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I wonder what the PTBs are going to be needing these for? | Winter Patriot Community Blog

I wonder what the PTBs are going to be needing these for?

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Portable PRISON CELLS unloaded in PROVO, UTAH
(Scroll down to see pictures)

I was going to post these pictures here but they were way too big.
Is there a way to make them smaller when posting using
[a href='http://address.jpeg' /[/a][img src='http://address.jpeg' /][/a] ...Note: [ used for < smiling

Also, OT but when I click 'more' under Recent Blog Posts it just gives me the same page again - is it just me?

nice! nice! very nice!

what could be better than a portable modular concrete prison?

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when I click 'more'...

> "when I click 'more' under Recent Blog Posts it just gives me the same page again"

Scroll all the way down, you should see more than the default number of posts and there are numbers at the bottom to let you stroll down memory lane...

hmm good point you have there, i wonder what's up with that. IPCRESS is right, this site could use a bit of a rework.

about the image display size, you can control it with [img src='http://address.jpeg' height='XX' width='YY'/] but that won't affect the file size, and may distort the image if you don't retain the proportions...

about the modular prison, I'm sure it's just the brainchild of some marketing / incarceration genius, rather than an actual "demand" for them. But the whole criminal justice system stinks. It's just one of the many disgraces of modern day America.

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Thanks for the info

It is usually not a problem because the pictures are already scaled but good to know just in case. smiling

Anyone know what the heck is in Provo (or Vernal?), Utah, that these things could be used for?
They look like real hell holes.

A portable Gitmo for dem terrists of the home grown variety perhaps?

"I set it down,
That one may smile, and smile, and be a villain..." -- Shakespeare, Hamlet, I, v