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Turning The Other Cheek - Egyptian Style

In the last article in this series on how Israel plans to rule the world, we ended up by reading the words of some of the protesters who were determined to keep control of their protest and their movement. This protest movement was at first seen as an extension of the protest movement in Tunisia which has been credited with the fall of the dictatorship of BenAli . But it soon began to follow a different course.

The same pattern of American trained social activists (see here and here) were there as they were in Tunisia (and every other 'color revolution' in recent years) but two differences stood out as events progressed.


War By Way Of Deception

My apologies for the delay in publishing the next installment in the series of "How Israel Plans to Rule the World". However, I have come across an excellent article written by Jonathan Azaziah entitled, "Israel’s Fission Field Warfare: Pakistan, Iraq and Egypt" and can be read in its entirety at his blog, Mask of Zion. I offer it to you in the meantime and I thoroughly recommend it. His article is long but very comprehensive and heavily referenced and very pertinent to my series on Israel and the power behind it. (The numbers in brackets in the quotes I've used in the body of my article refer to numbered references at the foot of the original article). I have taken the liberty to cherry pick some of his major points and offer this a summary together with some corroborating writings from elsewhere. This article was brought to my attention through a chain of people; AP of Twelfth Bough, DublinMick, and Noor of Snippets and Snappets.

Jonathan Azaziah introduces his article with an analogy to nuclear reactions – fission – whereby an atom is split by constant and controlled bombardment. This he hopes will illustrate the process that countries are subjected to when they are attacked by the Israeli's and their accomplices through attacks of varying kinds and all under the cover of deception. It must be controlled and sustained in the same manner to be successful. He outlines some of the tactics of “balkanisation”.

So, to the main purpose-

How The Bankers Plan to Rule the World: Part 1 The Plan

With all eyes focused on Egypt at the moment, the following is written to further place the Egyptian protests in the larger context of the wider turmoil in the world and the dominant force that is shaping not only Egypt's future but this world's future with it.

I will attempt to illustrate the power of this force by outlining it in three separate posts being parts 1, 2 and 3-

The Plan
The Strategy in principle and
The Strategy in action: using the disaffection in Egypt


There are a number of major forces in the world today but by far the most aggressive of them is the force that lies behind the state of Israel, Zionism. And the force that lies, in turn, behind Zionism is the international bankers and, in particular, those bankers that form the Jewish clique who are by far the biggest players within the banking circle. They control the two most influential central banks in the world, the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve Bank of the the US. They also control the body that co-ordinates central banks throughout the world, the Bank for International Settlements in Basle Switzerland.

Actually, these bankers are not principally bankers at all but rather men, families, that are world dominionists. They intend to rule the world and they are well on the way after two hundred years of planning and manoeuvring. Money from banking is their primary tool. All their other power, influence and domination flow from this. The pre-eminent family amongst these bankers is the Rothschilds. Heinrich Heine, a poet-philosopher and banker's son said of James Rothschild, “Money is the god of this world and Rothschild is his prophet”. Note the quote stated “his” prophet. Heine personified this god. This personified god of money has a name, of course. Mammon.

To tie these families together through the generations and ensuring continuity, something stronger than 'family ties' is needed. Something of a religious nature is needed: something that offers reward beyond the grave for these worshippers of money and power; these worshippers of Mammon.

The Egyptian Revolution in Context

The protests in Egypt are not wholly a product of Mubarak's mistreatment of the Egyptian population for the last thirty years. Israel is heavily involved with the troubles, too.

Israel wants three things to come out of this conflict-

A pipeline transporting water from the Nile to Israel for their swimming pools.

Control of the Suez Canal, as it is a choke point for trade between Europe and Asia (read China) and

The break up of Egypt to remove it as a military force and as an economic ally of China

The long held dream of the Zionists for Israel is a land stretching from the Nile to the Euphrates. They are already in Iraq on the banks of the Euphrates through their proxy, the US. The two blue stripes on the Israeli flag represent these two rivers. (This is often denied stating that the stripes reflect those of their prayer shawl. But that is what the stripes represent on the prayer shawl; the two rivers. The dream of Eratz Israel preceded the unfolding of the Israeli flag).

People's Revolutions

People around the world have become quite familiar with “people's revolutions”; some successful and some not successful. But are they what they appear to be? The world witnessed many “Color Revolutions” from Lebanon to Georgia and the Ukraine and far away Kyrgyzstan. These were beacons of hope for the rest of the world. All these countries were labouring under self-interested, corrupt and often brutal political leadership (you might ask, “Who isn't?”!). But as time went by the colours started to fade and what became apparent was that these “people's revolutions” weren't what they appeared to be at all. They were, in fact, products of foreign intelligence services' manipulations. The CIA being the principal offender (link to GlobalResearch via Twelfth Bough). And the hoped for reforms, in particular the economic reforms, when they eventuated were worse than what preceded them by a large margin.

World War 111 - underway

Aangirfan has recently published a whole series of excellent articles about Tunisia including articles that presaged the coup there. This coup can be seen as another chapter in the undeclared war on Russia and China by the NATO Powers for world dominion.

The Tunisian coup has the CIA/Mossad's and NATO's fingerprints all over it. One of the points Aangirfan also made was that Tunisia had made trade agreements with China. Why would this be a problem to US/NATO? China and Russia (along with Iran which is a strategic asset to both of them) constitute the only real stumbling block to world domination by the people who control the West's economic and military forces. Principal among these people are the international bankers who have their tightest grip over the UK, the US and, of course, Israel.

Webster Tarpley speaks at length about this economic and military plan for world domination by taking aim at Russia, China and Iran at a link provided by A.P. at Twelfth Bough This video, though long, is well worth the time viewing, imo.

Currently, there are missile emplacements around both these countries with more planned. The recent sinking of the South Korean warship Cheonan inadvertently exposed another missile threat to China. It seems that a US nuclear submarine was also sunk at the same time and may well have exchanged torpedoes with the ROK Navy ship. The US nuclear submarine was hiding behind a South Korean island, Baengnyeong, which is actually off the coast of North Korea and would have been undetectable by the North Koreans. It was also very close to Pyongyang, as in approximately 100mls. What wasn't mentioned in the article but obvious on a larger map was that this presumably nuclear armed US submarine was only about 500mls (as the missile flies) from Beijing in the other direction; far closer than any other possible missile emplacement. The article linked above hints at this being an ongoing situation with various US submarines on rotating duty there. Being clandestine, this submarine had no threat value for the time being, only strike value and first strike, at that. So, this is serious stuff.

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