustrate any plans for new gas pipelines to Europe from Russia. Enter Turkey into this struggle.

MKUltra in Australia

Below is an interview on Jan Irvin's Gnostic Media with Steve McMurray who has been researching the claims of ritual abuse and paedophilia in the political/legal/entertainment establishment in Australia by Fiona Barnett.

Steve was able to establish her claims as true through checking and validating that all the people, connections, times and places matched up with published articles from the time and various documents.

The cover-ups have been ubiquitous for decades and still continue with the latest being a $500m (yes, half a billion) Royal Commission into child sexual abuse by religious institutions and others.

The interview finishes with an explanation of Positive Psychology being foisted on schools now and how damaging it is if you are in any way interested in truth and reality. This Positive Psychology came out of the CIA's MKUltra program and the US military intelligence SERE torture program and shows how the ultimate target for this mind control research is the general population and it's here now.

The psychology has been developed by a former head of the American Psychological Association, Martin Seligman, with the help of Dr Antony Kidman. Antony Kidman is also one of the perpetrators identified by Fiona Barnett and happens to be the father of actress Nicole Kidman, star of Stanley Kubrick's film, Eyes Wide Shut - art imitating life. Antony Kidman suicided a month after being identified by Fiona Barnett.

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There is an audio only version available at the Gnostic Media Website

The ritual abuse and paedophilia is the glue that holds together the upper echelons of this very sick system that controls our society.
It provides the basis for blackmail as Jan Irvin points out in the interview; it's what stops these psychopaths from stabbing each other in the back at the fist opportunity.

Fiona Barnett's press conference-

View on YouTube

Steve McMurray's website

Fiona Barnett's website

Fiona's Facebook page

Dallas, Orwellando and the Paranoia Switch

(This is a repost of an article published here more than three years ago and originally titled "Limbic Warfare and The Paranoia Switch". That article was a reprint of an original article from The Signs Of The Times site by Harrison Koehli which was published back in 2007. It is just as topical and needed today.)


The following is an article reviewing Martha Stout's last book, The Paranoia Switch, at Sign Of The Times from a few years ago but still very topical and very enlightening. This excellent review is written by Harrison Koehli. He is an editor for Red Pill Press and the Dot Connector Magazine

The events of 9/11 traumatized the American public. The Bush administration exploited that fear and today the Obama administration continues to do so.

Martha Stout's newest book, The Paranoia Switch, is a welcome addition to the new and growing science of ponerology: the study of the root causes and genesis of evil, on both the social and interpersonal levels. Stout uses her years of experience as a trauma therapist to clinically diagnose the sickness of our 'terror culture,' and those who would manipulate this trauma for their own self-interest.

The paranoia switch

Traumatic events overload our limbic system. The heightened response of our amygdala, which registers the emotional significance of the event, leads to a decreased response in the hippocampus, which usually prioritizes information and allows the higher brain centers to create coherent memories, based on their emotional importance. So, traumatic events do not get integrated by the higher brain centers as true memories, but instead leave us with non-integrated fragments of memory: isolated images and sensations. These memories can then be "triggered" by similar images. In this way, a backfiring car can trigger a war vet into a state of paranoia. His "paranoia switch" has been flicked.

"Most overwhelming of all are traumatic experiences caused not by accident (unintended explosions or car crashes), or by "acts of God" (earthquakes, volcanoes, etc.), but rather by the deliberate acts of other people, acts such as assault, violent abduction, rape - or terrorism. It would seem that, for whatever reason, we are hardwired to be most fearful of harm when it threatens to occur maliciously, at the hands of our fellow human beings, and this special variety of fear is the most contagious of all." (62)

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