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Winter Patriot dot com - a participatory website for Winter Patriots | Winter Patriot Community Blog

Winter Patriot dot com - a participatory website for Winter Patriots

Welcome to www.WinterPatriot.com

I've frequently visited and thoroughly enjoyed the writing, insight and opinions of Winter Patriot, author of winterpatriot.blogspot.com. It's hard to believe that he won't be updating his blog any more, but if indeed that's true, well, it may be time for a site such as this. For any of the WP regulars who are inclined, and any newcomers who are inspired, I welcome you to contribute and help to carry the torch that Winter Patriot lit for us.

I don't know what, if anything, will develop here. But this seems like as good a time as any to try something new. If the REAL Winter Patriot is out there reading this, I have nothing but gratitude for your efforts and legacy. You are irreplaceable.

Thank you Winter Patriot.

-NJT 3/2/08

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