Pot, meet Kettle

Anti-Semitism is a furphy, of course. Its purposes are not only to intimidate the opponents to Zionism and to win further concessions from their supporters but also, and perhaps most importantly, to distract peoples' attention from the fundamental issue (perhaps 'outrage' would be a better word). It's about what doesn't get talked about.

I am referring to the issue of Zionist racism that is the foundation of all that's wrong in Palestine and a good deal of what is wrong in the rest of the world, particularly the war zones. Underpinning the Zionist racism is the "exclusiveness" that is fundamental to the ethos of the "Chosen People" in the Hebrew Bible and the Talmud.

Exclusivism cannot work in its own isolation, though (which, of course, presents the cure for it). So it inevitably sets up various versions of economic and political 'one-way valves' whereby assistance and resources are sought from 'the outside' but nothing is given back. This becomes exploitation and is destructive to all involved. In the end, it can only be sustained through violence, threats of violence and deception as to what is really happening. A life of lies inevitably leads to a life of insanity. But eventually the deception must be seen through and then the end comes, albeit, often violently.

The concluding paragraphs from the above linked (Via Nobody) article read:-

"Although overly lengthy for a standard internet article the import of Dave Kirsting’s message is vital to gaining the required insight necessary for a full understanding of both the gravity of what has been occurring in Palestine over the past six decades and the reason why it has prevailed for such a disastrously and unacceptably long period.
Dave’s thesis gives both form and substance to the undeniable fact that in order to fully comprehend the dynamics of political Zionism’s imminent and deadly danger to the world at large we must frame it within its legitimate context – that being the crucial recognition that political Zionism is, first and foremost, a racist ideology and a mindset or paradigm which can never peacefully co-exist with any other multi-ethnic, pluralistic society anywhere upon the face of the planet. As such it cannot be allowed to continue in present form. This demands the dismantling of its fundamental ideological infrastructure for the good of the rest of humanity. If such actions do not occur within a reasonable amount of time the result may be a terminal state of chaos and destruction well beyond the already unacceptable levels we’re now witnessing in war-ravaged Gaza."

I commend this article to you. It is long as mentioned and takes a little while to get into its stride but gets better as you read on. It also contains a valuable discussion on how peace activism is manipulated. Though it is not discussed directly, you will see how peace activism is cynically used to isolate the general Jewish population and drive them into the arms of the Zionists.
The link again-


Zionism, Judaism and Racism

Once upon a time, a long time ago, I was careless enough to use the term "Zionist Jews" in a forum where there were a lot of Zionist Jews around who did not wish to be identified as such, and who did not wish anyone else to be identified as such, either.

So I was quickly told the term "Zionist Jew" was a "racist slur" and I was invited to withdraw my remark. I should have left right then and I never should have come back. But I couldn't see that at the time. Instead I withdrew my comment and apologized. But if a similar situation ever comes up in the future, I believe the following explanation will be in order.


ZIONISM is a POLITICAL PHILOSOPHY. We can all choose whatever politics we like. If you don't like being called a Zionist, you can become an anti-Zionist. It might not be easy, but it will be good for you.

JUDAISM is a RELIGION. We can all choose whatever religion we like. If you don't like being called a Jew, you can become an ex-Jew. It might not be easy, but it's been done before.

RACISM is about DNA. Racial slurs and racial hatred are considered much worse than slurs and hatreds based on religion or politics, precisely because people cannot change their DNA. You are part of the race you were born into, and that's that. You have no choice in the matter.

But you DO have a choice of religion and you DO have a choice of political philosophy. So please don't insult my intelligence by claiming the phrase "Zionist Jew" is a "racist slur". It's not, any more than "Liberal Presbyterian" or "Conservative Baptist". There is nothing racist about any of these phrases. They all have to do with politics and religion, which are both matters of choice -- matters of what you choose to believe.

If you're not comfortable with your beliefs then that's your problem, and it's a problem that you can't make go away just by calling me a racist. All you can do is postpone the day of reckoning. So good luck.


I'm sure it doesn't apply to anyone here, since not even professional Zionist Jew trolls dare to mix it up with the WP dot com locals, ... but it might prove useful to you, someday, elsewhere, maybe.

And then again maybe it won't. But it feels better to have it off my chest.


Thanks to James for stirring that old pot once again. Wink

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bravo WP

Thanks for pointing the spotlight of reason on the use and abuse of this terminology.

Sorry, but it's true.

This is just some more AWESOMENESS on a platter of awesomeness, Winter.

You guys are AWESOME!/gush

This are a terrible words,

This are a terrible words, and do not understand people who do it, because we are all equal regardless of skin color.

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Too bad

Disease, it's too bad that you're incapable of forming coherent sentences or else we might be able to discuss this as adults.

Dearest admin,

Is it possible that you've misunderstood Disease? I think it is.

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Certainly I've misunderstood

or I wouldn't have described its sentences as incoherent. Although perhaps it was my bad to assume it is defending people who respond to use of the term 'Zionist Jews' with claims of 'anti-Semitism'.

Looking again, I am pretty sure by "This are a terrible words" it is referring to the phrase 'Zionist Jews'... or maybe 'Liberal Presbyterian' set it off?

I certainly agree with the closing sentiment but I'm definitely not sure what this Disease is getting at.

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I think I've got it

Disease is a spam! Click the name (Disease) and it goes to some bizarre site that has nothing to do with any of this.


That's funny! btw, NJT, I'm glad it was you that responded and not me smiling

This is an awesome post, James.

Now I must go back and read everything else and the comments. Very powerful, James.

Whew! Pretty soon we'll have those implants from our brains to our computers. What was that movie again?

Or, maybe it's more like

Leeloo in The Fifth Element. I love that movie. Remember when she gets on a computer while the story's being told and she tip-taps away on the keyboard and locates where the stones are being held? I think this is right after the scene where she pops some tablets on a platter and pops the platter into a microwave and it comes out a huge roasted chicken with sides? And she devours the whole thing?

Maybe we should have a movie forum too. Just kidding.


Has anyone ever figured THAT one out yet? Is there a mathematical equation?

A Pandora's Box?

New title

I've changed the title of this piece as I think it might be showing up on web searches and thus accounting for a couple of our recent less than comprehensible visitors.

thanks, James

It's a good article and it brings up a number of important points, some of which I would like to add to, when I get a chance. I'm not going full-speed yet and I am being tempted by all sorts of (blogging and other) directions, so it might take a while for me to produce anything coherent. But I haven't given up on the idea Wink so I suppose we can expect something, sometime! :Cool

I, like everyone else here,

I, like everyone else here, am certainly looking forward to you continuing writing, Winter. But we, if I may speak for others, are looking forward more to you regaining full health. Take care. Do whatcha gotta do.

I found this new article from Steven Lendman Religious Fundamentalism in Israel which should add to the discussion.

I decided last week to 'can' the article I was going to write about satanism and the power structures of this world. I tried it a couple of different ways with a couple of rewrites but it spun me out too much. It only makes sense for me to write it if I used personal experience to illustrate it with and I am finding that too hard.
But I have come across an online book that goes into this area which can be downloaded for free. I haven't read it yet (and it might be some time before I do for the above reason) but here is a two part review for you guys to consider.
Part 1
Part 2
And the book is here

Rude to Notice

There's an eye opening rave on a particular variety of racism by Ms Peasant at her new blog It's Rude to Notice called could be that patriots are rude


thanks for posting those links

I'm sorry, James,

but there is no way in God's Eternal Hellfire, that I will ever accept that silly analogy.

That's all I'll say on the subject. Ever.

not so fast!

Before you shut up about it forever, can you please tell us why you think it's silly?

question for tsisageya

I am still waiting for an answer to the question I posed four days ago. (See above).

BTW, drive by-shootings are not welcome around here.

And by the way,

many of the links on this site, in the blogroll, REALLY give me pause.

There. I said it.

which ones?

Which sites on our blogroll give you pause?

Some of them give ME pause, too, by the way. But I wonder if we're talking about the same sites.

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Some of them I put there because they are sites I like to visit often. I guess the current top 4 fall in that category.
Others are just something I found interesting at some point, but rarely (if ever) visit them. The current bottom 5 fit that category.
Anyway, I'm more than willing to remove and or add to the blog roll. Or put disclaimers on potentially unsavory links. I'm open to suggestions.
typing away


me too

I've asked for suggestions in the past, but nobody had any.

Maybe that will change soon. :Cool


I wonder too.


Okay NJT (and Winter), some blogroll link suggestions-
Kennysideshow is a must, imho
Twelfth Bough Ms Peasant always has a different take on topics and puts stories together well (Disclosure! Yours truly and WinterPatriot Community crack it for an honourable mention in the latest)
Church of Nobody Quirky commentary but increasingly insightful about how the elite hang together and operate. It has entertainment value too (well, for me anyway)
Atheo News The articles are often on 'out of the way' topics or take a different angle. If it's featured, it's worth reading.

News sites-
GlobalResearch one of the best sites on the web. A must.
Asia Times Online Has great regular contributors such as Pepe Escobar.
Information Clearing House Excellent news round up similar to Uruknet
MyAntiWar similar to Information Clearing House but just featuring the headlines making it much quicker to scan.

I realise there is a lot of links here so I've arranged them in order of (my) preference if you want to cull some of them.

Of the ones you have up, NJT, the only one that I am familiar with and also have doubts about is Rense. It has too much of the popular controlled opposition ambience for mine.

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thanks for the suggestions

Thanks James - I added them all to the middle of the list... and will try to peruse them all over the next few days. I'm starting to think I might need to create categories to help sub divide these links. Or take away some of the less desirable links?

good stuff, NJT

Thanks for looking after these details for us.

MCJ & James

James, I agree that GlobalResearch is an excellent site. My own reading is limited so havn't really checked out the others you have mentioned.

MCJ has posted several "important and easy to understand" articles on that site including "The Tower Of Basil" to winterpatriot. Where are you MCJ? I'm missing your articles and comments.

Chris-floyd in the sidebar is also excellent.

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I've been wondering too

where are you McJ? I hope everything is OK with you!

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Apologies - I'm fine

Apologies guys and thanks for wondering about me smiling - I'm fine.
I've just had a super busy summer and life got in the way of blogging and my computer time!!
I'm just back today from a week camping at a beautiful little mountain lake near where I live. Two of my girlfriends (and neighbours)and I take our kids there every summer. It's an annual thing and over the years as our kids became teenagers then young adults it somehow gathered steam and they began inviting more and more friends along. We have ended up taking half our local neighbourhood with us (well it feels like it anyways). It's a lot of work but we have a blast - eating too much, drinking too much laughing out loud, playing cards, sitting around the fire bullshitting, listening to music and laughing a lot!! I always feel so blessed to be able to spend time there. I tell people this place is the best kept secret in British Columbia but I don't tell them how to get there laughing out loud laughing out loud - a pristine little lake with white sand beaches and water that is warm to swim in (unusual for a mountain lake), surrounded by mountains full of beautiful trees and which has a small resort and about a 1 mile strip of cabins along the shoreline - what can say - it's just God's country.

When I get my head back from the mountains, I'll be back to blogging.

"The most unpleasant truth in the long run is a far safer traveling companion than the most agreeable falsehood." Emerson


sounds like a great place / and a great time
glad you're back
hope to read more from you soon

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Thanks and I will get back to writing soon.

I would dearly love to spend more time there tho. It is so nice to just be in nature and not have to worry about the grind of day to day life. It is very therapeutic - I highly recommend it. There is just something about being amongst the cedar and pine and fir trees that does it for me smiling I like cedar trees so much I even planted a row of them in my back yard. They are going to end up being the tallest trees in the city laughing out loud

"The most unpleasant truth in the long run is a far safer traveling companion than the most agreeable falsehood." Emerson

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Hi McJ!

Glad you are doing well! Enjoy the summer smiling

Oh McJ

A little (big?) slice of Heaven. I'm very envious. (But only in a good way, of course!)


Glad you're good. That sounds wonderful McJ. Canada looks so lovely in technicolour when you can't feel the biting cold.
Those trees are gorgeous I've seen them in movies etc. I may just take a temperature ajusted virtual reality tour there. Yes I'm a big Sook.

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Sally you make me smile. We

Sally you make me smile. smiling

We have all the seasons here in Canada and it's a huge country so the weather is very different dependent on where you live. For example, coastal cities like Vancouver and Victoria, BC seldom see snow or freezing weather, have spectacular summers, pleasant spring and falls with rain all winter. Windsor, Ontario is at 42 degree N roughly straight across from Yreka in Northern California and then there is the Arctic. Where I live in the Interior of BC, it is classified as a semi-arid desert - the very northern tip of the Mohave desert. Our weather is very mild for much of the spring and fall, extremely hot in the summer and it can be cold for two, three months of winter. Many winters we barely see snow in the valleys. This last winter was a particularly cold and snowy one - the first such in many years. This summer it has been brutally hot here with no rain and temperatures in the high 30'sC, low 40'sC (that's around 100F) for weeks on end and it doesn't cool down much at night. The whole province has been on fire. It has cooled a bit over the last week but it makes me smile to think of you adjusting your temperature for a virtual reality tour - you are going to spontaneously combust.

"The most unpleasant truth in the long run is a far safer traveling companion than the most agreeable falsehood." Emerson

Spontaneous Combustion

Spontaneous combustion is not what I had in mind McJ so thanks for the weather report. wink
I live in a very mild sorta climate and am not too keen on extremes of anything. The one bad thing about The North Island is the humidity but I like the idea that if we ever had to live without power etc we could survive. No heatwaves no snow (not where I am). Boringly mild really. But everything is usually green, lush and pretty with plenty of beaches.
Canada looks like an amazing place and I may check it out if I ever get off the couch. Its a million miles away. Seems like another world really. Like you say its a big land with extremes of climate and some spectacular natural beauty. Canada sounds like a big house with many differnt rooms . NZ is a small comfortable home.

New Zealand

More envy.

I ALWAYS have spontaneous combustion in mind.

That way, I don't ever have to be buried. A spontaneous-combustion ceremony. Oh, how delightful!

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