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On A Personal Note: A Sudden and Unexpected Turn

My physical condition, which has precluded my blogging for most of the past year, has taken a sudden and unexpected turn -- for the better!

I am still struggling with pain (and painkillers!) and still having problems with mobility and strength, but these aspects of my daily grind are much improved recently.

I expect to be able to blog again, if only on a very limited basis.

None too soon, I might add.

Chris Floyd: Bitter Laugh

I apologize once again for my continuing absence. I will rejoin you when I am able.

There's a new post at my blog featuring an excellent music video from Chris Floyd.

What Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahri Do All Day, or Why I Cannot Talk About Politics With My Father

Only a fool would question the sea and sky.

I invite you to read the rest here and/or comment below.

Dear Troops ...

Tonight I drove past a "Christian" church with sign saying this:


So I did.

You can read it all here and/or comment below.

Truth Is Fiction: Peace Prize Fits Obama Like A Velvet Glove

War Is Peace in Orwell's 1984, and the same is true here and now.

In addition, Truth Is Fiction, as demonstrated in Barack Obama's selection as Nobel Peace Prize winner ...

You can read the rest here and/or comment below.

Happy Patriot Day? Not Quite: The Saddest 9/11 Anniversary Of All

Here we are again, another September 11th. For me it's more painful than any previous anniversary of the "terrorist attacks" of 2001.

You can read the rest here.

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