Water Crystals (with addendum)

Addendum at the foot of this article

The following post may sound a little flakey to some people but it is offered as food for thought and as an adjunct to any efforts you might be making to improve the world in any way. Dr Masaru Emoto has spent many years photographing water crystals from all over the world and under varying conditions. His photographs and work are compelling and open up a world that is otherwise closed to our cynical, hard bitten way of life in the West.

I believe it offers, to some extent at least, the promise of a way around that great rock in the road that 'force and violence' makes of itself on the way towards peace and prosperity for the whole world.

First of all some pictures from Mr Emoto's site of Water Crystals to see what this is all about-
see here

And here are two pictures of water taken from a polluted dam before and after prayer. From United Earth (these good people make and sell tipis. If you are interested, click here)

“Below is an image of very polluted and toxic water from the Fujiwara Dam. Further below is the same water after a Buddhist monk (Reverend Kato Hoki, chief priest of Jyuhouin Temple) offered a prayer over it for one hour. Prayer, that’s sound coupled with intention, seems to have an extraordinary ability to restore the water back to its natural, harmonious, geometric symmetry.”



From “The Secret Life of Water” by Masaru Emoto-

“the desire for peace and prayers of love cannot be contained within borders. Differences in skin color or language are easily overcome when hearts resonate together, creating a new flowing wave.
A small adventure beginning with a a tiny little water crystal has spread to people all over the world, creating a growing movement. The water crystals have resonated with something pure and holy deep within the souls of the people who see the photographs. Hearts have been opened, and love, gratitude, and hope for peace have spilled out, opening the way for a new adventure.

Through this book and through these crystal photographs, I hope to convey the power of prayer.
When water is exposed to certain expressions- “You're cute”, You're beautiful”, "Love and Gratitude”- a beautiful crystal results when the water is frozen. What does this really mean for us? The thoughts in our hearts have an impact on all life and in the creation of our world tomorrow.

A wondrous power resides within the human soul. We hear all the time that our actions are a result of our thoughts and this principle is truly demonstrated in how water forms crystals according to what influences it has been exposed to.

But the power to affect action with thought is a double-edged sword. If people desire to see the destruction of the world, then that is what will result.

A lot has happened in our world since people have become aware of the water crystals. Gigantic buildings - symbols of civilization and prosperity- have collapsed before our eyes. New wars have erupted. We have seen sadness give birth to anger, and anger create more sadness, creating a cycle that encompasses the world around us. Some people cry, some look down in despair and some look up in prayer. We must use the power within us to keep our thoughts focused on the good around us and not on the forces of destruction.

We are at a point in human history when we most need to rediscover some important truths that we have somehow forgotten. In fact, this might be our last chance. And this is the lesson that I feel water crystals are trying to teach us.

My research into crystals began with the desire to get even one tiny step closer to understanding the universe, but that has now led to the evolution of a broad field of study for me.

I have seen the effect that bright smiles of people throughout the world and expressions of emotion can have on the formation of beautiful crystals. But you may ask, can world peace occur from mere crystals? It is my desire to take the first step in that direction and then one more and then another and on and on toward that end.

As I continue my conversation with water, the crystals continue to teach me many lessons: the importance of living in tune with the rhythm of life and the flow of nature, leaving the earth beautiful for future generations; love; and prayer. . . . . . .. .

. . . . When you are true to yourself and search for what you really want to be and do, your life will once again begin to flow.
In your job, in your play, and in your love, you need to return to the starting point to find the bliss. When you do this, you will soon realize that your life has changed. You'll first feel a renewed sense of health and well-being. This is because the bliss within you will purify the water that flows through you body. If we were to take a picture of such water, the resulting crystal would most certainly astound us. ….......

…....... This state of bliss is also the key to expanding what we can do. We all know that if you enjoy something, then you usually excel at it.

The words that make beautiful crystals from the water that flows through your body are the words that fill you with a gentle feeling of peace. And that is when you will be able to expand on your abilities and go about each day with passion and bliss.

In my previous book, I explained how we put cooked rice in three glass jars and to one of the jars we said, “Fool!” To another we said “Thank you”. And we simply ignored the third bottle. The rice that was told “Thank you” fermented and had quite a nice fragrance. The rice that was told “Fool!” darkened and rotted. The rice that was ignored turned black and emitted a highly repugnant smell.

Some pictures here

However, that's not the end of the story. I took these same jars of rice to an elementary school and the students said “Thank you” to the rice in all three containers. It wasn't long before the rice in all three containers fermented and started to emit a pleasant smell – even the rice that had spoiled.

This indicates that even that which is dying and decaying can be brought back to life by caring attention, kind words, and positive thoughts. …........

…......The ability of the spoken word to give life is much more powerful than we can imagine. …

….... One way to look at words is to consider them the switch for turning on or off the vibration of everything in the universe. Or perhaps words can be thought of as a remote control that has the power to reach anywhere.
Humans are the only animals capable of using words, and this allows us to align our wavelength with anything and everything that exists in the universe. And it's instantaneous. Our words and our thoughts can go anywhere and to everyone in the instant they come forth.”

And the big question and a tentative answer from United Earth again-

What Does This All Mean?

With regard to the molecular structure of water, our intent (thoughts), words, ideas and music have a profound healing or destructive effect on the water.

Since the human is 70% water — Ultimately it means that what we think creates our reality, not just emotionally but physically.

Since the planet is also 70% water these experiments have profound implications for the environment also — Could this mean that we could ‘think’ a polluted stream clean again?

Since asking the question I've learned that these experiments are indeed being done in Japan through Mr Emoto's work. Three hundred people, usually led by someone proficient in focus and meditation (a Buddhist monk for example) will gather around a polluted stream and focus healing and well-being onto the water for approximately one hour. Mr Emoto has reportedly documented these on film which I have not yet seen. According to eyewitnesses the water would become visibly clearer approximately 15 minutes after the meditation.

If this is indeed the case ... the possibilities are endless.


If you are still with me, see Twelfth Bough's excellent "more powerful than a death cult and all its weapons" for an immediate application of one of those possibilities.

Here is more information about irradiated water in Japan.
Many thanks to AP of Twelfth Bough for providing the link.

Here is a crystal photograph of water when the radiation leak accident happened at JOC research institute in Tokai village, Ibaraki prefecture in October, 1999.


"I wondered how we could eliminate the radiation, and tried to apply certain information onto this water by using hado measuring device which also has a function to imprint information. Then, we took a photograph again.
Below is the image we took. The spooky looking image turned into a very beautiful diamond like crystal."


You might ask what kind of information was imprinted. It was the MRA code number B222. This is the code for improving immunity. Back then, I did not fully understand the meaning of immunity or self healing capacity. But, after further research, I realized that immunity arises from the state of having no stress. In other words, when one’s body is filled with the information of love and gratitude, one can have perfect immunity. That means the information of radiation is the completely opposite one, I would assume.
The opposite of love is hatred, and the opposite of gratitude is resentment. The information of radiation is the lump of negative energies, hatred and resentment. Once we know that, we don’t have to be afraid of radiation. In order to cope with radiation, we only have to have feelings of love and gratitude.

This is not an ideal world and we as humans are far from perfect and I have no idea what the MRA code number B222 is all about. But I don't think for a minute that Dr Emoto is suggesting that people walk into an irradiated area or stay in an irradiated environment and think "Love and Gratitude" and all will be well. Or, indeed, that is all we need to do. You know, sitting and chanting in the middle of the road waiting to get run over. We've all moved on a little from the 60's. smiling (Those of us that can remember them anyway!)

But what I do get from his message is that this changed attitude and intention can and does influence the environment and I know from my own experience that it will affect, for the better, those who involve themselves in this.

Changed people make for a changed environment through changed decisions and changed behaviour, at the very least.

Nothing changes outside of us without changes first happening inside of us. Both creation and destruction start in the mind

Nuclear power and its toxic products stem from a profound disrespect for humanity and the world that supports us and all life here.

We can only effectively counter this by starting with an equally profound respect for humanity and our world and by removing the psychopaths from the driver's seat through prayer (to keep us on track) and education of the wider public (to change attitudes and behaviour) and non-compliance (to stop damaging ourselves and the world) wherever the opportunities present themselves.

The costs of not doing so are now too great. Nuclear power is anti-life. We cannot avoid looking at this anymore. Change is here now. Are you on-board? Can you make that decision to change your attitude from one of exploitation of and advantage over to one of profound care for?



i have been on board with this since i first read it. wondering how many other people around the world are too?

here is more information on the water and radiation that is very interesting:


Giving Thanks

Hi James,.
Interesting.. and i've read about this years ago, but along the way kinda forgot about it.
I tried yesterday a little experiment with a bottle of tap water.
I gave it nice thoughts and wrote on the bottle love and grattitude yesterday as it sat on my desk, and this morning i drank it and it was sweeter, than the tap water i used to fill the bottle.
I'll try it again today.
i believe there is consiousness flowing though all things, we are all connected.
Wah Doh.
I don't want to try the negative experiment though.


I'm glad you experimented with it, A13, and thanks for sharing the results with us.

i believe there is consciousness flowing though all things, we are all connected.

Yes, A13. Scientists can isolate the factors that facilitate life but not what it is itself nor the source of it. This source is very obviously (to me, anyway smiling ) outside this physical universe and gives life to all. Therefore we are all connected through that source, at the very least.

And if this source created all (apparently) non-living things, too, then we are connected to them as well. It seems to me to be the height of folly to actively disrespect anything this source deemed fit to create and continues to give existence and life to.

Indeed, it would seem prudent to actively care for this existence. All of it. And why should it surprise us when this existence, people and things, respond to this care? I could go on. smiling

McJ's picture

I'm resonating with this one

I love this idea and I am totally on board with it. Thanks to you and AP for bringing it to our attention. Finally, something positive and constructive we can do. And I must say, I am resonating with this. smiling

The idea is so elegant in it's simplicity, harnessing the power of our love and gratitude towards life sustaining water. This stands in stark contrast to the complicated and entropic nature of nuclear reactions which are harnessed for the profit of the few and which carry such potential for death and destruction. It's a Yin Yang thing.

I find it ironic after all the speculation that HAARP was used to trigger the earthquake by directing a 'destructive' resonance frequency (of 2.5 Mhz) that healing the contaminated water may be brought about by creating a resonance with something "holy and pure".

"We can only effectively counter this by starting with an equally profound respect for humanity and our world and by removing the psychopaths from the driver's seat through prayer (to keep us on track) and education of the wider public (to change attitudes and behaviour) and non-compliance (to stop damaging ourselves and the world) wherever the opportunities present themselves."

Thumbs way up on that one James and I agree nuclear power is "anti-life"!


This stands in stark contrast to the complicated and entropic nature of nuclear reactions which are harnessed for the profit of the few and which carry such potential for death and destruction. It's a Yin Yang thing.

I think you have hit the nail on the head, McJ. It is this harmful entropy that stands nuclear breakdown as different to all other forms of entropy. It does not foster the next form or generation to come. The cycle of birth and death simply ends with death.

Personally I remain skeptical

I am a relatively firm believer in science. I acknowledge there are things science cannot explain (reincarnated individuals chiefly among them) however, this water crystal business is something I'd really like to see for myself.

There was some other information I read a few years back and have been looking for where I found this instead:


At the very least Dr. Emoto’s claims are interesting thought stimulators. If they are true, then there are far reaching implications for the world, and the question that is posed in the Bleep movie becomes extremely important; “If thoughts can do this to water, what can they do to us?” Many people in our modern age want desperately to believe that we can affect our reality by our thoughts alone—a belief that is bolstered by Emoto’s claims. But if they are false, then he is misleading all of them and manipulating their hopes and view of the world.

Peace and best to all,

of water and swamps

I have no argument with any of that, NJT. smiling

I was aware of Emoto's detractors but went with this because it made sense to me on many levels and most importantly because i could not see any downside. That is, so long as this does not replace any other actions that are being taken on behalf of our world.

It is important to not turn caring for water and its role as a bearer of life (as much else is) into a religion, though, but I see little chance of that.

At the very least, there are benefits for the carer or prayer. I doubt you will find anyone who will propose that praying for water or having thoughts of care and gratitude towards it will cause harm to that anyone. Indeed, you will find a veritable army of people from all races, religions and walks of life saying the opposite.

Masaro Emoto may have some things wrong about it but I don't think that will matter much. I am reminded of the Romans who drained the swamps around Rome to end the outbreaks of disease.

They believed it was the gases given off by the swamp that was the cause of the sickness. It was the mosquitoes breeding in the swamp, of course.
They knew intuitively what to do and they did it. That was the important thing. That was the wisdom in the situation.

newjesustimes's picture

potential to cause harm

is the danger that people may believe they are safe from radiation, when in fact, they are not.
Otherwise I don't disagree.

Watering the soul

Great post James. It reminds me of the work of the late Viktor Schauberger. He believed in working with nature and using it to ‘energise’ water. His was a more science based method of achieving what Dr Emoto is achieving with prayer. I think they are complimentary approaches to the same thing.

This is a link I had for some of his work.


thanks Chuck. I was thinking the other day that there is no such thing as 'bad science', really, just as there is no such thing as 'bad truth'. It is either 'science' or it is something else just as 'truth' is either truth of something else.

So we have spirituality and we have science as quests for the truth. And we have religion and corporations who use these names but are pursuing something else. That 'something else' being not 'bad' but opposite: in total opposition to; the antithesis of. Dare I say it? The ..........

Thanks for your link, Chuck. I'll check it out.

Water Crystals video

A short (2:30) video clip from "What The Bleep....?" featuring the water crystal pictures of Dr Emoto.

I found it at Jody Paulson's "What They Don't Tell You"

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