Russia's Real Threat to 'The Powers That Be'

In my last article, I made the case for the bankers pushing for a cold war with Russia with the aim of isolating it economically so as to capture the European market for their $US and rescue the bankers' position from total collapse. But where to from there for the bankers because they have ambitions of ruling the whole world, after all, and are not about to give that dream up. There is no rest for the wicked especially when a country such as Russia threatens their existence.

The bankers will be intent first of all on consolidating their political and economic grip on the US and Europe and also the Pacific Rim nations. The goal is to secure these economic markets so as to enforce the exclusive use of $US for international transactions within this trade bloc. The bankers' power stems from the use of the $US by other countries. Once (and if) this is done and having re-consolidated their power base, they will turn their full attention back to Russia, China, the other BRICS nations and also the recalcitrant Latin American nations such as Venezuela. The reason is that the bankers have another fundamental problem and it is to do with the economies of Russia and China.

These economies have a decided advantage over Anglo/Zionist economies and so the empire of the bankers must eventually wage war on Russia and China if it is to survive let alone rule the world.

But before we examine that weakness, let's zoom out into space a little to get a wider view on the world.


You'll notice that Eurasia and Africa constitute the majority of the land mass of the world. Eurasia and Africa combined also has the vast bulk of the population of the world. Notice the size of England to the far left of the map. It's tiny (it is actually smaller than the map indicates because this is a Mercator map which exaggerates the size of Britain and diminishes the real size of Africa by quite a bit). And Japan over at the right hand fringe of the vast Eurasian continent. It's tiny, too. Yet both these countries have historically caused massive problems for the peoples of Eurasia. There is something very odd going on here.

Russia Imposes Trade Embargo And Threatens Airspace Restrictions Against US And Her Allies

It's an unprovoked act of war, and you can read more about it at my "main" blog now ... or you can wait until I get the piece posted here as well.

UPDATE: I've been having trouble getting my [redacted] together about re-posting it, so for the moment it is available only at the above link. I hope you don't mind.

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Fear and Loathing of War in Ukraine

A new wave of fear is coursing around the internet due to talk about an immanent 'hot' war between NATO and Russia. Should we be surprised at this? No. Fear is the stock in trade for the war mongers. They use it to cover their motivation and to induce people and nations to make rash and disastrous decisions.

The outrageous propaganda is displaying a desperation. The warmongers are outing themselves and their media empire for exactly what it is.
But why? What are they so afraid of that the media is risking whatever credibility they have left to vilify Russia? And why risk doing it in unison putting on display the co-ordinated nature and therefore centralized control of the media?

Saker has put up a video of a talk by Sergei Glazyev made several weeks ago outlining his case that the aggression of the US using its proxy, the Ukrainian junta, is not only against the people of eastern Ukraine but also Russia. This will continue until Ukraine (doing the bidding of the US) is waging direct war against Russia. Glazyev says the longer Russia waits the better organized and larger the Ukrainian force becomes. He makes a convincing case and has so far been proved right. I agree with him on everything he says except with his prediction of the Ukrainian aggression growing into an armed confrontation with NATO for Russia. He gives no details as to why he thinks this will happen except that to him it follows on naturally from the proxy war because it is aimed at Russia anyway.

I am reminded of the oft reported remark of the neocon, Michael Ledeen, some years ago, "Every few years the United States needs to pick up some little shitty country and throw it against the wall to show the world we mean business". Well, they have picked up Ukraine now and are throwing it against the wall called Russia hoping to hurt both in the process.

I'll detail further down the article why I think this aggression against Russia via Ukraine will not turn into a full-on NATO Vs Russia shooting war but will build as a new Cold War. It may well become a shooting war between Ukraine and Russia though just like NATO encouraged Georgia to do. But NATO will do exactly as they did in Georgia - nothing.

Interestingly, although Glazyev is the economic advisor to Vladimir Putin and the architect of the Russian move away from using the $US, he makes no mention of it. It is odd because this issue is the central reason the covert/proxy war is being waged on Russia by the US.

Saker says by way of introduction to another article, “I am seriously getting the feeling that the western plutocracy has decided to trigger a war with Russia. What else could explain this type of coordinated "minute of hate" -kind of propaganda:”

The question is rhetorical and relies on the assumption that there is no other reason to explain the propaganda except the proposition before it; that “the western plutocracy has decided to trigger a war with Russia.”

What else could it be? Well I can think of one thing straight off, a Cold War rather than another World (and likely nuclear) War. But before we get to that, I'd like to outline exactly what it is that Russia is threatening the US with so that we might better understand what is at stake here and for whom. Then I'd like to enlarge on what the US can do about this threat and what it can't do.

How Not To Be Anti-American, Anti-Semitic, No Better Than Hitler, And Beneath Contempt

As you may have noticed, in our current so-called culture, it is extremely and increasingly important neither to be, nor to be perceived as, on the "wrong" side of certain issues.

Being, or simply being called, anti-American, anti-UK, anti-Israel, anti-NATO, and/or (especially) anti-Semitic, can jeopardize one's supposedly inalienable rights, among them: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Fortunately, it is quite easy not to be anti-American, anti-Semitic, and so on. There are ten rules that you need to learn and understand. Once you begin to apply these simple rules, you will be pleased to see that they make difficult thinking totally unnecessary.

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A Hero Sandwich and a Side of Fries

CORNFIELD, Iowa, July 19 -- Released by his Taliban captors in a deal arranged by the Obama administration, Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl is back in America. Six years having passed since his disappearance, America had nearly forgotten Bergdahl. Now he's back he is momentarily infamous for being suspected of desertion from the U.S. armed forces. Nobody in officialdom yet claims that Bergdahl is guilty of anything, but YOU-ESS-AAY! YOU-ESS-AAY! YOU-ESS-AAY! uber-patriots are certain. They want to roast Bergdahl over a slow fire because, for them, any rumor is proof of any crime.

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