August 2011

CRASHING THE MARKET: Short Selling Shares That Don't Exist For Fun and Profit. (Reposted)

This article was originally published here at Winter Patriot Community blog more than 18mths ago. It is relevant again because of the latest stock market crash under way. Nothing has changed. The 'who's', the 'whats' and the 'why's' are all the same. The Crashes and the Depressions are artificially induced by the people who control the hedge funds, the stock markets, the banks and the governments

This is massive fraud and theft happening in 'real time'.

The only thing that will stop this massive rorting of the economy and the thieving of people's wealth is widespread public exposure

(Foreword - In the following, the words “stocks” and “shares” mean the same thing and are interchangeable. Similarly, “share scrip” and “share certificates” are interchangeable. I have assumed, too, that you, the reader, are familiar with Credit Creation or the way money comes into existence through banking practice. If you are not familiar with this foundational piece of corruption in Western society, you can read about it here – Warring Worlds pt4b )

If I were to tell you that you had been 'shorted' in a deal you made, most people would ordinarily take that to mean you had been cheated. Being shorted is being dudded. So 'shorting the market' or 'short selling' is a very aptly named practice because basically it is cheating the market, i.e. it's fraud. Too many years ago, I worked for the Melbourne Stock Exchange in Australia and 'short selling' was banned there then for this reason because it involves selling something you don't have and that's illegal most places I know. It's really, really simple. (What the situation is now at the MSE I don't know). (Short selling is now permissible under ASX rules throughout Australia - Ed)

Back then when delivery of scrip was a lengthy process it was my understanding, and also of everyone I knew, that the short sellers simply took advantage of this lengthy delay. I heard no one talking about 'borrowing' share scrip (certificates) to deliver and replacing them at a later date. The 'borrowing scrip' idea is a relatively new explanation to my ears, at least, and this explanation is, no doubt, necessary now because of the much faster electronic settlement times. But, it still leaves many questions.
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Norway's 9/11: The Horror Is In The Message

Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg seemed to be responding to a secret message, rather than reacting to the crime which the police and media have described.

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Punishment: The Road To Hell

Margaret Thatcher was a stupid woman. Yet, she was impressive. Just as a steel trap is impressive when it springs into action catching a hapless victim in its jaws. And yet, the trap is stupid at the same time. It is entirely reflexive and cannot think past what it is primed to do. Margaret Thatcher had a mind like a steel trap. She was primed by the bankers of the City of London to deliver unto them a large proportion of the wealth and with it the economic freedom and autonomy of the ordinary people of Britain including and especially the people of Northern Ireland.

The discrimination against the Catholics of Northern Ireland (the indigenous Irish) by the local ruling elite and their supporters (chiefly of English and Scottish by heritage) was becoming all too evident and the pressures for a representative democracy and even a reuniting with the South were mounting. To ward off this potential economic loss, the rulers of England decided to embark on covert violence once more through their Secret Services and covert military units.

The scene was set two or three generations before when the British Government prevailed upon the Irish Government, in the person of Michael Collins, to accept a partition of Ireland as part of a peace treaty. This automatically created a division within Ireland to be exploited by the British rulers to bring about anything but peace. They make a habit of doing this. Ask anyone on the Indian subcontinent. Or anyone in the Middle East.


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