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Obama's Promise: Change You Can Wait For! | Winter Patriot Community Blog

Obama's Promise: Change You Can Wait For!

Barack Obama, the most "transformative figure" who has floated to the top of our national cesspool in more than two generations, continues to show his hand, and it is not attractive -- or surprising.

The support it's been getting from the donkey party insiders is even less attractive, and less surprising. None of this is a surprise at all, except, apparently, to the vast majority of the allegedly dissident political bloggers of the supposedly angry somewhat left, who have a rude awakening ahead of them (if they ever wake up at all).

In other words, the bells of change are tolling, but they aren't tolling for you.

They're tolling against you.

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Who are the seventeen?

I hope you count me among them.

Great stuff. The good news is that you're not only right, but you'll soon have your audience back. Question is -- why would you want them?


"It may be thought that I am prejudiced. Perhaps I am. I would be ashamed of myself if I were not." Mark Twain

yes, you are one of the 17!

Don't worry, Jimmy. I wouldn't dare.

Hunter S. Thompson --

H.S. Thompson once wrote of how disappointed he was to find that he was NOT on Dick Nixon's enemies list. That's how I'll feel if you tell me I'm not among those seventeen.


"It may be thought that I am prejudiced. Perhaps I am. I would be ashamed of myself if I were not." Mark Twain

Obama's War

This is so damn depressing. I WANT to believe, I WANT to be one of the faithful, I WANT to stand with my liberal friends and relatives.... You make it hard, though. You make it impossible. Thanks for forcing me to see the truth--I think.


Rosemary -- There are no liberals who support Obama. True liberals are smarter than that. Those who today style themselves 'progressive' are not liberals in any sense of the word. Those who refer to each other as 'progressive' or 'conservative' are perpetually at odds because both groups believe in 'fascism for us'. They fight over who will hold the reins of power -- nothing more. There are no patriots among them, and no principles. If you choose to hang with them, they will take your money, break your heart, and work you to death at an early age.


"It may be thought that I am prejudiced. Perhaps I am. I would be ashamed of myself if I were not." Mark Twain

Bob in Prague's picture

Good to see

It's good to see that we 5 or 6 have swelled to 17 Wink

First-rate analysis.

First-rate analysis.

Enlightenment can be found by tag-teaming WP's most recent 2 essays and Chris Floyd's 3 most recent essays on Obama.

Change? You remember the opening scene of The Grifters where John Cusack tries to scam the bartender on the change for his bill, and gets a baseball bat to the belly?

That's the sort of "change" we can expect from Obama. The same kind Cusack was trying to get in his very short con. Only Obama's con game is long-con, expecting 8 years of duration.

An interesting take on Obama --

If you haven't done so yet, go and take a look at Jim Kunstler's 'clusterfuck nation' blog. His latest essay is about the Obama presidency, what it will be like, the direction it will take, etc. Kunstler seems to like Obama. His observations on "the long emergency" that confronts us are interesting. I think they are wrong, primarily because Kunstler thinks Obama is a good thing, which means he thinks Obama will work to ease our pain as much as possible. I don't think so. But Kunstler does. It's a good read.


"It may be thought that I am prejudiced. Perhaps I am. I would be ashamed of myself if I were not." Mark Twain

Bob in Prague's picture


Or was it 6 or 7? Those were the days...

Before the elections, some

Before the elections, some dared to say an Obama victory would have been worse than a McCain victory, and I think there was a lot of truth in that. "He's convinced the world to let down its guard" is a depressingly true statement, even more so outside the US. The media coverage of this election and its implications has been some kind of Fox News Lite entertainment.

With McCain at the helm, you can skip the part where you have to convince people that the Democrats are the same as the Republicans. How long is the question, how long until the bubble bursts? It could very well take years.

But then again, having a political figure as a catalyst and a magnet for criticism or adoration is in itself an insurmontable barrier, whether it's Bush, McCain or (maybe some day) Obama. Oliver Stone himself is a perfect example of this - after his movie "World Trade Center", then came "W" (a movie about George W. Bush which was quite critical), and he publicly supports Obama today. Seems like they're both the same thing. Some core issues that keep the political system from crumbling down are never addressed. Matters worthy of discussion today are way down the line, at the point where you choose which country to bomb.

"Reality's Cold Fuzzy" Thats Our Winter Patriot

You are still telling the truth WP. Thank heaven someone is.

It does seem to be checkmate doesn't it. How do we make a dent in this scenario. If and when America notices what’s happened, what can they do. Anything that cuts off the money supply to the elite would help but I guess if that happened Obama would do another whip around courtesy of the taxpayer.

Our new post election second in command "Bill English" was revealed in secret tapes to be a covert McCain/Bush supporter but our media said that didn't matter and we elected him anyway.

"I'm a bit worried about this Obama in Europe thing because there's a limited effectiveness in being moralistic about international relations," he said.
"And the US, you can argue, overdo it - and Bush should have put a different window - a different window dressing - there still needs [to be] someone willing to pull the trigger."

English's response " Mr English would not be interviewed last night but issued a statement: "Labour and their mates have completely run out of steam and even their dirty tricks are being recycled.
"The public will see this for what it is, a desperate dirty trick three and a half days out from an election. It does not deserve to be dignified with any further response. National remains focused on what matters to New Zealanders."

And Bill English's assertion that it was Labour who were using dirty tricks was adopted by a large part of our media as gospel and everyone agreed. His ridiculous assertions of being a victim and obvious support for Bush were certainly not challenged or deemed worthy of any scrutiny.
You know your press is corrupt and that’s true but ours is and always has been more than equal to it. We now have a mini-me Republican/National/Neocon party in government but like America we will not realise or acknowledge it untill reality bites.

Lots of Kiwi blokes still think Bush is saving the west. I think they actually approve and don't care about what is done in the name of what they think is Western dominance. They have no idea that it is in fact elite dominance and what supporting this thuggery will bring to them and their families. There are also quite a lot of us that were or are still hoping Obama would mean a better world for all.
Bill English though might now be seeing Obama in a different light. He might imagine our place in the world is safer and that Obama gives a damn about any of us.

Ideas for a quick painless revolution would be appreciated, as we may soon be in the same boat here in NZ.
Saw some “do it yourself” solar power systems advertised on one of Alex Jones's sites. They claim you can build your panel for about $100 with stuff from the hardware shop and you supply the labour. You do need more than one to get off the grid apparently but can do it incrementally. 3 panels might do it? Alex has reviewed these systems and has selected the best 3. Anything that makes us self sufficient in energy etc and reduces the elite’s control is good is it not.


Hope is a fragile emotion. I know I felt it during your loonnnng election campaign. As a reader of WP, Chris Floyd and Arthur Silber I knew it was futile, but still...... I can see no reprieve in my frustrated hair pulling and silent screaming, pity.

Impeach Obama

Even if we are not sure how to go forward we must still retain a hope. Knowledge of what the situation actually is an invaluable tool if we are determined and strong enough to create a new path. However we realistically need look to other oppressed peoples in the world to see that it may not happen in our lifetime.
I admit it looks bad but lets see what the combination of congress, the senate and Obama bring.
Start attacking Obama over any war launched or surges in existing wars. Put major pressure on the Dems to withdraw, withdraw withdraw. Reward any republican or independant who truly supports your stance. Obama was elected because of his antiwar stance and I don't think it will take much for people to reject him if he continues with this crap. It will be interesting to see him trying to sell new wars etc. I hope people are not sucked in again for too long. Impeach him if he tries to start another illegal war.

newjesustimes's picture

I thought he was elected in

I thought he was elected in spite of his pro-war stance,
Maybe I haven't been paying close enough attention.


Please write to change.gov with NO TO JAMIE GORELICK FOR ATTORNEY GENERAL as the subject.

I am forwarding this;

Date: November 10, 2008 8:35 AM :
Nov 10 To: undisclosed-recipients:;
Subject: OPEN LETTER to President-elect Obama: No to Jamie Gorelick as AG --
Gorelick Freed Known Terrorist & Protected Bush over Saudi Ties to 9/11

*Open Letter to President-elect Barack Obama Regarding Former 9/11 Commissioner Jamie Gorelick*

Dear President-elect:

Congratulations on your inspiring and momentous victory. Now the great burden and opportunity of leadership falls upon you and your team, including the responsibility of choosing someone ideally suited to lead the way to restore the rule of law and the Constitution in these United States.

A profile published today in The New York Times http://www.nytimes.com/2008/11/08/us/politics/08gorelick.html reports that your transition staff may be considering nominating former 9/11 Commission Jamie Gorelick to the post of Attorney-General. I am writing to urge you in the strongest possible terms not to do so. This recommendation from your transition team should they put her name forward must be rejected. She, along with the Commission's Executive Director, Philip Zelikow were the two most highly compromised of the 9/11 Commission members; their conflicts of interest should have disqualified them from being members of the Commission. In fact their records relative to 9/11 should have made them sworn witnesses in the investigation itself. Jamie Gorelick was not the right pick for the 9/11 Commission and she is not the right person to fill the position of Attorney General.

As Deputy AG Jamie Gorelick was instrumental in the extradition to Jordan of Mohammed Jamal Khalifa, a known terrorist where he was later freed (see below). Later she wrote the infamous "wall memo" which sought to make life difficult for FBI investigators probing past terrorist crimes from counter-intelligence agents seeking to prevent future attacks. Then as Commissioner she presided over an investigation that failed to answer over 70% of the questions posed bythe 9/11 Family Steering Committee http://www.justicefor911.org/Appendix4_FSCQuestionRatings_111904.php . [BTW, This record should also disqualify former 9/11 Commissioner Tim Roemer who some have said is being considered for Intelligence czar]. Then there is her work with the failed Fannie Mae which "she left just as it was coming under fire for huge accounting failures," as Eric Lightblau wrote this morning for NY Times.

On the basis of her record, as Deputy AG, as 9/11 Commissioner, and with Fannie Mae, Jamie Gorelick must be, in my view excluded from consideration for the position of Attorney General or any other high level position in your administration. No to Jamie Gorelick.


Kyle F. Hence


To begin with it was Obama's opposition to the Iraq war that was popular. In the end there were all sorts of reasons one of them being that the McCain/Palin Ticket was the only alternative people could envision as having any chance of winning and they deemed that this was worse. The financial crisis was another reason and then Obama promised tax cuts for average americans while simultaneously enabling the biggeest corporate theft in history. I'm not telling you what you don't already know.

I still think people will be pissed if he attempts to start an illegal war . I don't really know, people do amaze me. If he tries I'm just going to keep yelling "impeach the war-monger" until the angry mobs look too dangerous and then I'll run for the cover of a freindly looking rock smiling


Thanks for your reply Sally. I agree, we must use the 'wait and see approach'. But it doesn't look promising, considering much of Obama's rhetoric during the campaign.

Hope Has Run Out For Many

I feel pretty quilty that I do still have hope.
For a lot of people i.e. in Iraq, Afhanistan and for many US soldiers I do see that hope has run out in the most inhuman, gross and futile way. "Where there's life there's hope" And for the many who have already died there was hope for a time and it died with them. Lets tell Obama not to preach hope then take away someone elses.

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