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Moonwalking To Oblivion Without A Billionaire Sponsor: What's A Blogger To Do?

The early death of Michael Jackson has triggered some powerful memories, very few of which have anything to do with Jackson or his sudden demise. Nonetheless, let me take you back 25 years...

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Home Improvement, Post-9/11; Part II: Jackhammers? Who Needs 'Em?

"Why don't we just crash an airplane into them?"

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Home Improvement, Post-9/11; Part I: Wood Chips Tell A Sad Story

It's not always easy to understand the numbers we read about in the papers. Perhaps this short article will help.

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All my blogs have fallen dormant lately and there's nothing I can do about it ... for now.

I'll be back as soon as conditions permit. In the meantime, if you have anything to say, please feel free...

Message From Guantanamo: "America is Double Hetler in unjustice"

That's what the sign said.

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Too Obvious To Mention: Obama-Era Lies Protect Bush-Era Crimes

Our new transformative president Obama's decision to fight a court order requiring the release of photos depicting the well-documented abuse of detainees at Abu Ghraib -- while entirely in character for this transformative new administration -- is being widely described as shameful enough on its own, let alone for a president who portrayed himself as a champion of transparency and accountability in government.

But then again Obama was once a candidate and now he's a president.

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