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Garbage- sm

Here is an article from 'The Economic Collapse' blog concerning the decline and fall of the United States economy. It is from last year but nothing will have changed.


Historians tell us that by the very end of the Roman Empire, goods were pouring into Rome from all over the known world, but about the only thing being sent out of Rome was human waste and garbage. America has not yet reached that point, but we are certainly well on our way. In 2010, the number one U.S. export to China is "scrap and trash". Yes, you read the correctly. The number one thing that China buys from us is our garbage. According to author Clyde Prestowitz, China's number one export to the U.S. is computer equipment (nearly $50 billion) while our number one export to them is waste paper and scrap metal (approximately $8 billion). When it comes to world trade, China is literally wiping the floor with the United States. In August, the U.S. trade deficit with China set a new one month record of $28 billion dollars. Our insane trade policies are making China (along with several of our other "trade partners") incredibly wealthy, and the U.S. government ends up begging China to lend that money back to us to fund the exploding U.S. national debt. That just isn't stupidity - that is insanity.

Read the rest here

No, it's actually something else; a gold shaft

What strikes me from this article, and every other one like this that I've read, is that it doesn't seem to occur to the author that this relentless slide into poverty and destitution which goes against ALL business and capitalist principles could be deliberate; that it could be a calculated campaign. It's simple, really.

It never seems to occur to so many people, too, that whatever is going 'wrong' is actually going 'right' for the people who control the situation. If it wasn't going right for them, they'd change it. It's simple, really.

So who controls the economy (and government) in the US? the people behind the banks that control the Federal Reserve Bank of NY. And who's behind these people? The Rothschilds. So they have been overseeing this rapid decline.

And who's been cosying up to China ever since Deng Xiaoping opened up China to international trade? Rothschilds. Simple, no?

The Chinese needed gold to trade in those days. Guess where they got it from? And guess where the Rothschilds got it from? Ever wondered why there hasn't been an audit of the gold at Fort Knox for decades?

So its not stupidity or insanity. It's simply a right royal, 24 carat, shafting.

The rest of the article (with links) can be read here at The Economic Collapse blog


Chuckyman left a great link in the comments and I'll repeat it here-

I don't share the author's estimate of the intelligence of the Rothschilds, though. Cunning as shithouse rats, maybe. But not ' brilliant men', by any means. They have a very limited repertoire which they repeat ad nauseum. But apart from that minor quibble, it has a very good overview of things and some very good links as well for further reading.

I was remiss in my writing above in not emphasising the answer to all this economic mayhem. It lies in first recognising the enemy; in understanding that the 'incompetence' and 'bad luck' and 'nobody could have predicted' excuses are always lies. A simple statistical proof of the deliberate nature of the destruction is that even a monkey will be right half the time. The mathematics of random chance and probability determine that. To get it 'wrong' ALL the time requires an elaborate and detailed plan and a co-ordinated campaign.

So if authors like the one who wrote the featured article above, understood this deliberate nature, they would do their readers an enormous service in pointing that out together with exactly who is doing it and why. Once all this is grasped, then the problem is more than half solved.

We are getting there, though. There's a heck of a lot more knowledge of what is going on out there now than there was even from a couple of years ago.

So the 'call to action', folks, is to continue to tell everyone that will listen that the economic breakdown is deliberate, who is doing it and why.


the gold shaft

Hey James it is the same game over and over...
Tear it down, build it up again.
Tear it down, build it up again.

It happens in the case of humanity every hundred years or so, give or take. So it is largely forgotten about.
But, in the banker lifetime, it is an ongoing manipulation to maximize profits.
They know the history, they can play the game repeatedly and the short attention span of the masses will not even catch on to that fact that we have been here and done that all before.
Of course the masses don't know the history, that is the real history.
Not the fictional version as presented

hey Pen

thanks for dropping by. 'History is bunk' to quote Churchill. And he ought to know!

yes, we live in a totally manufactured social environment. Hence the importance of controlling the education of a nation as well as the media. Which is what your friend, John Taylor Gatto, is so good at exposing.

Everything's Rosy

Spot on James. It’s all going to their master plan – so far. I also read this article this morning and it seems to parallel the thread of your post.

Thanks, Chuckyman. And thanks

Thanks, Chuckyman. And thanks for the link. It looks very interesting but i'll have to digest it tomorrow. It seems to tie in a lot of info that i have been pondering for a long time. (this is not the promised post, btw!)

so simply stated

excellent post James, quick and to the point.

what the hell do the Chinese do with our refuse anyway?

Rothschilds Alchemy

thanks AP.
what the hell do the Chinese do with our refuse anyway?

Melt it, pelt it, pulp it flat.
Press it, paint it, ship it back.
More debt, more gold, making crap.

newjesustimes's picture

good one James

a poem for our times
or is it a rap song laughing out loud rockin out

I hesitate to call it poetry,

I hesitate to call it poetry, NJT. And i know zip about rap. But if you want to put some music to it . . . . . laughing out loud

'tis sort of a haiku for our times

so all that stuff from China really *is* crap, after all. but it's *our* crap. it's all clear to me now....

Cargo Cult

Yes, AP, I'm sorry to be the one to break the news to you, dear, but it's all for shit.

Just another glorified 'cargo cult'.

Best laid plans of......

James ever wonder how often the PTB plans may not always
have the intended effect - that good may come of malice.

I've wondered of late how many people so devastated by the
economic mechanizations occurring around us may be
emancipated ( all be it cruelly ) from a life that was grinding them
into the dust for some of that "crap".

These self created royalty are so far removed from day to day
living they haven't a clue to the things of real value.

Just pondering.
Still chuck(yman)ling over "Attila the Hen"


of mice and 'would be' men

hi Dave, their plans go astray lots of times and unintended consequences are the norm despite their grandiose image of themselves as all powerful .

So good things can and do come out of all this trouble as you say, mate, and that can be said for a lot of us. The question is, though, 'would we volunteer for it again?' smiling

I'm glad i could spread a little happiness your way. It's not original, unfortunately.

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