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What an inspiration!

From Kenny's Sideshow
The Greatest Speech by a Western Statesman This Century?

"32 year old Belgiam MP Laurent Louis's speech/video in the Belgian Parliament has been widely passed around but has not been seen by the tens of millions that need to hear these truths.

This courageous man makes the stooges and weasels in our Congress look to be exactly what they are...traitors."

(click the "captions" icon on the lower bar of the video screen if the subtitles don't appear)

The surreality that MP Laurent Louis addresses in his speech

From two years ago-
"Libya is surrounded by countries populated by Muslims. Libya will become the new Afghanistan. It will be used to de-stabilise all the countries surrounding it"

The Grand Plan and the creation of the new "Enemy to World Peace"

Driving (Muslim) country after country back into history and yet destroying that history and Islamic culture along the way leaving only the perception of "Islam=Violence" for the public in the West. In generations to come, will the world only know Judaic culture and history?

Priceless Timbuktu records and shrines put to the torch


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