May 2018

Tommy Robinson Vs The Psychopaths

Below is a Paul Weston video entitled -
"The Orwellian Jailing of Tommy Robinson"

I'll just add a couple of facts before you watch it. Tommy Robinson has been persecuted by the 'authorities' for years for speaking out against Muslim rape gangs; gangs that have been composed overwhelmingly of Muslim Pakistanis. These gangs have been targeting English children, particularly girls. Tommy was under a suspended sentence of 3 months jail for Contempt of Court for reporting on a previous trial of a similar gang of rapists. A condition of the suspension was that he not be arrested on another charge. The condition is not that he be found guilty on another charge but merely that he be arrested.

So Tommy was arrested for 'Breaching the Peace' which fulfilled the condition to now send him to jail for his previous Contempt of Court offence. Once he had been arrested for breaching the peace, this charge was dropped having served its purpose of triggering his being sent to jail for the Contempt of Court. Mission Accomplished! This is psychopathic thinking and behaviour. Somehow though, the 3 month sentence was extended to 13 months sentence.

Tommy Robinson had been attacked multiple times by Muslim gangs when he was imprisoned on a previous occasion. He will be attacked again and perhaps killed. The government knows this. This, too, is psychopathic thinking and behaviour.

Paul Weston's speech is magnificent! His points are so well put together and so well articulated. He draws attention to the cultural clash, the decades of criminality that Tommy Robinson has been campaigning against and the government and bureaucracies that have fostered this criminality and ethnic destruction.

And it is ethnic destruction; the destruction of the English people and their culture. When a power group, let's call them 'the psychopaths', want to destroy a country, they invade it with their own ethnic group and impose their culture on the inhabitants. They take away the people's ability to protest and to speak out. The psychopaths denigrate the people's culture and foster divisions amongst the population.

Another tactic that is always present, though you don't ever hear much about it, is the systematic rape of the women and children. It destroys everyone, and for generations.

This is exactly what is going on in Britain and has been for decades. There is a war being waged against the English people. The only way this could happen is if the government itself is behind it. The government is always captive to wealthy interest groups. So the question to ask is, "Which wealthy psychopathic group is in a position to control the British Government and wants the destruction of the English people?"

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The Maria James Murder: Answers to Unasked Questions

The previous instalment in this series, The Cover-Up" can be read here
For those wishing to read the series from the beginning, you can go to The Maria James Murder: the curious case of the still unsolved murder that has been solved

  • The “who” of who murdered Maria James has been answered together with how and why. It is fairly straight forward once the nature of the priests involved has been faced squarely and some logic is brought to bear on the evidence that is now in the public sphere.

    The reason it has taken 37 years to solve this case, a police cover-up, is also straight forward once it is known that Maria was murdered by two Catholic priests and that a section of Victoria Police known as 'The Catholic Mafia' existed (and still exists) to cover-up, in collusion with the Church hierarchy, the many serious crimes of the Catholic clergy.

    The nonsense spouted by police spokesmen at recent press conferences in 2017, the leads not followed, the known lies accepted (such as Bongiorno's alibi), bogus police reports (Operation Plangere) and the many obvious questions not asked, all confirm the cover-up by Victoria Police.

  • The Great Unasked Question
  • But there still remain some puzzling aspects to the case. One of the most puzzling is the failure of the media to ask some obvious questions regarding the friend of the James family who alerted Mark James to the possibility that Adam James had been 'touched' by Anthony Bongiorno.

    The obvious question is-
    “How did she know that this molestation of Adam James by Bongiorno might have happened?”

    Apparently, the Trace program in 2017 did not ask the question nor follow up this lead (3:15min). Was this family friend interviewed by the ABC?
    The ABC in a television report in 2014 did not ask this question nor follow it up when the subject arose in an interview with Mark James.
    Nor was this question asked when this family friend went to the media years earlier in 2007.

  • The Invisible Witness
  • In view of the police cover-up, we can guess as to why the police apparently did not follow up on her testimony. But why has the media not followed up and pursued her story?

    In the few days between when Adam James informed his mother about Bongiorno molesting him and the day she died, Maria will have talked to someone about this. She obviously did not talk to her ex-husband about it so it is reasonable to speculate that Maria talked to this family friend who finally suggested to Mark James in 2013 that he ask Adam about being 'touched' by Bongiorno. No one else has come forward saying they spoke with Maria about Adam's molestation by Bongiorno. If this speculation is correct, then the family friend has quite a valuable story to tell. But no one wants to hear it, it seems.