On Being The First Player Selected In The Draft

There's another frivolous new post at my main blog. This time it's about one of the "highlights" of my baseball "career." Among other things, it says:

"I have always wanted to tell you about this, mostly because it was so humiliating."

You can read the rest here, and I welcome your comments below.


I played a lot too

When I was 12 and struggling to hit home runs every time up my neighbor took me aside and said I needed to hit the ball where it is pitched. If it's on the outside, hit it to right, down the middle to center, etc. I took his advice and became one the best batting average hitters in my peer group but only one home run over the 10 years I played.

I have tried to carry that advice over to other aspects of life. Home runs may be rare but hitting the pitch thrown up to you no matter where it is and not trying to pull everything seems logical for all kinds of things. A line drive hit to right field is always better than a ground out to short.

they told me the same thing,

but it was beyond me. I could never try to hit the ball in any particular direction. I was lucky to hit it at all.

We needed more guys like you, Kenny. We certainly couldn't have afforded any more guys like me! Wink

Writer's Block

Starting trivial looks like a good strategy. :Cool

I hope you're right

And I'm pretty sure there will still be serious stuff to blog about, when I get rolling again.

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