Ex-Al Qaeda Leader Warns Against Jihad in Syria

Ex-Al Quaeda leader, Sheik Nabil Naiim, learned by hard experience about the price of working for the Americans and warns the current batch of jihadists in Syria that the same fate awaits them. Especially if they 'win'!

The Sheik also asks the blindingly obvious, but never asked, question, 'Why is there no jihad against israel?'

The answer is obvious after a moment's thought. To ask the question is to see the ridiculousness of the whole Middle East turmoil for what it is - a circus orchestrated by the US and israel. A tragic circus that is, in fact, a commercial killing machine fuelled by bigotry, driven by profit and justified by religion.

To me, the lesson is that if you engage in violence, then you will be ruled by the violent. This never leads to a happy future, as Sheik Nabil Naiim will tell you.


A far better question....

Whatever else he may have been and whatever other associations he may have had, we have a pretty good understanding of the beliefs and motivations of Sheikh Usama Bin Laden before he died, from his 1996 and 1998 Fatwas; they contain a very specific set of legitimate grievances derived directly from the teachings and the text of the Qu'ran.

To have a wholly foreign occupying military force and their armies garrisoned on the Arabian peninsular, within the lands originally secured by the Prophet during his lifetime and the original Caliphate is grave and mortal insult to all Muslims, which UBL took personally.

So, the better question is: why is there no Jihad in Saudi Arabia?

It was not the US military that annexed these lands; it was not Saddaam Hussain who threatened to sieze these lands and their wealth and end the fraudulent royal line of the House of Saud; it was not Isreal that brought bombs and violence and desecration to the Holy Places of Mekkah and Medina, siezed the Grand Mosque and threated the Qaba (as far as we know)....

These are all the sins, cowardice and weakness of the House of Saud - for it is not merely the minearal sludge beneath the fabiricated conception of a Kingdom that yields King Abbdullah, Bandar and their 400 fat brothers and sisters their vast and unearned wealth - it is the vast influx of Hajji dollars that flow into the Kingdom all year, every day that ensures their position in world affairs and their places on the board of the Carlyle Group.

Insofar as their international relations go - Saudi Arabia has often been stereotyped as ultraconservative and hardline in the Arab and Muslim world, but this is only the impression it cultivates internally as a result of the Saud's coawardice and spinelessness in standing up to the hardline mullah that (they think) they depend on entirely to guarantee the percieved legitimacy of their Royal Line and Authority since the dawn of the 20th Century.

In reality, since 1947, Saudi Arabia is the only Arab State to have never openly and actively particpated in any of the Arab Isreali Wars, and pays only lipservice to the plight of the Palestinians and the genocide in Gaza.

The reality is that Israel and the House of Saud have make common cause with one another in a conscious and proactive spirit since at least the early 1970s and their goals and self-interest have never deviated from one another.

True, Faisal (by far the most visionary and statesmanlike, progressive member of the House of Saud) and Kissinger had their public tensions and disagreements (til Kissinger had him killed, of course), but never over Israel or Jewish Issues - Kissinger proved himself to be just as much of a moral vaccum when attempting to resolve the October War in 1973 as he was with any other pair of countries, to the extent it's rather depressing.

True, Kissinger did arrange to have Faisal killed 3 days after he left, but not over the Arab-Isreali conflict - Faisal was too astute for his own good and had been single-handedly attempting (and succeeding) in OPEC during 1974 to block Shah Reza Pahlavi's demand (put forward by Kissinger and the Rockerfellers) that OPEC scale down production, quadrupple the price of crude oil and create a global economic and energy crisis to raise fundes to pay for all the US Munitions and armaments he had agreeed to buy for his army to defend US Interests in the Gulf on their behalf and buttress or roll-back Russia.

Mossad agents are all over the place during the set-up for 9/11 - as were the agents, assets, and most crucially the tracable funds of Saudi Intelligence.

UBL became a "Saudi Dissident" in 1990, when the King declined his offer of the use of his Afghan Arab Mujahideen Fighers to defend the Kingdom and the Holy Places, sneak into Baghdad under cover of night and return with the severed head of the Mad Dog who was threating Mecca.

Fahd's courage and his faith failed him and he turned instead to the forces of the New World Order to protect him.

UBL's interviews and Fatwah make his aims, intenion and rules of engagement very clear - the African Embassy bomings in 1998, which killed or seriously injured over a thousand innocent Muslim bystanders was verifiably not his work, nor was the Attack on the USS.

By 1998, Saud Intelligence had a perfect excuse to frame him for a provocation;

Isreal followed suit with the Cole in October 2000.

The US, last of all, 3 months before his death in the Hindu Kush.

The only attack attributed to Bin Laden or his associates during his lifetime, following his first Fatwa was the Kohbar Towers Bombing of USAir Force Barracks in Saudi Arabial

But even the profile of the attack FAR more closely resembled the Okhlamhoma City blast in every aspect of it, I have no no trouble in concluding that UBL never waged violent Jihad Against (or for) the US ANYWHEERE, nor planned ANYHING.....

Rant over.

Twin Jihads

twin jihads would be a suitable response given both these middle east were implicated in the twin towers (triple!) coming down. Why indeed is there not a jihad against Saudi Arabia as well as israel?
Israel is the more obvious omission for we in the west, though, and perhaps also for those in the middle east itself.

Do you have any links for the info and motivation you quoted re UBL?

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