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Defense Against Psychopaths

Here is another excellent video regarding different types of psychopaths and their modus operandi. This time a little shorter - 38 mins

And here is a link to a pdf of the transcript

Psychopaths In Public Life

Below is an excellent one hour talk by Thomas Sheridan regarding the psychopaths' influence on our society; how they think and what their agenda is.

Thomas also explains how we are a threat to them together with some useful tips on how to deal with them (mostly at the end!).

Limbic Warfare and The Paranoia Switch

The following is an article reviewing Martha Stout's last book, The Paranoia Switch, at Sign Of The Times from a few years ago but still very topical and very enlightening. This excellent review is written by Harrison Koehli. He is an editor for Red Pill Press and the Dot Connector Magazine

The events of 9/11 traumatized the American public. The Bush administration exploited that fear and today the Obama administration continues to do so.
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Martha Stout's newest book, The Paranoia Switch, is a welcome addition to the new and growing science of ponerology: the study of the root causes and genesis of evil, on both the social and interpersonal levels. Stout uses her years of experience as a trauma therapist to clinically diagnose the sickness of our 'terror culture,' and those who would manipulate this trauma for their own self-interest.

The paranoia switch

Traumatic events overload our limbic system. The heightened response of our amygdala, which registers the emotional significance of the event, leads to a decreased response in the hippocampus, which usually prioritizes information and allows the higher brain centers to create coherent memories, based on their emotional importance. So, traumatic events do not get integrated by the higher brain centers as true memories, but instead leave us with non-integrated fragments of memory: isolated images and sensations. These memories can then be "triggered" by similar images. In this way, a backfiring car can trigger a war vet into a state of paranoia. His "paranoia switch" has been flicked.

"Most overwhelming of all are traumatic experiences caused not by accident (unintended explosions or car crashes), or by "acts of God" (earthquakes, volcanoes, etc.), but rather by the deliberate acts of other people, acts such as assault, violent abduction, rape - or terrorism. It would seem that, for whatever reason, we are hardwired to be most fearful of harm when it threatens to occur maliciously, at the hands of our fellow human beings, and this special variety of fear is the most contagious of all." (62)

As Stout explains later in her book, fear brokers maintain their power through the exploitation of human weaknesses. Ironically, it is often the very people we are genetically "programmed" to fear (i.e. psychopathic individuals), that exploit this fear by focusing it on an arbitrary and convenient group. Hitler used anarchists, communists, and Jews. Our leaders are using "terrorists", Muslims, and critics of their policies.

Stout defines terrorism as "violence committed with the primary goal of manipulating the minds of the surviving population" (27). It creates a paranoia switch in our minds, or turns on an already existing one. Its "most cherished ambition is to affect us psychologically, to instill a sense of helplessness in the minds of individual citizens, and to steal, in wholesale grabs, from our collective store of hopefulness" (24).

It is in this way that terrorists (whether they be Western intelligence agency puppet masters or foreign "terrorist" patsies) are able to steer a battered public in the direction of their choice. However, we can make sure that terrorism does not work on our minds by being aware of its effects and its purpose, and the tactics of those who exploit it.

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Telling It How It Is - Updated

What an inspiration!

From Kenny's Sideshow
The Greatest Speech by a Western Statesman This Century?

"32 year old Belgiam MP Laurent Louis's speech/video in the Belgian Parliament has been widely passed around but has not been seen by the tens of millions that need to hear these truths.

This courageous man makes the stooges and weasels in our Congress look to be exactly what they are...traitors."

(click the "captions" icon on the lower bar of the video screen if the subtitles don't appear)

The surreality that MP Laurent Louis addresses in his speech

From two years ago-
"Libya is surrounded by countries populated by Muslims. Libya will become the new Afghanistan. It will be used to de-stabilise all the countries surrounding it"

The Grand Plan and the creation of the new "Enemy to World Peace"

Driving (Muslim) country after country back into history and yet destroying that history and Islamic culture along the way leaving only the perception of "Islam=Violence" for the public in the West. In generations to come, will the world only know Judaic culture and history?

Priceless Timbuktu records and shrines put to the torch

Sandy Hook Inconsistencies. Or "What's Wrong With These Pictures?"

This first video comes via Penny For Your Thoughts and originally from a comment left there by the ever sharp Gallier2

This second video of parents of another child allegedly killed comes from a comment left by A13 at APea's Twelfth Bough" blog post "Missing"

Both videos show facial expressions of grief but without tears. There are lots of other inconsistencies if you look carefully. One tip is to watch without sound.

Speaking of inconsistencies, here are links to two articles found at SOTT by McJ listing some of the many
inconsistencies that have been reported.

Sandy Hook massacre: Official story spins out of control

Sandy Hook massacre: Evidence of official foreknowledge?

The two blog posts mentioned above, Penny's and APea's , are well worth reading for a fuller picture and thought provoking comment; particularly on the pictures that are missing and not just wrong.

So, is it important to work out what exactly is going on or is it simply enough to know that what we are being told is not the truth and what does this mean?


Here's another excellent link. This one provided by Kenny.
From Willyloman-
Wag the Dog As World View: How PR Guys and Thespians “Contribute” To Society

Also from Kenny, some excellent background info-
The Strategy of Tension

Roger Waters on Palestine

Here is a video of Roger Waters (of 'Pink Floyd' and 'The Wall' fame) addressing the UN General Assembly on the day of the vote for Palestine's 'observer status' at the UN.
I found it at Richard Edmonson's excellent blog, Leftwing-Christian

From Richard's post-
"A very powerful speech given by Roger Waters before the UN General Assembly last Thursday, on the day the statehood vote took place. The speech touches on a number of issues—the death of Rachel Corrie, the repeated violations of UN resolutions by Israel, the ongoing denial of the Palestinian people's inalienable rights and the shameful failure by the UN and its member nations to act to stop it. Perhaps most importantly of all, he calls for democratization of the UN. Roger Waters is truly an artist with a conscience. His speech was given on behalf of the Russel Tribunal.

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