Syria Next? (Updated)


Please see update at the foot of this article

This follows on from NJT's post below and from Penny of “Penny For Your Thoughts” who has put up a piece on the killing of 120 Syrian police and servicemen in Syria.

Penny makes some astute observations regarding the reports of this mass killing in the British newspapers and asks some pertinent questions. Many of the links in my post below come from Penny's article.

We know that the BBC and the Guardian act as mouthpieces for the government and their security services. The Voice of America was overtly established as a propaganda arm of the US government, for goodness sake. So these reports (linked above) will be deliberately misleading, at least, in one way or another.

We also know that the security services of the US, Israel and Britain are up to their armpits in these 'Arab Spring uprisings'

Yet, of all the possible scenarios mentioned in these reports, the possibility that the gunmen are foreign military or security services trained personnel is never mentioned. The staging and success of these operations sound much more like special forces troops than "armed gangs".

So I estimate that this is the purpose of these articles; to mislead readers as to the nature of these conflicts and to give the illusion of choice of suggested scenarios for the readers 'to make up their own mind' from but leaving the real scenario out and thus restricting "the field of view". In other words, we are being presented Hegelian Dialectic. A limited choice between wrong answers with prevailing voices pushing for a 'compromise' or amalgam of the proffered scenarios from which the truth is absent.

We also know that the gunmen in the mass slaughter are likely to be connected to Mossad/MI6/CIA. Snipers have turned up in Tunisia, Egypt and elsewhere at critical times to make matters far worse. The slaughter is designed to outrage everybody. A sure sign of a false flag operation. Their motive can only be to break down government control and so foment a coup to replace the established order with one that's more compliant with the agenda of international banking and their military arm, NATO. The fact that these gunmen were able to ambush police and security personnel indicates that they contacts and help from within the government agencies. Perhaps these 'helpful contacts' are poised to exercise a coup when the time is right.

In the case of Syria, they have been a thorn in the side of NATO and the bankers for a long time. Assad, Syria's President, is against NATO, and for Iran, Russia and China and for Syria not becoming a pawn of the globalists. He has to go. But he has a lot of popular support which has been frustrating his foreign enemies. So this support has to come under fire. A very obvious way to do this would be to turn the Syrian police against the protesters (for and against). This escalates the violence and so advances the case for NATO et. al. to intervene militarily for 'humanitarian' purposes.

The Guardian had a feature article written by a Fadwa al Hatem. Frankly, he looks way too much like a MI6 plant. The article would seem to have two aims, that i can see.

First it seems to be goading the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood. Castigating them for not falling completely into line with other sponsored opposition groups at a conference in Turkey (paid for by whom?).
"The conference came out with a statement refusing foreign intervention and proclaiming the integrity and inviolability of Syria’s boarders. “Everything must be done to preserve Syria’s unity and territorial integrity,”"

Either they are supremely naive or they think everyone else is. Check out the fearful images surrounding the participants. No pressure! And the teevee camera. This is a 'for the West' production.


Al Hatem, in his Guardian article, says the Egyptian Brotherhood mobilised massively in Egypt. They did not. They played a very low profile there indeed and slipped into the co-drivers seat once the people had managed to remove Mubarrak.

So it looks like the Brotherhood are being called out to mobilise the people in Syria and they are shying away from it demanding that Syria be a sectarian state which they must know would be unacceptable. it would totally wreck the image NATO wants to market to the gullible populations of the West in newspaper and teevee land.

So they're dragging their feet. This might be because the Muslim Brotherhood are not anywhere near as powerful and influential with the people as they make out. Indeed, as they make themselves out to be, no doubt, when they have their hand out for money from the CIA, Mossad & Friends.

In Egypt on Friday (May 27th '11) a huge crowd of protesters filled Tahrir Square and elsewhere again demanding the reforms they were promised. They also were chanting “Where is the Brotherhood? Here is Tahrir!” in response to the Brotherhood declaring its opposition to the demonstration and siding with the military.

The crowd obviously saw them as piss weak and they very probably are. They did not take a leading role in the demonstrations that started last January and seemed to only turn up when the tide had turned. No doubt they are trying to do the same thing again in Syria and are being called out on it this time by Fadwa al Hatem which would suit the purposes of MI6 et. al. very nicely, thank you.

The second thing that stands out in Fadwa al Hatem's article is the lengths he goes to establish the bona fides of the Youtube videos on Syrian protests.

"Young popular committees, deep underground in Syria, are liaising and organising among themselves. They are getting their voice to the outside world at a time when the Syrian regime is forbidding any foreign media from reporting in the country, and they have learned and adapted remarkably quickly. Grainy videos taken with mobile phones now include easily recognisable local landmarks, and the cameraman is careful to always state the date, time and location of the events being filmed. There is even a YouTube channel, Sham SNN, where videos are uploaded almost hourly and, it seems, carefully vetted to avoid hoaxes or irrelevant material being included."

I would guess that they are produced, or at the very least edited, by the usual suspects because they would. That's exactly the sort of thing they do. They are running this 'opposition' show in Syria so they would be putting out these sorts of videos. It stands to reason. So Fadwa al Hatem as just indicated himself as fronting for them by insisting that the videos should be seen as genuine.

Penny gives a link to the Telegraph (another MI6 mouthpiece) who have a video up supposedly of a Syrian riot policeman weilding a machete. There's no sound – handy – and it is taken by someone who is also dancing at the same time or perhaps having fit. The frame jumps all over the place and is very unconvincing. It's just too amateurish.

So where is all this going? Remember that NATO would dearly love to invade Syria for a long list of reasons and that has to be why they have troops and agents in there already fomenting turmoil. But Russia and China have denied the US and Britain the UN's approval for doing so. But we know that this hasn't stopped NATO in the past. So they need a heavy marketing campaign aimed at the public as they have done before. Kosovo, for instance. Not to mention Iraq!

Once the public is “demanding that something must be done”, then we will see the usual posturing and 'negotiating' amongst the usual suspects and they will reluctantly agree to invade. Our knights in shining armour. Our modern day crusaders.

The only problem for NATO (and the rest of the world) is that Syria has a mutual defence pact with Iran. And both Russia and China have said at different times that they would view an attack on Iran as an attack on themselves. Russia also had missile batteries in Syria manned by Russian personnel a few years ago and I doubt very much that they would have removed them.

From thenakedfacts

“The only way we get information is through the citizen journalists,” said Ammar Abudlhamid, a Syrian activist based in Maryland who was one of several Syrian exiles to help organize delivery of satellite phones, cameras and laptops into the country earlier this year. “Without them, we would not know anything.” ....
....., a Syrian activist based in Maryland who was one of several Syrian exiles to help organize delivery of satellite phones, cameras and laptops into the country earlier this year.

And just who is Ammar Abudlhamid? I'll let nysoulcontrolla, a commenter at Penny's tell you -


He runs the office for the National Salvation Front...wich is ran by vice president Abdel Halim Khaddam Head of Syrian Muslim Brotherhood(see above)..

He also had... "Previous Position[s]: Visiting Fellow, Saban Center for Middle East Policy (2004) (who is saban center? ZIONIST PRO ISRAELI THINK TANK AND FRONT)

In August 2005 he talked at a conference titled Solidarity Twenty-Five Years On: Lessons in the Struggle for Freedom which was "Cosponsored by Freedom House (SOROS THINK TANK) Freedom House's work is linked to the "democracy promotion" efforts of the National Endowment for Democracy.
(Thank you, Nysoulcontrolla)

Quite an impressive rap sheet, no?!

See also Penny's "Turkey's role in Syria's destabilisation" for more


beautifully explained

James, you make it so obvious. this is why you will NEVER, EVER have a job as a columnist at a major newspaper.

But, but .....

But, I always woned to be a jernalist. Shit! oh well, those are the breaks . . . hahaha . . thanks AP smiling

Hey james! I was going to

Hey james!

I was going to work on a follow up because NYC had left some very interesting commentary, once I got it out of the spam file....

I just came in and will read it all then leave a more thorough comment.

One thing I did want to say about the police man brandishing the machete, alleged??

I got the impression he was putting a little show on!
Seriously, go back and re-watch it

Have machete. Will dance!

yes, you're right, Pen. Quite a pathetic little performance. Perhaps the cameraman was entranced by it and was dancing in unison. it would explain the camera dancing all over the place. There's dance but no song! Where's the sound??

It'd be nice to do a sound overlay. Perhaps a little song to accompany the dance! laughing out loud


I can;t do that kind of stuff, but if you can perhaps the beegees
"You make me feel like dancing"?


No, i can't do that kinda stuff either. Pity! Good suggestion though, Pen smiling

very goood, very good

very goood, very good indeed.

One comment I would like to add and will expand on at my place, it looks as if Turkey is on board with this.

I wondered about that yesterday, noting that the attack on Syrian security forces took place in a border town with Turkey.

Which clearly means the attackers came through via Turkey. Today it is reporting their is an exodus of syrian "civilians"
I don't believe it for a minute. We are looking at the trouble makes who came in via Turkey, going out through the in door, to quote a Led zeppelin album title

syria..see this as well..


for the whole list go here(extensive) Whistle

hi Nysoul

sorry about the delay in publishing your comment. I'm in a different time zone to most.

thanks for your comment at Pen's and here too. You connect a lot of dots smiling
thanks also for the links. an extraordinary amount of info collected there which i will go through.

James....I have expanded on this all..

check it out.
I went from the angle of Turkey being involved at this time.
It seems a fresh new angle on the whole Syria scenario.
Also let NYSC know about your post and mine.

Like I said at the bottom of my post, a complete team effort

newjesustimes's picture

Yemen too

Thanks James, Penny and Nysoul for the coverage of the circumstances in Syria.

Now more has come out about the situation in Yemen, ugh... by way of yahoo

Report: US steps up covert strikes in Yemen

The Obama administration has intensified the covert U.S. war in Yemen, hitting militant suspects with armed drones and fighter jets, The New York Times reported late Wednesday.

The accelerated campaign has occurred in recent weeks as violent conflict in Yemen has left the government in Sanaa struggling to cling to power, the Times said.

The report, posted on the newspaper's website, said Yemeni troops that had been battling militants linked to al-Qaida in the south have been pulled back to the capital. American officials hope the strikes will help prevent militants from consolidating power.

A drone strike by U.S. special operations forces on May 5 targeted U.S.-born al-Qaida cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, but a malfunction caused rockets to miss him by a matter of minutes, two U.S. officials told The Associated Press. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss intelligence matters.

The recent operations come after a nearly yearlong pause in American airstrikes, which were halted amid concerns that poor intelligence had led to bungled missions and civilian deaths that were undercutting the goals of the secret campaign.

Officials in Washington told the Times said that U.S. and Saudi spy services had been receiving more information — from electronic eavesdropping and informants — about the possible locations of militants. But, they added, the outbreak of the wider conflict in Yemen created a new risk that one faction might feed information to the Americans that could trigger airstrikes against a rival group.

The U.S. campaign in Yemen is led by the Pentagon's Joint Special Operations Command and is closely coordinated with the CIA, the Times said.

The newspaper said that because of concern that support for the campaign could wane if Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh's government were to fall, the U.S. ambassador in Yemen has met recently with leaders of the opposition, partly to make the case for continuing American operations.

Saleh authorized secret American missions in Yemen in 2009 but placed limits on their scope and has said publicly that all military operations have been conducted by his own troops.

Saleh fled the country last week to seek medical treatment in Saudi Arabia after rebel shelling of the presidential compound, and more government troops have been brought back to Sanaa to bolster the government's defense.

thanks NJT

"A drone strike by U.S. special operations forces on May 5 targeted U.S.-born al-Qaida cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, but a malfunction caused rockets to miss him by a matter of minutes, two U.S. officials told The Associated Press."

I wonder who they killed instead? They report this stuff as if it falls within the boundaries of the normal.
Thanks NJT

newjesustimes's picture


the American press is well past wondering if it's acceptable to eliminate people of dubious guilt with drone strikes, now they're just disappointed with the malfunction of the rockets.


A sharp and very telling observation, NJT. Of course, these types will squeal like stuck pigs when it's their turn.

Your very welcome


Saw this about Yemen, isn't it interesting how the US sent in the drones?
I wish I had more time to blog, I would love to delve into this one, but, so much news and so little time

the msm is confirming Turkey's involvement

in Syria, like it wasn't obvious anyway?

I still think the vast amount fleeing to Turkey are soldiers and some additional persons who have been destabilizing, some Syrians, and quite likely Israelis .James, I agree.
Israel is all over this one, like flies on shit.
And what about all the TNT stolen, 5 Tons of it!
They would have taken that with them over the border, requiring lots of vehicles??? What do you think?

McJ should be happy to know that possibly Canada is a choice for fuel rods from Fukushima?
I know, speaking for myself, I am disgusted!

5 tons of TNT

the israelis don't need to steal any TNT except to feed their compulsive stealing. But al qaeda or other bad terrists would. Sure, if the TNT was there for the taking, they would most definitely take it. But if it wasn't there, we'd still be hearing that it was and that it was the terrists who took it.

So it think that line is there as a seed for coming stories about these bad terrists blowing up stuff.

This is an escalating campaign with a very violent end in mind. Like so much else going on in the world at the moment, this doesn't do justice to the term, "criminally insane".

From your latest article, Pen, it certainly looks like Erdogan is just another tool

Their methods

Couldn't help but throw in this bit from an article at Daily Bell - please read the entire article
as I think it covers a lot of our current "bankster " contrived problems

"The idea is to make the mass of citizenry helpless and afraid; this helps with the imposition of world government; but contrast this to the failed states that the West is attacking in Somalia, Afghanistan and now, apparently, Yemen. These are primarily agrarian societies with clan and tribal cultures. Justice is familial and local (out of the hands of the state) and money if used (rather than barter) may have a component of gold and silver.

These cultures are successful in the sense that they are self-supporting and the lives of the people within them are not controlled by surges of paper money. It is easy to look down on such people as uncivilized and illiterate savages, but there are elements within these societies that have their roots in a valid past."

for the entire article:


re methods

Thanks, I'll check out your link, Dave. The farmers in Iraq were banned from using their own seed soon after the invasion. It became illegal for them to do so. They had to use Monsanto GMO seeds from then on. It doesn't get much more blatant than that.

Everyone has to be made dependant on 'the system' which has banker created money as its source. Cut that root and we are home free.

that's a great article, Dave

At the end of his article, the author poses the question about how the disconnect between the continuing and escalating number of wars with the continuing and increasing disinterest of the US public can persist.
here is an article by (Dr?) A.True Ott via Saladin that might contain part of the answer to this conundrum

Fluoridation for golem creation

Our treated water sure does link up well with the public's indifference. It helps
create the "golem" necessary to fight endless wars and go out and be a good little
consumer to keep the RothRock empire happy.

I live in the American South and my ancesters came from Scotland/Ireland/Germany mid
19th century. They could build their own homes ( carpentry skills ) make a living raisng hogs
tobacco and other crops. In general, these resilient people controlled their own lives.
Then along comes the tribe with textile and furniture mills and the allure of city living and all
of its "luxuries" easily purchased with "bankster magic money". In short they gave up their
freedom for "stuff". As the decades go by, cheap foreign labor draws the industries away and
the tribe pulls "the rug" out from under these folks.

Now our youth are lured into employment with the military "gladly" giving their lives for
worthless script to kill boogey men created for the purpose of perpetual war that is used
to distract mankind while the heist occurs and to thin the herd.

As you said James we need to cut that root.


interesting article

James have you continued listening to Mark Passio?
I got into one of the shows and he made an interesting observation that the Daily Bell quote and your reply made me think of..

The claims of a new "world" religion?? WE often hear them.
But, what he said is we already have a new "religion" the worship of money? The desire for, the drive for, the belief in the divine nature of the fractional reserve, usury system.
Makes me think of this song
For the love of money O'Jays

For the love of money
People will steal from their mother
For the love of money
People will rob their own brother
For the love of money
People can't even walk the street
Because they never know who in the world they're gonna beat
For that lean, mean, mean green
Almighty dollar, money

For the love of money
People will lie, Lord, they will cheat
For the love of money
People don't care who they hurt or beat
For the love of money
A woman will sell her precious body
For a small piece of paper it carries a lot of weight
Call it lean, mean, mean green

Almighty dollar banging head against wall

That is the new religion. I think he is onto something.
THis is the religion that gets the young to give their life away.
The belief that this "money" is what they must have.
Money as religion?

I know I am rambling James, but I am over tired today and have alot of thoughts going through my head..

That said and out of the way...a false flag.
There will always be another one, but where and why?
I wonder about the tons of dynamite taken from Syria, it could be used to set up a "false flag" and blame Syria?
So if something goes baboom, be suspicious.

Thinking of this "lesbian" blogger psy-op.
Look at the people that jumped on that one because it "appealed" to them.
People are inherently decent and don't like injustice, so this is why this was an attractive psy-op.
Making it precisely what we should all be on the look out for.
The elites use our very good nature against us.
Dave: if your here, that was an interesting article, I have that site bookmarked but just never get around to reading it as much as I should

Mark Passio

Hi Pen. Thanks for your comment.
I must admit i haven't listened to more of Passio in a while. I plain forgot, ashalee. I must have had some little drama to distract me and then not got back to it. So thanks for the reminder!
The god of money has a name, Mammon, and i've referred to him/it a few times. Some people have enlarged the worship of money concept and call it 'materialism'. You are right in that it appears godless but, in fact, is not at all.

Never-the-less, i personally think the One World Religion will be something more overt for the proletariat. Something with defined rituals and 'dress-ups'. People like rituals and symbols. People need them when they are into bullshit.

Agree totally about the false flags.
So if something goes baboom, be suspicious.

I must admit to not following up on the 'gay blogger'. Seeing the headlines was enough. The thing is that the media exists to distract and confuse us. So if it is getting plenty of air-time, then it is bullshit one way or another

McJ's picture

Great all around

Apologies for not commenting earlier....great post James and great info and analysis, James, Penny and all! smiling

Michel Collon on the intervention in LIBYA (subtitled)

"With G8 leaders talking politics and economy in the French town of Dauville, investigative journalist and author Michel Collon criticized Western governments for blowing money on wars in the Middle East. ­
The war in Libya, dubbed by the West a “humanitarian mission,” was “a manipulation from the beginning,” declared Collon.
The US and its allies always say they have humanitarian intentions, but it always turns out to be nothing but a pretext for intervention. “It was obvious that it was a war to change the regime in Libya, not to protect people,” Collon said. “It was a civil war organized by the US and Western secret services with the idea to get control of the oil and of the banking reserves. The US and Europe need to keep control over the Middle East to protect Israel.”
Commenting on British Prime Minister David Cameron’s declaration that now is a once-in-a-generation moment to promote pro-democracy movements in the Arab world, Collon dismissed the suggestion as “a big lie, as usual.”
“This is the same as the lies of Tony Blair,” he said. “If the US and London want democracy, why do they send Saudi troops to fight peaceful demonstrations in Bahrain? Why do they hold up the regime in Yemen, which is a complete dictatorship? Why did they protect Ben Ali and Mubarak up to the last second?”
This is an operation to re-colonize the world, Collon argued. Collon criticizes Western governments for turning their policies against their own people, blowing money on military campaigns instead of the public sector.
“In Spain, in France, in many countries, people are in the street, because the economic policy of the governance is catastrophic,” he said. “They have no money for pensions or for jobs. In the US, schools and hospitals are crumbling. And instead of giving money for that, they are spending billions of dollars and euros to make war for the profit of multinationals.”
The US is taking this aggressive stance in an effort to preserve its domination over the world, which has become an increasingly difficult task given the resistance of Russia and China and with emerging power from countries in the global south, such as Brazil, the journalist argues."

Bravo, Michel Collon

What a great exposition of what is going on. I disagree on a couple of points regarding Mubarrak and Ben-Ali, but heh! What a 'tour de force'!
Thanks for putting that up for us, McJ smiling

McJ's picture


You're welcome. It was my pleasure. smiling I disagreed with him on the Mubarek/Ben-Ali points as well but other than that I couldn't fault what he had to say. And he said it so well not letting anyone distract him or stop him from making his points. It was a rare treat and I agree a 'tour de force'.


Mr Collon is very impressive. Will have to google for more infor on him. thanks McJ

McJ's picture

Debbieanne re: Michel Collon

Well, there are some advantages to being Canadian and connected to politically motivated people on FB and Blogger. There are many who speak French as well as English. I am not sure who subtitled this but I am glad they did! I don't know how much of his work is translated but if you find more of it let us know. smiling

McJ's picture

Former CIA Officer on Libyan intervention

NATO is arming the 'Libyan Mujihaddeen'...grounds troops will be needed to defeat Gadaffi...Miss Rice at the UN was 'crazed'...this was "a piece of theater set up by Mrs. Clinton and Mr. McCain and the bi-partisan group that love's to intervene abroad"...that the reporters are "just carrying the water for Mr. Obama and much more..."

The female talking heads are beside themselves, they just don't know what to do with this guy's analysis. smiling
laughing out loud

Scheurer and the bobble heads

haha, i think the bobble heads were set up. The script was being followed nicely and then . . . . and then . . the 'expert' went off the script. Or did he? Well, he was following a different script from the one they handed the bimbos, It looks to me. (how do they get jobs like that? oh . . never mind)

So Scheurer goes on to say it was a mistake going into Libya because the US has no interests in there! O'RLY laughing out loud

But now WE (i.e. the US gummint) is now caught and will have to send in ground troops because "we" have no choice. No body wants to do it but 'shit happens', you know. Or to quote the "crazed" Ms Rice, "No one could have predicted . . . "

Scheurer says that the "islamists" know that it is the US bombing another islamic country and it "looks like" it is for oil. Is he setting the scene for another false flag operation?

There's no such thing as an "ex cia agent". Besides they have legal restrictions. They aren't allowed to comment or write publicly without authorisation. So I take it as 'read' that every time one of these guys talks, it is authorised.

I'm sure the cia and their masters have no problems with embarrassing the bobble heads whether they are working for cnn or the government such as Clinton and Rice. Interesting that they are all women. Another sub plot? I think so.

McJ's picture

How did I know

"There's no such thing as an "ex cia agent"."

How did I know you were going to say that? laughing out loud

lucky guess

either that or you must be bloody psychic, is all I can say, McJ!

McJ's picture


rolling on the floor laughing

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