None Dare Call It Conspiracy

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I am adding this book for reference purposes. I haven't read it so, I have no opinions on it yet. smiling

The plan of the international bankers to create a world socialist super-state
-- by: Gary Allen and Larry Abraham, 1971, source: Reactor Core


MHP Editors Preface
About this book

"This book is one of the "classics" of the conspiracy genre, and has become something of an historical item in its own right. It was originally distributed as part of the 1972 presidential campaign of the "America Party", whose candidate, Rep. John G. Schmitz, wrote the introduction. Both Schmitz and author Gary Allen were closely tied to the John Birch Society, and there is a plug for the JBS at the end of the book."

The points regarding the centralization of power, staged conflicts, and the domination of government, finance and industry by a small ruling elite are still valid today.

"The issue, very simply, is the enslavement of you and your children. Just because many of these Insiders are theoretically Americans, don't think they will spare this country the terror they have brought to thirty others through their hired Communist thugs. To the Insiders, the world is their country and their only loyalty is to themselves and their fellow conspirators."

What Those "In the Know" Say
Endorsements for the book
Introduction by Congressman John G. Schmitz
Don't Confuse Me With Facts
Looking for the hidden picture, and the insiders behind it
Socialism: Royal Road to Power for the Super-Rich
Setting up a global collectivist dictatorship under elite control
The Money Manipulators
The financing of governments and control of the central banks
Bankrolling the Bolshevik Revolution
World War I, the Bolshevik Revolution, and Corporate Socialism
Establishing the Establishment
Control of the government through elite policy groups
The Rockefellers and the Reds
Oil, finance, and industrial development of the Soviet Union
Pressure From Above and Pressure From Below
Centralization of power, deficit spending and civil unrest
You Are the Answer
Grassroots activism, or slavery

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