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Lost In The Land Of Make-Believe | Winter Patriot Community Blog

Lost In The Land Of Make-Believe

The election of Barack Obama has seemed to many people like a magic trick -- a wish come true, in some cases the wish of a lifetime.

It's a result that seems to confirm their belief that America is still capable of pulling a rabbit out of a hat.

Many seem to think that Obama himself can pull a rabbit out of a hat -- or multiple rabbits out of multiple hats -- whenever he wants to.

But there's a nasty surprise in all the magic: Obama is the rabbit, and the trick is on us!


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Brilliant, as usual WP. I

Brilliant, as usual WP. I doubt that I will ever get my blood pressure under control, even with the meds.

thanks very much

If a million pieces just like it would make the madness stop, I would gladly write them.

"I am still amazed at the

"I am still amazed at the depth of the self-deception going on, the willingness to be deceived that I see almost everywhere."

Every now and then, or basically whenever I hear the word Barack or Obama, I go off on a rant that ultimately ends with "there's going to be a lot of people in for one very rude fucking awakening!", but I think you're right...if they haven't woken up by now, they're never going to and they probably don't even want to.


Is not it amazing how Americans fall under the deceptions' spell?
Well. Here is the answer to it:
79% of Americans believe in miracles,
75% - in Heavens
35% - in UFO
31% - in witches
and 16% - in the Darvin's Theory of Evolution

OBAMA WAS INVENTED and CREATED for the reson to keep the system moving. Was not it clear?! The created image was postered in front of 79% of those who belive in miracles.
Those, who believe in miracles, disreqarded even $60 millions by for the election of this poster boy.
The creration of OBAMA IS DANGEROUS in many ways. But for those who believe in Heavens , the "worldly life" is not of any concern, is bot it?
There is NO WAY to "wake up" America.
So, enjoy the dream.

uruknet liked this post

"Oh well. I deceive myself,

"Oh well. I deceive myself, too. I know where this is headed. I know what it would take to stop it. I know that's not about to happen, and I know that blogging about it isn't going to make any difference. But I do it anyway."
A small voice of morality among the crush of death dealers is a good thing.
I hope that the morality will prove larger than he deceptions carried out in the name of "freedom".
Maybe not today, but some time to come.
Thanks for your energy and anger.

Outrageously good.

Outrageously good.

But Keep this search for truth up, and you may not have any readers at all!

First, it's just hard to come out of the cave and look at the sun in the winter time, what with the snow and all. wink

And, on a practical level, readers out of uniform are scared. He who reads WP will perish by not licking the boots of Raytheon during job interviews. Raise one knowing eyebrow and you're a smoking ash heap.

Why don't you have a meeting with the WP marketing department? They will tell you how afraid they are that the publication will not survive. What business could possibly afford to be associated with your publication? None come to mind. Even the churches will withdraw their Sunday service schedule notices. You will not have any advertisers. That's how deep you are in.

At least you can go to bed proud.

You are truly the winter patriot.

Battle Hymn Of The Lethargic?

"I know where this is headed. I know what it would take to stop it. I know that's not about to happen, and I know that blogging about it isn't going to make any difference. But I do it anyway."

Good on you, WP. I fully understand that, and as you know I did it myself for a long time too. But not anymore.

I am enjoying reading YOUR blog these days. As always, you make good points, and it's always enjoyable to read a good writer provoking thoughtful insights. You help your readers maintain their sanity, and sanity is (yes, even today) something worth maintaining.

My own sanity has taken a battering these past five years. But it seems to me we've been in a particularly weird twilight zone these past few months, and will be staying there a while longer.

The US election was of course a farce. Candidates say things just to win, you never know if they mean it or not until they get power. And now we wait again until Obama takes power, still wondering what he'll do. It's the same thing in Iraq, of course, and Afghanistan - an endless "Wait and see" game.

Sure, we can draw our own conclusions about what will happen. We can write down our predictions and then point to them in another six months, when we are proven right (again). But the Juggernaut rolls on and our words are crushed beneath its wheels.

I am over here on a distant hillside, feeling the sunshine on my face. Seems like I haven't felt it for a long time. I am showing my kids where the frogs lay their eggs in the creek. I am delicately changing my bandages every morning. I hear the sounds of war in the distance, see the smoke clouds on the horizon, hear the battle calls.

And ignore them, at least for now.

Bob in Prague's picture

Wonderful stuff

Wonder stuff, Winter! And kudos on uruknet too! It always seems to turn out that our "enemies" du jour are actually reasonable, intelligent, caring human beings? Could that be why we declare them our enemies in the first place?

I can't go along with your gloomy forecast, though. I honestly believe that the changes of the last ten years or so have been earth-shaking, and that such changes are in process, accelerating, in fact, as we sit here. I truly believe that, thanks to the innertoobs, we will finally be able to leverage the simple fact that there are far more of us than there are of them. I believe that you are, right now, making a difference with your brilliant work. Please keep it up. I'll tell two friends, and they'll tell two friends, and so on, and so on...

Obama raised $20 Billion In Half a Day

Which proves these intertube thingos are slick.

Now let's give $50 Billion to the Ecumenical Council of Righteous Vengeance, which will cure global warming, end all human suffering, dismantle the root causes of poverty, war and terrorism, and rewrite the basic tenets of human nature.

War is over, if you want it. Nothing to kill or die for.

Hail! Hail the ECRV!

This can work I tell ya.... Who's with me?



And did ye slay the Jabberwock?

Nay, he liveth on!

And will ye slay him on the morrow morn?

Nay, he be too powerful jest the noo.

So when will ye slay him?

Aaaarrgh, one day, one day indeed. Ay!

Next week, mayhaps?

Arrgh, nay, it's more time be needing.

The next week, then?

Ay, may haps! Who's with me, then?

Ahhh.... What time be it?

What de ye care? We've the Jabberwock to slay!

Ay, but I've the corn to thrash, and the yeast to leaven, and the littluns to bathe. Best ye gather the brethren morrow morn, when the moon is doon. Then go forth.

Aye! Saddle up me goat, sharpen me feather, wish me luck and I'm off!

Bless ye, Jimmy. Mind ye send the blacksmith around as you're leaving, there's hooves to be shod while ye're aways...

Stunning Piece

Great essay, Mr. Patriot. It made me cry reading it on the subway. I agree that Americans are in the grips of their own self-deception, but I don't think the situation is as hopeless as many would say. The further the distance we are from actual working class people and their lives, the greater the pessimism that anything can change.

In my work with victims of the racist criminal justice system (and their families), I am struck repeatedly by the high level of consciousness about the true nature of the state and the intentions of our ruling class. The myth of American exceptionalism is propagated by the ruling class and nurtured by the bourgeois "intellectual" class that dominates the media and government. But the poor, the dispossessed, the unemployed and underemployed, veterans, and the struggling working classes do not share the myths shoved down their throats. Sure, they may mouth the words and vote Obama out of desperation, but they also understand they need to organize to achieve real change.

The Obama administration cannot solve any of the horrendous problems facing this society, nor will it seek to solve them. It only seeks control, and suppression of righteous anger. The only people who believe the nonsense produced by the chattering classes and their minions are those who travel in the same circles, who read their newspapers and listen to their commentaries. How many people even watch CNN in a given day -- a million maybe? The rest of us get our important news from lived experience, and from each other. We know the economy is in its death throes. We know there are no solutions within the capitalist/imperialist framework and that we don't want to pay off criminal bankers and their ilk. We know we don't want to kill people in foreign countries or send our children to kill and die, or pay for it with our grandchildren's money. We know we don't want the government spying on us. We know we want nationalized health care, and affordable (free) education, and useful jobs for all who can work and support for those who cannot, and safe and generous retirement pensions, and even a bit of happiness for ourselves, our families, our communities, and the world.

It's been slow and frustrating, but I think we can get there. Don't believe the hype. There is a real radicalization happening in America that will sweep away this treasonous, genocidal, and sociopathic ruling class.

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